55% of Retailers Plan to Utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Improve Customer Service within Three Years

BOSTON, Sept. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Retailers recognize the value of using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance customer service, as 55% plan to leverage this technology within three years. According to the 2018 Customer Experience/Unified Commerce Survey, 7% of retailers are currently using AI as digital assistants and chatbots, and another 48% plan to implement this capability within three years.

Artificial intelligence is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building to learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention. Some retailers are experimenting with AI to offer purchasing suggestions based on customer responses to a series of questions or to pinpoint the most convenient time of day to reach out to consumers with products they would be willing to purchase based on past clicks and website visit data.

“The convergence of AI with traditional customer service has the ability to transform the shopping experience,” said Perry Kramer, senior vice president and practice lead, BRP. “AI offers the ability to exploit the vast amounts of customer preference and transaction data gathered and reach a much larger group of consumers on a personal level to enhance the customer experience.”

Amazon and other multi-channel retailers are currently experimenting with AI to offer purchasing suggestions based on responses to a series of questions and past purchase history. Sephora, using a Kik chatbot, offers customers “conversational commerce” by offering a one-on-one mobile chat experience to offer ideas on new makeup looks and identify products in tutorials to offer customers a better shopping experience. In-store, the chatbot is becoming a personal shopping assistant by offering product recommendations, reviews and ratings.

While chatbots can be a useful customer service tool, some consumers may not know if they are talking to a real person or a bot until they’ve already entered the interaction. That lack of clarity may turn off some consumers, which can negatively impact your brand.

“Transparency is a big discussion for AI. Do you want the customer to think they’re speaking with a real human being or should you disclose that this is a conversation with Watson or some other AI technology,” said Jeffrey Neville, senior vice president and practice lead, BRP. “That’s a decision retailers have to make right now, as AI using voice is probably going to mess up the conversation at some point, and the customer is going to realize that they’re talking to a computer.”

For more details and other retail insights, download the complete 2018 Customer Experience/Unified Commerce Survey: 


The 2018 Customer Experience/Unified Commerce Survey platinum sponsors are Aptos and Manhattan Associates, gold sponsors are Cayan, ECRS, enVista and PCMS, and the silver sponsor is STORIS.

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BRP is an innovative retail management consulting firm dedicated to providing superior service and enduring value to our clients. BRP combines its consultants’ deep retail business knowledge and cross-functional capabilities to deliver superior design and implementation of strategy, technology, and process solutions. The firm’s unique combination of industry focus, knowledge-based approach, and rapid, end-to-end solution deployment helps clients to achieve their business potential. BRP’s consulting services include:

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Diane von Furstenberg Partners with Salesforce to Build Immersive Shopping Experiences

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — DREAMFORCE 2018 — Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), the global leader in CRM, today announced that luxury fashion brand Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) has partnered with Salesforce Success Cloud to build DVF 360, a unique and engaging 3D shopping experience powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud. DVF unveiled DVF 360, at New York Fashion Week, and it is now available online at DVF.com and at its flagship store in New York.

Salesforce (PRNewsFoto/salesforce.com) (PRNewsfoto/Salesforce)

With DVF 360, shoppers are transported to the iconic DVF headquarters in New York to browse the brand’s Fall ’18 collection in a setting that is engaging and entertaining. Shoppers can explore products and content in 360 and also make purchases. The shoppers’ journey culminates in Diane von Furstenberg’s office in New York, giving them an intimate, behind-the-scenes view of the iconic designer’s personal workspace.

“Since Diane von Furstenberg and the DVF brand have global recognition, we wanted to provide digital access to our DVF headquarters and invite consumers to experience the brand from the inside. Our partnership with Salesforce allows us to share everything from our luxurious Swarovski designed staircase to Diane’s iconic office while highlighting top looks of the season,” said Sandra Campos, chief executive officer, Diane von Furstenberg. “We acknowledge that the future of shopping will blur the line between physical and digital, and we believe this innovative 360 experience will add excitement and connect us even further with our community.” 

In addition to shopping the DVF 360 experience online, customers can experience it in DVF’s flagship store in New York. There, DVF store associates will have an iPad to guide shoppers through DVF 360. If shoppers are interested in making a purchase, they can do so in-store or purchase a piece they are interested in via DVF 360 if it is not available in the store.

“Launching new customer experiences isn’t a once a year, once a quarter activity—the companies that are winning understand the importance of moving fast and innovating for their customers every single day,” said Jamie Domenici, Global SVP, Customer Adoption and Growth, Salesforce Success Cloud and Customer Success Group. “DVF really gets it. Salesforce is proud to be a trusted partner to them in innovation, and to help bring their vision for immersive shopping to life.”

