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  • Maxed Out and Exhausted? It Could Be Empathy Fatigue.
  • Healthcare Workers: Dare to Care for Yourself
  • Is Your Career Potential Growing or Contracting?
  • Giving Working Dogs the Retirement They Deserve
  • Strengthen Your Inner Core: The Self-Worth Workout
  • Evolving Beyond Performance Walls
  • Helping Kids Dream of Future Careers They’ll Love
  • Speaking Out About Miscarriage Helps Others Navigate It
  • 3 Steps for Building Stronger Relationships
  • Understanding Trapped Emotions
  • See a #Givefluencer, Be a #Givefluencer
  • Agrihoods Are Farm-centric, Food-centric Neighborhoods
  • A Delicious Approach to Feeling Alive — With a Side Dish of Travel



  • 10 Questions to Ask Before You Publish a New Blog Post
  • Blog Profiles: Health and Wellness Blogs

Maxed Out and Exhausted? It Could Be Empathy Fatigue.
Julie Potiker
Author, mindfulness expert
Mindful Methods for Life
“Empathy is when you connect with and feel someone else’s pain,” says Julie. “It’s a beautiful way to connect with others, but it gets exhausting because you are in a constant state of giving while not receiving anything back in to fill your own coffers. Compassion is trying to alleviate someone else’s pain. Compassion is love in action. When you start to feel tired or drained from giving, that’s empathy fatigue. Fortunately, Mindful Self-Compassion can help you overcome it and avoid it in the future.”
Julie Potiker is a mindfulness expert with extensive teacher training in a variety of tools and methods, including Mindful Self-Compassion. Through her Mindful Methods for Life program offerings and her book — “Life Falls Apart, but You Don’t Have To: Mindful Methods for Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos” — Julie helps others bring more peace and wellness into their lives. For more information, visit
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Healthcare Workers: Dare to Care for Yourself
Dr. Jan Bonhoeffer
Author, infectious disease and vaccine safety expert
Dr. Jan Bonhoeffer
“In order for healthcare workers to provide the best care for their patients, they need to start from within. When caregivers focus on their mental health, they’re more likely to thrive in their personal and work life.”
Dr. Jan Bonhoeffer (SAY Yon Bon-hoffer) is a global expert on infectious diseases and vaccine safety, and a thought leader on efforts to transform how medical professionals care for their patients — and themselves. His new book is “Dare to Care — How to Survive and Thrive in Today’s Medical World.” Visit
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Contact: Anita Jakab Kovacs,

Is Your Career Potential Growing or Contracting?
Dave DesRochers
Vice President, Partner
“The growth rate of [the career you choose] is important, based on two factors. One, is there going to be a job [in that field] in 6 – 10 years? This is very important to know if you’re about to enter college, or if you’re considering a transition. … The other thing that’s important about growth is, if it’s a growing career or a growing field, you’re going to have much more opportunity to grow with it and give yourself other opportunities — versus a contracting career, which may be replaced by artificial intelligence, or it may give you very little opportunity for growth.”
PATH2™ Vice President and Partner Dave DesRochers has a gift for connecting with people and building mutually beneficial relationships. A former pro football player for the Seattle Seahawks and an exceptional public speaker, Dave shares lessons from life and work with students, community groups, people in career transition, veterans, HR teams, recruiters, nonprofits, and business leaders. For more information, visit
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Giving Working Dogs the Retirement They Deserve
Kristen Maurer
Mission K9 Rescue
“Working dogs are an integral part of the efforts American law enforcement, military, and supporting contractors undertake at home and abroad. Sadly, however, many of these dogs end up left at kennels to suffer alone after their usefulness as high-performing working dogs has run its course. Saving as many working dogs as possible helps these heroes have comfortable, peaceful, and loving homes in which to spend the remainder of their lives. Mission K9 Rescue provides a well-deserved retirement for dogs that have given their all in service to people everywhere.”
Kristen Maurer is the president of Mission K9 Rescue, an animal welfare group dedicated solely to rescuing, reuniting, rehoming, repairing, and rehabilitating American working dogs. Since 2013, the group has provided a wide array of services to working dogs in an effort to offer them a comfortable and peaceful retirement. Mission K9 focuses on retrieving dogs both from overseas and national shelter situations where they are suffering without proper care or medical attention. Their work has been featured numerous times in the national media, including appearances on “America with Eric Bolling” and “Pit Bulls & Parolees.” Learn more at
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Strengthen Your Inner Core: The Self-Worth Workout
Anne Ockene Boudreau
Anne Ockene Boudreau
“Through developing a healthy core of inner strength, stamina, resilience, and equanimity, one has the ability to self-actualize and live the healthiest, most meaningful life possible.”
Anne Ockene Boudreau is an inspirational author, coach, and executive who is devoted to helping others develop healthy self-worth. In her new book, “A Human Mosaic: Heal, Renew, & Develop Self-Worth,” she reveals how self-worth is a critical element for sustainable personal change. Learn more at
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Evolving Beyond Performance Walls
Katherine Hosie, M.Sc.
Founder, evidence-based psychology coach
Powerhouse Coaching
“After experiencing considerable success, high-performing CEOs and senior leaders consistently encounter degrees of burnout and a sense of unsustainability for many reasons. They’ve read all the articles and books, emulated what they’ve seen elsewhere, and followed the advice of well-meaning mentors, but ultimately what’s lacking is their authentic leadership style. What worked for the first half of their career hits a wall as so many of their external, or extrinsic, motivations have run dry, particularly when they’ve enjoyed considerable success. It becomes time for leaders to discover what will truly drive them heading into the second half of their career: their intrinsic motivation. This challenge is meant to happen, and there are rich opportunities for growth and renewed motivation when it does, but most suffer in silence thinking there’s something wrong with them, when there’s not. They are exactly where they are meant to be.”
Katherine Hosie, M.Sc. (Coaching Psychology) is one of only three coaches in the United States qualified to offer her clients master’s-level evidence-based coaching psychology from the University of Sydney, which leads the world in this arena. Visit
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Contact: Klaudia Simon,