DVF has been on the front lines of technology and shopping innovation since embarking on its ecommerce journey with Salesforce in 2011. DVF uses Commerce Cloud to bridge the gap between online and in-store commerce, get a 360-degree view of its customers, and personalize shopping experiences across every touchpoint, using predictive product recommendations powered by Salesforce Einstein artificial intelligence.

About Diane von Furstenberg
Diane von Furstenberg founded her eponymous line in 1972. It has since become a global luxury fashion brand celebrated for its bold and creative approach to color and print, and admired for its sensual femininity. Renowned for its iconic wrap dress and signature prints, DVF now offers a full collection of ready-to-wear and accessories, and has established itself as a leader of creativity in the fashion industry.

Headquartered in New York City, DVF has a global distribution network in over 50 countries and 1250 points of sale including 100 DVF owned and partnered stores throughout North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

About Salesforce
Salesforce, the global CRM leader, empowers companies to connect with their customers in a whole new way. For more information about Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), visit: http://www.salesforce.com.  

About Salesforce Success Cloud and Customer Success Group
Success Cloud empowers our customers around the world and ensures that every customer gets the most out of their Salesforce journey with the services, best-practice methodologies, innovations and strategic support that today’s businesses need most to accelerate Salesforce adoption, maximize efficiency and create real business value. For more information about Success Cloud and the Salesforce Customer Success Group, visit: https://www.salesforce.com/services/overview/.


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Engagement Labs Releases TotalSocial® Ranking of Top Consumer Electronics Brands

NEW YORK, Sept. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Engagement Labs (TSXV: EL) (OTCQB: ELBSF), an industry-leading data and analytics firm that focuses on the entire social ecosystem and its impact on business, today released its TotalSocial® ranking of the top consumer electronics brands in the U.S. based on social influence.

Engagement Labs Inc. (PRNewsfoto/Engagement Labs)

The analysis is unique in that it combines offline and online consumer conversations and is based on Engagement Labs’ proprietary TotalSocial data and analytics, which continuously measures the most important drivers of brand performance in both face-to-face (offline) and social media (online) conversations. The brands in the top ten have earned the highest TotalSocial scores in the category for the last six months, compared to the Company’s previous ranking in November 2017.

Top 10 TotalSocial®
Consumer Electronics

Rank Change

1.     PlayStation


2.     Kindle


3.     Samsung


4.     Apple


5.     Bose


6.     Xbox


7.     Sony


8.     Roku


9.     Nintendo


10.   LG


Source: Engagement Labs TotalSocial Top 10 Consumer
Electronics Brands 6 months ending June 2018 compared to
6 months ending September 2017.

According to Engagement Labs’ report, parent company Apple tumbled out of the top spot to land at number four. Although key sub-brands like iPhone and iPad failed to break into the top 10, the company’s brands collectively dominate consumer conversations, despite not having brand social pages. If all of Apple’s brands were combined into a single score, the parent brand – which recently became the first publicly traded company to reach $1 trillion in value – would easily dominate the number one position.

Sony’s PlayStation, benefiting from the enormous popularity of the game Fortnite: Battle Royale, claimed the number one spot as its online sentiment increased. This score indicates consumers are talking positively about the brand in social media. More than 125 million people worldwide are playing Fortnite: Battle Royale, and the game is the top grossing title on consoles, according to SuperData Arcade. This popularity has contributed to a higher number of positive conversations about PlayStation. In addition, a PS4/Fortnite bundle kit hit the market in late August, further driving buzz.

“In consumer electronics, social performance sometimes is driven by having the hottest or newest toy, as we are seeing with Playstation’s Fortnite game. But it also helps to have widespread adoption and use, which are key to the social success of Kindle, Samsung, and Bose,” said Ed Keller, CEO of Engagement Labs. “It’s counter-intuitive but also true that offline conversation is extremely important to technology brands. We find that nearly 30 percent of electronics purchases are explained by consumer conversations, and more than half of the impact comes from face-to-face and voice-to-voice conversation.”

Meanwhile, Bose jumped five spots to fifth in the rankings. Its online sentiment and offline influence scores increased, as did online brand sharing, which measures the number of consumers sharing the brands’ marketing campaigns via social media. The brand’s noise-cancelling headphones have received rave reviews, and its newly released noise-masking sleepbuds appear to be following the same trajectory. Designed to promote better sleep, the new headphones are already in high demand.

Nintendo took a three-spot dive in the rankings to number 9 due to sharp declines in both offline and online influence. At the recent E3 conference, the annual event for video games and consoles, the brand’s announcements failed to impress media, analysts and even investors, as its stock price plunged shortly after. 

Computer maker Asus experienced the biggest drop in the category, plummeting 17 spots to number 22. Although the brand’s scores weakened across the board, its online and offline influence scores performed significantly worse than any other measure. The brand faces intense competition, as Apple recently surpassed it in the notebook market. In addition, PC sales are on a downward trend.

To learn more about Engagement Labs and how to increase your brand’s word of mouth in real life and online, reach out at: totalsocial@engagementlabs.com.

About Engagement Labs
Engagement Labs (TSXV: EL) (OTCQB: ELBSF) is an industry-leading data and analytics firm that provides social intelligence for Fortune 500 brands and companies. The Company’s TotalSocial® platform focuses on the entire social ecosystem by combining powerful online (social media) and offline (word of mouth) data with predictive analytics. Engagement Labs has a proprietary ten-year database of unique brand, industry and competitive intelligence, matched with its cutting-edge predictive analytics that use machine learning and artificial intelligence to reveal the social metrics that increase marketing ROI and top line revenue for its diverse group of clients.

To learn more visit www.engagementlabs.com / www.totalsocial.com.

About TotalSocial®
TotalSocial® is a premier data and analytics platform that provides brands with unique insights, improved marketing ROI and strategies to grow revenue. Fueled by actionable online and offline data, TotalSocial is the only platform that encompasses and listens to the entire social ecosystem. TotalSocial offers unique, proprietary data about brands, its industry and competitors. With cutting-edge diagnostics, patent-pending predictive analytics and machine learning, TotalSocial identifies business opportunities and provides recommendations and a roadmap to grow revenue and achieve business and marketing goals.

For media inquiries please contact:
Vanessa Lontoc
Engagement Labs

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Protenus Recognized by Gartner in Two 2018 ‘Hype Cycles’

BALTIMORE, Sept. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Protenus, the market-leading healthcare compliance analytics platform, announced today that it was mentioned as a Sample Vendor in two July 2018 Gartner Hype Cycle Reports: the Hype Cycle for Risk Management, 2018 and the Hype Cycle for Real-Time Health Systems, 2018.

Recognizing the ever-increasing threat to patient privacy as patient data becomes increasingly interconnected and more freely available, we believe Gartner is leading the way in highlighting the importance of next-generation privacy monitoring technologies to the modern Real-Time Health System. According to Gartner, in its Hype Cycle for Real-Time Health System Technologies, EFMM is “beginning to be used more regularly to detect internal fraud and unauthorized data access within healthcare provider organizations,” as industry standards require proactive monitoring of all accesses to patient data.

As health systems move to the true Real-Time Health System (RTHS) model, necessitating the easy availability and interconnection of a wide array of patient data, they must transform their ability to detect fraud and misuse of this data, which becomes more common every day. The 143 publicly disclosed health data breaches in Q2 2018 further emphasize the need for next-generation solutions to tackle the ongoing challenge of protecting patient privacy in healthcare, underscoring the critical need for EFMM technologies.  

Advanced analytics must review 100 percent of accesses, better detect threats to highly sensitive data, and deliver all-new capabilities and value to end-users. Gartner notes that such technologies “will see increased adoption over the next several years as healthcare providers concentrate on strategies, policies and technical controls to mitigate risk in response to increased data breach activity in healthcare in recent years and more rigorous compliance scrutiny and enforcement.” The note observes three key benefits that accrue to organizations who deploy these technologies:

Regulatory Compliance: Gartner notes that the “U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) has increased the pressure on healthcare providers through increased HIPAA and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act compliance audit activity, and by imposing more significant fines and penalties on transgressors… These technologies assure compliance with these ever-more-stringent requirements.”

Actionable Insight: Furthermore, Gartner notes that “most healthcare providers do not have mature log management in place — and if they do, they struggle to extract meaningful and actionable information from this data. To combat the rising tide of fraud and misuse, healthcare provider CIOs and compliance officers should track and monitor user access to patient data by routinely examining the application log entries that are generated by their critical business and clinical systems.” New technologies in the space offer mature capabilities that allow for accurate, comprehensive review.

Reduce Risk: Gartner notes that, overall, these technologies “improve a healthcare provider’s overall IT governance, risk and compliance posture and, specifically, to reduce the risk of fraud and misuse related to unauthorized disclosures and access to PHI, as well as significant fines, penalties and damage to brand and reputation that might result.” By detecting threats earlier and changing culture, future threats can be prevented.