Helping Kids Dream of Future Careers They’ll Love
Carolyn McKecuen
President, Executive Director
Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation
“Students dream big dreams and learn how to make their dreams come true. It’s about helping the next generation’s workforce discover the many different career choices now, so they can consider what they want to pursue later.”
The Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation is dedicated to developing innovative strategies and research-based activities in informal educational programs that empower girls and boys in all sectors of society so they may reach their full potential and live fulfilling lives. Through its leadership, expertise, and collaborations, the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation advocates for changes in social policy and public awareness on behalf of youth. Visit
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Speaking Out About Miscarriage Helps Others Navigate It
Dr. Alan Lindemann
Obstetric physician and maternal mortality expert
Dr. Alan Lindemann
“Miscarriage is quite common, yet regardless of that simple truth, it remains a challenging and emotionally complex experience for women to navigate. It is often something women deal with privately with their partner, but fortunately some women in the public spotlight have begun to share their experiences more openly. Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, recently opened up about her miscarriage last summer, paving the way for women everywhere to connect and feel less alone. She and Prince Harry also just announced that they are expecting another child — a great reminder that pregnancy is very possible after miscarriage.”
An obstetrician and maternal mortality expert, “Rural Doc” Alan Lindemann, M.D. teaches women and their families how to create the outcomes they want for their own personal health and pregnancy. In his nearly 40 years of practice, he has delivered around 6,000 babies and achieved a maternal mortality rate of zero! Learn more at
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3 Steps for Building Stronger Relationships
Joey Klein International Corporate Transformation Expert
The Inner Matrix
“1. Name the primary emotion that you feel in the relationship. If the primary emotion is fear-based or negative, [go to step two].
2. Ask what the relationship would look like if the primary emotion you brought to it was loved-based and positive, such as compassion, acceptance, joy, and love.
3. What actions would you take based on changing the primary emotion you feel from a negative to positive one?
In relationships our primary focus goes to micro-steps. What little actions are you taking that compound over time to have a negative or positive impact on your relationship?
When people change the primary emotion in their relationship, it changes the primary emotion they bring everywhere else in life, because they don’t have five different emotional selves inside. This primary emotion is what we drive with. So if you change that primary emotional driver, you change your results and your ability to perform.”
Joey Klein is the founder and CEO of Inner Matrix Systems, a personal mastery training system for high achievers. He is the author of “The Inner Matrix: Leveraging the Art & Science of Personal Mastery to Create Real Life Results.” He has been interviewed by Self Magazine,, Yahoo Finance, and NBC. Klein has coached leaders from some of the world’s top companies, including IBM, Coca-Cola, and the World Health Organization. Learn more at and
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Understanding Trapped Emotions
Dr. Bradley Nelson
Holistic physician and author
“When you have an intensely difficult experience, the emotions you feel should fade with time. But sometimes they’re just too much for you to handle, and your body may hold onto those negative energies in the form of what many call ’emotional baggage.’ We call these Trapped Emotions, and energy healing … may help you release them. This can enable emotional healing and help you feel better after enduring traumatic or difficult emotional experiences, even if they happened many years ago.”
Veteran holistic physician Dr. Bradley Nelson (D.C., ret.) is one of the world’s foremost experts on natural methods of achieving wellness. He has trained thousands of certified practitioners worldwide to help people overcome physical and emotional discomfort by releasing their emotional baggage. His best-selling book “The Emotion Code” provides step-by-step instructions for working with the body’s energy healing power. A newly revised and expanded edition of “The Emotion Code” is now available (May 2019, St. Martin’s Press). For more information and a free Emotion Code Starter Kit, visit
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Contact: Jennifer Thomas,

See a #Givefluencer, Be a #Givefluencer
Ken Honda
Ken Honda
“See a #givefluencer, be a #givefluencer: If you notice someone giving their time, money, or effort towards helping others…
1) Acknowledge them in a meaningful way, whether through a financial gift to support their good work, a personal note of thanks, or public appreciation that boosts their efforts.
2) Build impact by taking inspired action and becoming a #givefluencer yourself.”
Money and happiness expert Ken Honda is a best-selling self-development author in Japan, with book sales surpassing seven million copies since 2001. His latest book is called “Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace With Your Money” (June 4, 2019, Simon & Schuster). Ken studied law at Waseda University in Tokyo and entered the Japanese workforce as a business consultant and investor. Ken’s financial expertise comes from owning and managing several businesses, including an accounting company, a management consulting firm, and a venture capital corporation. His writings bridge the topics of finance and self-help, focusing on creating and generating personal wealth and happiness through deeper self-honesty. Ken provides ongoing support through mentoring programs, business seminars, therapeutic workshops, and correspondence courses. Ken is the first person from Japan to be voted into the Transformational Leadership Council, a group of personal and professional development leaders. He is fluent in Japanese and English; lived in Boston, Massachusetts for two years; and currently resides in Tokyo, Japan. Learn more at
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Agrihoods Are Farm-centric, Food-centric Neighborhoods
Allison Smith
Founding Partner
Olivette Riverside Community and Farm
“There are a lot of foodies living [in agrihoods]. It encourages people to cook, to swap recipes, to share meals — when we can. Of course, COVID has temporarily interrupted that.” Smith notes that using the slow-cooker spices up their lives, with not just that tasty transition from work to relaxation in the evening, but its versatility, as well. “From soups to baked potatoes and stews, it’s a wonderful way to prepare a whole stuffed squash or prep your baked potatoes. It’s very warm and inviting after being outside in the cold. … A lot of the winter crops tend to be carb-heavy, like potatoes and squash, but they’re also really good for you. They’re nutrient-dense and high in beta-carotene, potassium, and fiber.”
Farm-to-table living expert Allison Smith is a founding partner at Olivette Riverside Community and Farm near Asheville, N.C. The region’s first “agrihood,” Olivette is built around a four-season organic farm and designed to connect people with nature, community, and their food. Olivette recently won the National Association of Home Builders Best in American Living Award for Best Green Community. Visit
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A Delicious Approach to Feeling Alive — With a Side Dish of Travel
Cathy Connally
“Flavour With Benefits: France
“Food is one of the most important ways we connect with other people, and it’s also how we heal and nourish our bodies. … [W]omen all over the world have used food to take charge of their health and their lives.”
Cathy Connally is a self-taught food innovator and entrepreneur. Her growing interest in women’s nutrition led her to create an approach that never compromises on flavour or health. She coauthored the “Flavour With Benefits” book series — a delicious approach to food and flavours that enhance health, happiness, and sexual vitality, with a side dish of travel. Learn more at
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With 100 Million Users, Soul App Offers a Glance at an AI-powered Social Networking Wave

SHANGHAI, Feb. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Is there any industry that has thrived under quarantine as the Covid-19 pandemic still tears through the world? One of the unexpected beneficiaries has been social networking apps that are helping people stuck at home stay connected with the rest of the world. The smash hit app Clubhouse epitomizes an emerging social media trend featuring technology-driven social platforms. Unlike Clubhouse, most social media services have grown following a solid, sustained growth pattern, and built their user base from the ground up. Among them, one social platform that stands out is SOUL, which has of late come to overseas markets including North America, Japan, and South Korea.