“At Protenus, we’re committed to delivering a next-generation compliance analytics solution that comprehensively reviews every access to patient data and accurately detects the misuse of that data, wherever it is housed. We are gratified to be recognized in these reports and proud to be part of this evolving landscape. It is exciting to see market adoption of new privacy monitoring solutions, as we know how important it is that advanced capabilities emerge in this important field, offering new possibilities to health system CIOs, CISOs and privacy officers,” said Robert Lord, Protenus President and Co-Founder.

Gartner Disclaimer

Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner¢s research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

About Protenus

The Protenus healthcare compliance analytics platform uses artificial intelligence to audit every access to patient records for the nation’s leading health systems. Providing healthcare leaders full insight into how health data is being used, and alerting privacy, security and compliance teams to inappropriate activity, Protenus helps our partner hospitals make decisions about how to better protect their data, their patients, and their institutions. Learn more at Protenus.com and follow us on Twitter @Protenus.


Kira Caban
Director, Public Relations

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Daisy Intelligence Secures $5 Million Funding From Espresso Capital

TORONTO, Sept. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Daisy Intelligence Corporation, an artificial intelligence software-as-a-service platform, captured first place at the ElevateR Pitch: AI Edition event held in Toronto on Tuesday.

The pitch competition was open to Canadian corporations working in AI or an adjacent industry with less than $10 million in revenue or funding. Selected from an overwhelming volume of submissions, 16 finalists pitched onstage to a panel of investors, celebrities, and media personalities for an opportunity to win $1,000,000 in funding from Espresso Capital.

The stakes were raised considerably when it was announced that instead of the $1,000,000 funding, the winner would be receiving a $5 million investment from Espresso Capital. The winner of the funding was Daisy Intelligence.

“This event was a fantastic experience and a stellar showcase of Canada’s technology startup community, and as a Toronto-based A.I. startup, it’s thrilling to be recognized as one of Canada’s most promising A.I. companies,” said Gary Saarenvirta, CEO of Daisy Intelligence. “We look forward to putting the investment to work in achieving Daisy’s vision, which is to use math and science to better people’s lives and help companies make better business decisions.”

The funding will support talent acquisition and marketing efforts and fuel Daisy Intelligence’s already strong growth in the very active grocery segment and expansion into the wider retail category, as well as supporting the company’s footprint in the insurance industry.

“The Daisy team are leveraging AI to provide truly unique and disruptive solutions, and their strong momentum demonstrates the tremendous and highly measurable value they are delivering to their customers,” said Espresso Capital Managing Director Will Hutchins. “This round of funding is designed to enable the company to further accelerate revenue, build scale and increase enterprise value – without dilution. We are excited to be supporting the team at Daisy and look forward to this next chapter in the company’s growth.”

ElevateR Pitch is created by Publicis.Sapient, the digital business transformation hub of Publicis Groupe with community partner NextAI, a Toronto-based accelerator for early or idea stage AI-enabled startups.

Daisy Intelligence was recently awarded “Best AI Start-Up” at the 2018 AIconics awards, and earlier this year the company was one of three vendors designated “Cool Vendors in AI for Retail” by Gartner, Inc.

About Daisy Intelligence
Daisy Intelligence is an artificial intelligence software-as-a-service company that analyzes very large quantities of client’s transaction and operational data in order to make automated operational decision recommendations which clients can immediately action to improve their business. Using proprietary mathematical solutions and the Daisy AI-based simulation platform, Daisy Intelligence analyses 100% of the tradeoffs inherent in any complex business question and provides timely, specific recommendations to help clients grow total sales, improve margins, reduce fraud and delight customers. http://www.daisyintelligence.com

About Espresso Capital
Since 2009, Espresso Capital has provided over 230 early and growth stage technology companies with founder friendly capital. The company offers lines of credit and term loans to enable entrepreneurs to grow their businesses without dilution, board seats, or personal guarantees. Espresso’s mission is to keep founders in control with fast, fair, and flexible capital. http://www.espressocapital.com.

About Elevate
Elevate is a city-wide technology and innovation festival that takes place in Toronto, Canada. Its annual event brings together global tech leaders, investors, government officials and international media to raise the profile of the Canadian innovation ecosystem. Through a mix of inspirational speakers, experiential programming, and social networking opportunities, Elevate operates as a platform for the community at large to disrupt together, celebrate diversity and inclusiveness, and proudly showcase the best of Canadian innovation. Elevate is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2017. To learn more, visit http://www.elevatetechfest.com.


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Orbita Hires Powerhouse Innovation Executive to Lead Strategy for Healthcare Provider Market

BOSTON and SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Orbita, Inc., which provides healthcare’s only enterprise-grade conversational platform for powering HIPAA-compliant voice and chatbot applications, announced the appointment of Kristi Ebong as senior vice president of strategy and general manager for healthcare providers.

Ebong, the former head of emerging technology at Cedars-Sinai, will use her deep understanding of the upside potential for conversational interfaces to guide Orbita’s overall strategy with healthcare providers.

“Kristi’s experience in leading efforts to adopt and scale new technologies across a health system will be invaluable to Orbita,” said Bill Rogers, Orbita CEO. “Voice and artificial intelligence are well poised to overcome the challenges of existing technology infrastructure across the healthcare delivery system and beyond. We’re confident she will help guide our customers in the provider sector to achieve success as they move forward with voice initiatives.”

Orbita has emerged as the leader in delivering a “Voice as a Service” platform that meets the healthcare industry’s rigorous security and privacy requirements. Orbita Voice™ is being used across clinical, consumer and business applications for care management, clinical trials, member wellness, customer service and more.

“Of the thousands of companies I’ve evaluated as an investor and buyer, Orbita’s technology and team stand out as exceptional,” Ebong said. “Orbita’s smart enterprise platform enables organizations to engage in unprecedented ways – with patients, consumer, clinicians, employees and beyond. I am energized by the opportunity to advance the use of voice and artificial intelligence to empower healthier patients and happier providers.”

Orbita’s addition of Ebong to its leadership team reflects the company’s continued momentum among healthcare systems and other provider organizations including a long-standing relationship with Mayo Clinic. Earlier this month, Orbita was invited to demonstrate its technology at the Brigham Digital Innovation Hub’s five-year anniversary celebration of digital health innovation in hospitals. There, voters chose Orbita for the Brigham iHub’s “Most Likely to be a Unicorn” award.

Prior to joining Orbita, Ebong was responsible for leading Cedars-Sinai’s emerging technology strategy and launching the Cedars-Sinai Accelerator where she evaluated more than 3,000 startups. Previously, she evaluated and led innovation pilots at Stanford Healthcare and drove thought leadership for Healthspottr’s network of healthcare deal-makers. Ebong comes from deep roots in health tech, starting her career at Epic Systems. She served under the Obama Administration in the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, and has worked with large healthcare providers, startups, and foundations.

Ebong has master’s degrees in Public Health and Business Administration from The Johns Hopkins University, and bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Global Security from The University of Wisconsin.

About Orbita
Orbita, Inc. offers healthcare’s only enterprise-grade conversational platform for powering HIPAA-compliant voice and chatbot applications in healthcare. Organizations use the Orbita Voice™ platform to design, build, and deploy virtual assistants that dramatically improve user experience and engagement across consumer, business and clinical applications including care management, clinical trials, member wellness, customer service and more. This includes many of today’s leading digital health innovators such as the American Red Cross, Amgen, Mayo Clinic, Merck and Pillo Health. http://www.orbita.ai


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ContentSquare Launches Augmented Reality Tool for Brands Seeking Instant Digital Customer Analytics

NEW YORK, Sept. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Continuing to provide marketers and brands with deeper analytics and insights into how and why online users do what they do, ContentSquare, a digital experience insights platform, today announced a new solution – CS Live – that delivers customer experience (CX) information in real-time with one click.

“Because digital is a mission critical channel today, we want to make sure that, for companies we support, key stakeholders can access customer experience insights as easily as they can walk into their brick and mortar stores, and observe where customers are going, which display they are looking at, where they hesitate, where they might experience frustration, etc. In particular, we believe senior executives needs to access this data directly, without needing to rely exclusively on expert analysts,” said Jonathan Cherki, CEO and Founder of ContentSquare. “Relying on a handful of experts is neither efficient nor scalable. Enterprises – many of which are overwhelmed with data – need to make their website optimization decisions based on insightful experience data that drives conversions instead of on their gut feeling.”

Now, by simply downloading ContentSquare’s CS Live browser plugin from the Chrome Web Store, users can browse their respective sites for instant CX analytics. With CS Live, entire teams can easily access customer experience insights, get answers to their CX and visitor engagement questions as quickly as it takes to browse their website, and complement their existing website testing strategies. From CEOs to analysts, internal teams can now benefit from advanced CX and visitor engagement analytics with no training required.

“CS Live helps GoPro immediately identify engagement metrics without having to load and sift through reporting data – this reduces time required for analysis and accelerates our decision making process,” said Eumir Nicasio, Head of Product, Digital & eCommerce of GoPro.