Launched in 2016, SOUL can be considered a “veteran” among an army of innovative social media sites. Since its launch, the app has promoted emotional networking, and found favor with the younger generation, garnering more than 100 million registered users worldwide and 30 million MAUs (monthly active user), making it the top five most downloaded free social networking apps on the China App Store.

With 100 Million Users, Soul App Offers a Glance at an AI-powered Social Networking Wave

The product logic behind SOUL is nowhere near complex: connection and content hold the key to sparking the desire to socialize. SOUL users can form meaningful connections with one another through text and voice messaging, or video call. On top of that, the app’s “Explore” feature is designed for users to post personal statuses and browse through interesting content generated by others. On the surface, the magic of SOUL’s huge popularity lies within its refreshingly simple interface design. However, upon closer inspection, the app owes its success to its intelligent social media algorithm-based recommendation system.

Before going into what’s special about SOUL’s intelligent social networking system, let’s take a look at the development trajectory of the entire social media industry. In general, mainstream social media apps fall into two categories – relationship-centered apps and content-centered apps.

A good case in point for a relationship-based platform is Facebook, which attracts individuals from pre-existing social circles, before increasing their engagement using content created by their friends and families. Similarly, Clubhouse users rely on access to other users’ phone contacts to develop an extensive network of its own users.

On the other hand, content-based platforms, like Twitter and Instagram, operate the other way around. They lure and retain newcomers with their original and captivating content, who as new recruits produce even more content. In addition, social media sites focused on user scenarios, such as workplace, school, gaming, and knowledge sharing, also come under this umbrella.

Apart from those two categories – relationship-centered and content-centered apps– the majority of social platforms have made little progress for a long time, and the reason for that is not unfathomable: Both models provide ample opportunities for users to make connections and an array of content during the “Cold Start” period, when they utilize the app for the very first time, spurring more engagement within apps. Nevertheless, both models carry their respective inevitable challenges. Without a doubt, the former can leverage established social circles to expand people’s networks, but brings with it social pressure that hinders free expression, while the latter expects users to independently sift through a sea of content at risk of overwhelming themselves.

Today, with the wide applications of big data and artificial intelligence comes a revolution of social media products. Standing right at the forefront, SOUL has been able to address the challenges of whether to give priority to content over preexisting social circles or vice versa by applying its distinctive recommendation algorithms at both levels. In the wake of registration, first time SOUL users need to take a simple psychological quiz, after which they will be suggested potential friends and content based on their taste, personality and interests, among other deep-seated characteristics. This allows users not to go through the daunting process of selecting who they want to “friend” or what is intriguing, sharply cutting down the “Cold Start” period.

This speedy algorithm-enabled interaction models cater to young people’s social needs. As the younger generation falls into the habit of spending fragmented, sporadic time online, their desire to seek a lifelong friend has been replaced by the pursuit of temporary, but equally meaningful, companionship. For example, users can strike up a conversation about shared interests, or play online games as a team. In this regard, SOUL capitalizes on its accurate and efficient recommendation system to build a “wonderland” of freedom, openness and enjoyment as a path for its users to have pleasant companionship 24/7, which betrays the core secret of SOUL’s exponential growth.

Predictably, amid the deeper integration of new technologies and social networking services, stress-free and interest-based social networks represented by SOUL are set to play an ever important role down the road.

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Alion Awarded $89 Million Task Order to Provide Advanced Analysis and Engineering and Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) with Technology Insertion for United States Air Force (USAF) Warfighting Integration Capability (AFWIC)

WASHINGTON, Feb. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The U.S. Air Force has awarded Alion Science and Technology an $89 million task order with a 60-month period of performance to provide Advanced Analysis and Engineering and Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) with Technology Insertion for the USAF Warfighting Integration Capability (AFWIC). Alion was awarded this contract under the Department of Defense Information Analysis Center’s (DoD IAC) multiple-award contract (MAC) vehicle. These DoD IAC MAC task orders are awarded by the U.S. Air Force’s 774th Enterprise Sourcing Squadron to develop and create new knowledge for the enhancement of the DTIC repository and the R&D and S&T community.