“Universally, web users have grown to have zero tolerance when it comes to searching for and receiving information online,” added Jonathan Cherki, CEO of ContentSquare. “CS Live is a practical solution for brands seeking immediate feedback – like Amazon one click buying or Uber one click taxi – on how customers are utilizing their sites. CS Live augments your site with actionable behavioral metrics. It’s a bit like having a real-time performance review with your website. CS Live has an array of use cases, from a conversion manager needing answers as to how her visitors are engaging with a new checkout process to an ecommerce manager inquiring about which piece of content has generated the most revenue on his company’s site, even in a particular region like France, that month.”

CS Live can be used to perform side-by-side site comparisons and discover how a brand’s A/B test strategy drives customer engagement. It can also be used to analyze dynamic content and influence content marketing strategies. Allowing for deeper insights, CS Live can also easily attribute customer experience KPIs from engagement to return on investment (ROI) for all active content elements. Further, it does not require a tagging plan, and is compatible with ContentSquare’s zone-based heat maps to compare and contrast content performance regardless of where the content is placed on the site or what device was used to view or access it.

ContentSquare is a digital experience insights platform that helps businesses understand how and why users are interacting with their app, mobile and web sites. They compute billions of touch and mouse movements and transform this knowledge into profitable actions that increase engagement, reduce operational costs and maximize conversion rates. Using behavioral data, artificial intelligence and big data to provide automatic recommendations, ContentSquare empowers every member of the digital team to easily measure the impact of their actions and make fast and productive data-driven decisions to optimize the customer journey. ContentSquare offers its services to a range of companies including Walmart, L’Oréal, Tiffany’s, Clarks and Unilever. 

For more information about ContentSquare, please visit: www.contentsquare.com

About ContentSquare
ContentSquare is a digital experience insights platform that helps businesses understand how and why users are interacting with their app, mobile and web sites. We compute billions of touch and mouse movements, and transform this knowledge into profitable actions that increase engagement, reduce operational costs and maximize conversion rates.

Using behavioral data, artificial intelligence and big data to provide automatic recommendations to marketers, ContentSquare empowers every member of the digital team to easily measure the impact of their actions, and make fast and productive data-driven decisions to optimize the customer journey.

Learn more at www.contentsquare.com

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Digital Therapeutics Market to Reach $7.83 Bn, Globally, by 2025 at 20.5% CAGR-Allied Market Research

PORTLAND, Oregon, September 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

Increasing penetration of smartphones & tablets and rising incidence of chronic diseases are expected to boost the growth of the global digital therapeutics market

Allied Market Research published a report, titled, Digital Therapeutics Market by Application (Diabetes, Obesity, Cardio Vascular Diseases (CVD), Central Nervous System (CNS) Disease, Gastrointestinal Disorders (GID), Respiratory Diseases, Smoking Cessation, and Others), Product Type (Software and Devices), and Sales Channel (Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumers (B2C)): Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2018-2025. The report offers an in-depth analysis of the industry by closely monitoring the market trends, drivers & opportunities, top investment pockets, key growth strategies, and competitive landscape. According to the report, the global digital therapeutics market was pegged at $1.75 billion and is expected to reach $7.83 billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 20.5% from 2018 to 2025.

     (Logo: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/636519/Allied_Market_Research_Logo.jpg )

Rapid penetration of smartphones & tablets and high prevalence of chronic diseases drive the growth of the global digital therapeutics market. In addition, increasing awareness about the benefits of digital therapeutics such as low healthcare expenditure, improved patient & doctor communication, and efficient management of patients’ health supplements the market growth. However, concerns regarding privacy of patients’ data hamper the growth of the industry. On the contrary, high growth potential in the emerging markets is expected to offer lucrative opportunities for the market players.

Request Sample Report at: https://www.alliedmarketresearch.com/request-sample/2117

Obesity segment would manifest fastest growth through 2025 

Obesity segment is expected to grow at the fastest CAGR of 23.1% during the forecast period, as patients spend a copious amount of money to treat obesity. However, the diabetes segment would hold the largest market share, i.e., about 25% share of the total market by 2025. The report discusses applications such as cardiovascular diseases (CVD), central nervous system (CNS) disease, gastrointestinal disorders (GID), respiratory diseases, and smoking cessation, and others.

Software segment would remain dominant through 2025  

In 2017, the software segment contributed about two-thirds of the market share and is expected to register the fastest CAGR of 20.6% during the study period. This is attributed to the increased utilization of software for transmiting patients’ data from wearable devices to physicians via different electronic devices. The report also includes in depth analysis of the devices segment.

Major sales channels in the market  

The report includes an in-depth analysis of the major sales channels of the global digital therapeutics market including business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C). In 2017, B2C segment garnered more than one-third share of the total market, owing to staggering sales of smartphone applications, online programs, and wearable devices. However, the B2B segment would grow at the fastest CAGR of 17.5% through 2025, as products are sold indirectly to customers through intermediaries such as Google Play and iOS app store, which in turn creates more profitable opportunities.

For Purchase Enquiry: https://www.alliedmarketresearch.com/purchase-enquiry/2117

Asia-Pacific: the fastest growing region 

Asia-Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing segment in the market by 2025, owing to rapid improvements in healthcare infrastructure and increase in penetration of smartphones in developing countries such as India and China. However, North America would remain the dominant segment throughout the study period, contributing more than 41% of the total market share due to large number of new product launches and favorable reimbursement scenario in the U.S. The other regions explored in the study include Europe and Latin America, Middle East and Africa (LAMEA).

Leading players active in the industry 

The key market players analyzed in the report include Proteus Digital Health, Inc., WellDoc, Inc., Livongo Health, Twine Health, Inc., Noom Inc., Omada Health Inc., 2Morrow, Inc., Propeller Health, Canary Health, Inc., and Medtronic Plc. These companies have adopted several strategies such as product launches, partnerships, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, collaborations, and others to gain a strong foothold in the industry.

Access KNOWLEDGE TREE (Premium on-demand, subscription-based pricing model) at: https://www.alliedmarketresearch.com/knowledgetree

Knowledge tree is a cloud-based intelligence platform that offers more than 2,000 selective, off-the-shelf reports on niche markets to enable our clients gain deep insights on the latest trends, dynamic technologies, and emerging application areas. 

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Allied Market Research (AMR) is a full-service market research and business-consulting wing of Allied Analytics LLP based in Portland, Oregon. Allied Market Research provides global enterprises as well as medium and small businesses with unmatched quality of “Market Research Reports” and “Business Intelligence Solutions.” AMR has a targeted view to provide business insights and consulting to assist its clients to make strategic business decisions and achieve sustainable growth in their respective market domain.

We are in professional corporate relations with various companies and this helps us in digging out market data that helps us generate accurate research data tables and confirms utmost accuracy in our market forecasting. Each and every data presented in the reports published by us is extracted through primary interviews with top officials from leading companies of domain concerned. Our secondary data procurement methodology includes deep online and offline research and discussion with knowledgeable professionals and analysts in the industry.

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ScaleX.ai Platinum Sponsor of Sales 3.0 Vegas on October 25th – 26th

LITTLETON, Colo., Sept. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Today, ScaleX.ai announced participation and platinum sponsorship of Sales 3.0 Vegas on October 25th and 26th at Caeser’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Speakers include Stephen D’Angelo, President of Aviso, Jacco van der Kooij, and Tom Ziglar, of Ziglar, Inc, and Chad Burmeister, CEO of ScaleX.ai.

An event not listed on the website – the annual poker tournament, sponsored by ScaleX.ai, ClicData, ConnectAndSell, LeadIQ, and ProActivate. Click here to learn more.

Jorgo Soto, Co-Founder & CRO of FirstCut.io, and the FirstCut video production team will be onsite and available to film video testimonials for Sales 3.0 attendees of the conference, at a reduced rate, just for attending.

Sessions include:

An Inescapable Evolution: Sales and Marketing in the World of Digital Buying (Scott Collins, VP, Advisory, Gartner)

A New Era of Pipeline and Forecasting Management (Sneha Kohli, Director, Product Management, SAP Sales Cloud

Art of Making Love (Jacco van der Kooij, Founder, Winning by Design)

AI For Sales (Moderated by Chad Burmeister, CEO, ScaleX.ai)

According to Chad Burmeister, CEO of ScaleX.ai, “I’ve been attending Sales 3.0 conferences for 10 years as an attendee, a sponsor, or a speaker. Each time I attend, I meet new sales leaders, learn new ideas, and sharpen the saw of my selling toolkit.”

Register to attend the event. Use code: sf3scalex to receive 100% complimentary attendance to the event

About the Sales 3.0 Conference – The Sales 3.0 Conference, Las Vegas will provide executives in sales and sales operations with key insight and strategies to drive improved sales performance and revenue growth. Attendees will learn from sales VPs from industry-leading companies, technology influencers, analysts, and management and leadership experts.

About ScaleX.ai – ScaleX.ai delivers sales acceleration as a service, powered by artificial intelligence (TM) and One-Click Personalization. Whether you are looking to bring 10X more productivity to your internal sales team, or partner with a company that consistently delivers 15-50 meetings per month per BDR, ScaleX has a solution. To learn more about ScaleX.ai, watch the YouTube Video.