“Alion is a driving force behind machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data fusion across multi-domain environments and operations focused on moving operations forward and enabling mission success,” said Alan Dietrich, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Alion’s Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group. “Our team has extensive experience bringing together the best technology and expertise from across industry to address challenges with advanced solutions. With a breadth of experience in rapid prototyping we can deliver these solutions at the speed and scale needed to support the warfighter.”

Alion will provide RDT&E of emerging technologies, examine cross-domain and multi-domain techniques, and develop innovative technical solutions in research, engineering, science, technology, rapid prototyping, technical development, integration, and operational support in order to enhance the AFWIC mission and support the advancement of the AFWIC enterprise into the next era. The focus will be on software and data integration, coordination, knowledge management, and information sharing of systems and subsystems for military sensing; Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) data collection, collection management, analysis, and dissemination; Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2); Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) National and Component Mission Initiatives (NMI/CMI); AI/ML; and autonomous software monitoring. This shall also emphasize continuous data fusion for warfare during execution and after-action assessment, including Joint Weapon System defense systems, Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS), Air Operation Centers (AOCs), and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.


The DoD IAC program operates as a part of Defense Technical Information Center and provides technical data management and research support for DoD and federal government users. Established in the 1940s, the IAC program serves the DoD Science & Technology (S&T) and acquisition communities driving innovation and technological developments by enhancing collaboration through integrated scientific and technical information development and dissemination for the DoD and broader S&T community.


Solving some of our nation’s most complex national security challenges, Alion works side-by-side with our Defense and Intelligence communities as we design and deliver advanced engineering solutions to meet current and future demands. We go beyond the superficial and dive deep into the root of the engineering complexities and bring innovation to reality. With global industry expertise in Big Data, Analytics, and Cyber Security; Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; Live, Virtual, and Constructive Training; Electronic Warfare and C5ISR; and Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing, Alion delivers mission success where and when it matters most. To learn more, visit

Disclaimer. “This material is based upon work supported by the DoD Information Analysis Center Program Management Office (DoD IAC PMO), sponsored by the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) under Contract No. FA807518D0002.”

Approved for Public Release, Distribution Unlimited. “Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the views of the 774th Enterprise Sourcing Squadron (774 ESS).”

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SOURCE Alion Science and Technology Corporation

New York Cyber Task Force Publishes New Report Calling for National Cyber Response Readiness

NEW YORK, Feb. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Over the last year, the New York Cyber Task Force (NYCTF) gathered leading experts from business, policy and academia to analyze the degree to which the United States is ready for future cyber challenges to its national security. Today, the NYCTF will unveil its report on Enhancing Readiness for National Cyber Defense through Operational Collaboration, which identifies gaps in U.S. cyber response capabilities and details five recommendations for improving U.S. cyber readiness. 

The NYCTF examined the future to anticipate severe shocks adversaries might present in the cyber realm in order to identify areas to improve national cyber readiness. Task Force members, including Dmitri Alperovitch, Admiral Dennis Blair, Erica Borghard, Michael Daniel and Phil Venables, identified drivers of cyber risk from geopolitical great power competition, to new technological advancements like artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT), as well as cyber adversaries leveraging the proliferation of advanced cyber tools. 

Gregory Rattray, Executive Director of the NYCTF and co-founder of Next Peak states, “Recent events have demonstrated that the U.S. is not sufficiently prepared to respond to significant shocks. Given mounting cyber challenges, the US must take immediate steps to improve its readiness to withstand potential attacks in cyberspace. Improving cyber readiness must be a whole of nation effort. Operational collaboration entails deep organizational private-public partnerships, allowing them to conduct coordinated defense actions and develop joint cyber capabilities to respond to adverse cyber events. We need to invest in these capabilities today to be ready for the cyber threats of the future.”

To learn more, please join the Columbia SIPA’s 2021 Niejelow Rodin Global Digital Futures Policy Forum today at 12:00 – 1:30 PM ET. Panelists will discuss key findings from the report, the scenarios used to design the Task Force’s solutions and how the report can inform the Biden administration’s new direction and emphasis on preventing cyberattacks. A recording of the webinar will be available after the event.

Additional Task Force events include:
March 12, 2021 – panel event with the Council on Foreign Relations
March 17, 2021 – panel event with the Atlantic Council
May 20, 2021, 1:00 – 1:40 PM ET – RSA Conference, Operational Collaboration: Public-Private Partnerships for Cyber Resilience

Media Contact:
Angelique Faul


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FICO Launches Small Business Credit Score with Quod in Brazil

SAO PAULO, Feb. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, FICO, a global predictive analytics and decision management software leader, and Quod, one of the largest data intelligence companies in Brazil, jointly launched a solution for credit risk assessment of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). To perform the analysis, the Quod Score PJ PME by FICO uses innovative data sources, such as data from the Positive Credit Registry and information about the company and its partners, designed to be in full compliance with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD).