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SparkCognition Hosts Global AI & Future Tech Conference, Time Machine 2018

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — SparkCognition, a global artificial intelligence (AI) company, will host Time Machine on November 6th and 7th, 2018 in Austin, Texas. Time Machine brings together world-leading creative minds in technology, government, industry, and academia to debate the current and future opportunities for AI to impact society.

Time Machine 2018

“We are living in the AI century—an era where innovative and powerful AI technologies will transform and shape every aspect of society. As leaders in artificial intelligence technology, we at SparkCognition realize the significance of discussing the global impact of AI. We feel it is our responsibility to facilitate those conversations,” said Amir Husain, Founder and CEO of SparkCognition.

Time Machine 2018 is a global event and open to the public. Google Cloud is the Diamond Sponsor for the conference.

“At Time Machine, we explore the technology creating the future, address the existential questions surrounding these problems, and explore the potential of those technologies,” said John King, VP of Marketing and Communications at SparkCognition and Producer of Time Machine. “Last year, Time Machine delivered forward-thinking conversations on AI, and we look forward to elevating the conference even more.”

Time Machine 2018 will feature experts in technology, industry, and research, including:

  • Amir Husain, Founder and CEO, SparkCognition; author of “The Sentient Machine: The Coming Age of Artificial Intelligence”
  • Admiral Bobby R. Inman, USN (Ret.), Former Director, National Security Agency; Former Deputy Director, Central Intelligence Agency; Managing Director, Limestone Capital Advisors
  • Dr. Heather Berlin, Professor of Psychiatry, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  • João Beira, Founder and Creative Director, Datagrama
  • Hugh Forrest, Chief Programming Officer, South by Southwest
  • Tim Mueller-Sim, Co-Founder and CEO, Bloomfield Robotics
  • Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux, Co-Founder, Global Space Ventures
  • General John R. Allen, USMC (Ret.) Executive Board Member, SparkCognition
  • Elsa Kania, Adjunct Fellow, Technology and National Security Program, Center for a New American Security
  • Dr. Tasneem Zehra Husain, Theoretical Physicist (String Theorist) and author of “Only the Longest Threads”
  • Anna Chaney, Data Scientist, IBM Watson Applied Research, IBM
  • David Ignatius, Foreign Affairs Columnist, The Washington Post
  • Col. Jennifer Sovada, Special Asst. to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, United States Air Force
  • Richard Garriott de Cayeux, Co-Founder and CEO, Portalarium
  • Kaveh Waddell, Artificial Intelligence Reporter, Axios
  • Darryl Willis, VP of Oil, Gas, and Energy, Google Cloud
  • August Cole, Creative Foresight, SparkCognition; author of “Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War”
  • Charlie Burgoyne, Founder and CEO, Valkyrie Intelligence
  • Tom Jackson, Co-Founder and CEO, Locus Insights
  • Ali Raza, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, Apergy
  • Andy Rector, VP, Aviation Digital Services, GE Aviation
  • Aric Zurek, Director, Aftermarket Products and Services, Flowserve Corporation
  • Paul Browning, President and CEO, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems America (MHPSA)
  • Kimberly Ryan, Senior Human Systems Engineer, Draper
  • Vishal Lall, Chief Strategy Officer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Additional speakers will be joining the Time Machine 2018 lineup and will be announced in the coming weeks.  

In December 2017, SparkCognition hosted its inaugural Time Machine event, hosting AI and industry luminaries including Dr. Greg Hyslop, CTO of Boeing; Moiz Kohari, SVP and Chief Technology Architect of State Street Corporation; Sivasankaran Somasundara, President and CEO of Apergy; Ben Wilson, Senior Technical Director at Google Cloud; Steve Nordlund, Vice President of Boeing HorizonX and Boeing NeXt; Dr. Peter Stone, David Bruton Jr. Centennial Professor of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin; Eric van Gemeren, Chief Transformation Officer at Flowserve Corporation; Richard Foster, Chair of the Presidents’ Circle at the National Academy of Sciences; among many others.

To learn more about Time Machine 2018, visit www.timemachine.ai.

About SparkCognition:

With award-winning machine learning technology, a multinational footprint, and expert teams focused on defense, IIoT, and finance, SparkCognition builds artificial intelligence systems to advance the most important interests of society. Our customers are trusted with protecting and advancing lives, infrastructure, and financial systems across the globe. They turn to SparkCognition to help them analyze complex data, empower decision making, and transform human and industrial productivity. With our leading edge artificial intelligence platforms, our clients can adapt to a rapidly changing digital landscape and accelerate their business strategies. Learn more about SparkCognition’s AI applications and why we’ve been featured in CNBC’s 2017 Disruptor 50, and recognized two years in a row on CB Insights AI 100, by visiting www.sparkcognition.com.

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