Similar to a consumer credit score, the Quod Score PJ PME by FICO converts the SME’s credit profile data into a numerical score that is designed to predict the probability of future payment. Based on the characteristics of the company and its partners, it incorporates registration data and credit behavior data to refine the risk forecast – its integrated vision adds value, making analysis faster and more accurate.

The solution can be applied to SME credit products, loans, and leases across the life cycle from acquisition and account management to collections as well as cross-selling.

“As we expand into additional countries, FICO brings a depth of global analytic and scoring experience to enable faster, more precise credit decisions.  With the introduction of Quod Score PJ PME by FICO, we continue to safely expand credit access for small and medium-sized businesses in this key region,” says Alexandre Graff, vice president and general manager of FICO Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Small and medium-sized companies are of great importance for job creation and the economy’s resumption. However, the credit risk assessment process of these companies can often be expensive and time-consuming, which means that many loans are denied. In this scenario, the Quod Score PJ PME by FICO acts in an agile and consistent manner, enabling creditors to expand their SME credit portfolios and control risk with confidence,” says Ricardo Thomaziello, Chief Data Officer at Quod.

The new score launch in Brazil further highlights FICO’s global innovation and momentum.  FICO is now present in over 30 countries including Mexico, the Philippines, African countries, India, and additional countries around the world.

About FICO
A world leader in predictive analysis software, FICO specializes in examining data and applying technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics to predict consumer behavior, optimizing companies’ interactions with their customers. Operating in more than 100 countries, the company has developed a cloud platform that contributes to making more than 10 billion business decisions a year and that protects 2.6 billion cards against fraud. FICO brings together more than 195 global patents on technologies that increase profitability and customer satisfaction, contributing to the growth of companies in various segments, such as finance, insurance, retail, telecommunications, among others. Founded in 1956 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, FICO opened its office in Brazil in 1998.

About Quod
Quod is one of the largest data intelligence companies in Brazil, authorized by the Central Bank to operate the Positive Data. Combining a large data set of its own, partner’s data and cutting-edge technology, the company develops decision-making solutions for several purposes: customer prospecting, credit risk management, customer portfolio management, fraud prevention, compliance and collections intelligence. The company started operations in late 2018 and serves customers from all sectors of the economy, including financial institutions, insurance companies, retailers, telecommunications operators and small and medium-sized companies.

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Featuring Top 5 Vendors in the Global Business Process Outsourcing Market Report | Competitive Landscape and Key Product Offerings | Technavio

NEW YORK, Feb. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The global business process outsourcing market has the potential to grow by USD 76.9 billion during 2020-2024, according to the latest market research report by Technavio. Get a Free Sample Report Delivered Instantly

The report highlights key products offered by the top five vendors and their contribution to the overall growth of the market.

Rising focus on reducing operational costs will be crucial in driving the growth of the global business process outsourcing market during the forecast period. Operations involving manufacturing goods and services, maintenance, and administration regularly incurs significant costs for companies. Hence, many organizations prefer to outsource their business processes and operations to reduce operational costs and improve their focus on core businesses. This has increased the demand for BPOs, which is driving the growth of the market.

“The increasing adoption of BPO by IT and telecom service providers has been a prominent factor in boosting the market growth. Also, the surging number of BPOs will positively impact the market as well as the IT consulting & other services industry in the forthcoming years”, says an analyst at Technavio.

Develop Smart Strategies for Your Business: Grab an Exclusive Free Sample Report Now!

Business Process Outsourcing Market: Competitive Vendor Landscape

The market is fragmented due to the presence of many players. Accenture Plc, Automatic Data Processing Inc., Capgemini Services SAS, Infosys Ltd., and International Business Machines Corp. are some of the major market participants. To help clients improve their market position, this business process outsourcing market report provides a detailed analysis of the market leaders and offers information on the competencies and capacities of these companies. The report also covers details on the market’s competitive landscape and offers information on the products offered by various companies.

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Top Five Vendors in the Global Business Process Outsourcing Market:

Accenture Plc

Accenture Plc operates its business through segments such as Communications, Media & Technology, Financial Services, Health & Public Service, Products, and Others. The company offers BPO services through its human-machine operating engine SynOps, which provides applied intelligence, technology, and talent together to transform operations.

Automatic Data Processing Inc.

Automatic Data Processing Inc. operates its business through segments such as Employer services and PEO services. The company offers BPO services to help clients in achieving cost efficiency and in improving their business performance.

Capgemini Services SAS

Capgemini Services SAS operates its business through segments such as Strategy & Transformation, Applications & Technology, and Operations & Engineering. The company offers outsourcing services built on analytics to transform the manufacturing business into an agile, responsive across an ever-shifting business landscape.

Infosys Ltd.

Infosys Ltd. operates its business through segments such as Energy, Utilities, Resources and Services, Manufacturing, Hi-Tech, Life Sciences, and All other segments. The company offers end-to-end outsourcing services through its outsourcing service provider- Infosys BPM. Some of the services are customer service outsourcing, human resources outsourcing, and legal process outsourcing among others.

International Business Machines Corp.

International Business Machines Corp. operates its business through segments such as Cognitive Solutions, Global Business Services, Technology Services & Cloud Platforms, Systems, and Global Financing. The company offers BPO services such as procurement and sourcing services and finance transformation services, to create more intelligent workflows using automation, artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT), cloud, and other emerging technologies.

Related Reports on Information Technology Include:

Global BPO Business Analytics Market – Global BPO business analytics market is segmented by end-user (BFSI, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and others) and geography (North America, APAC, Europe, MEA, and South America). Get an Exclusive Free Sample Report

Global Technical Support Outsourcing Market – Global technical support outsourcing market is segmented by type (helpdesk and call center) and geography (APAC, Europe, MEA, North America, and South America). Get an Exclusive Free Sample Report

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Thinkwell Group Releases Its 6th Annual Guest Experience Trend Report on Artificial Intelligence and Its Future Impact in Location-Based Experiences

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Thinkwell’s 6th Annual Guest Experience Trend Report, released today, explores artificial intelligence (A.I.) and its applications in experiences, breaking down key takeaways and predictions for how A.I. can affect, adapt, and improve the guest experience in museums, theme parks, and beyond. With the prevalence of virtual assistants, smart home devices, and smart digital features in everyday life, the A.I. revolution is already here for consumers. At the same time, A.I. is also becoming more involved in our experiences, and there’s no shortage of ideas for what A.I. can achieve and contribute to the guest experience. 

With input from a representative sample of more than 1,300 survey respondents, Thinkwell’s 6th Annual Guest Experience Trend Report breaks down three ideas around the guest experience and integration with A.I., while also exploring the rising demand for technology and personalization. 

Three Big Ideas for A.I.:

  1. Physical queues are waiting for obsolescence. What does this mean for the entire experience?
  2. Guests want to make discoveries. A smart guide can help.
  3. A.I. is about getting personal. What happens when you’re able to combine human and artificial intelligence for personalized interactions and service? 

“The potential to use A.I. for guest, brand, and operator benefit is limitless,” says Craig Hanna, Thinkwell’s Chief Creative Officer. “Thinkwell is focused on providing innovative, practical, and inclusive solutions to enhance the guest experience in any setting, and A.I. can play a big role in guest experiences and technology decisions as we look to the future.”

For Thinkwell’s insights, data highlights, and predictions on the future of artificial intelligence and guest experience, read the full report here.

With the collected survey data, Thinkwell has also developed an additional series of “deep dive” articles that breakdown A.I. and its intersection with other related topics and concerns, like racial bias, gender bias, and data security. The first two Deep Dive reports on Racial and Gender Bias and Age Gaps are available now.

Thinkwell’s previous Guest Experience Trend Reports have covered a broad range of topics including: Fan Fests & Live Events, Guest Expectations in LBE, Virtual Reality, Branded IP Experiences, and Mobile in Museums & Cultural Attractions.

About Thinkwell Group

Thinkwell Group is a global experience design and production agency with studios and offices in Los Angeles, Montréal, Abu Dhabi, and Beijing. For 20 years, our multi-disciplinary team has created compelling experiences for a wide range of clients and brands around the world. Thinkwell’s creative, collaborative teams have extensive experience in the strategy, planning, design, and production of theme parks, destination resorts, major branded and intellectual property attractions, events & spectaculars, museums & exhibits, expos, and live shows. The award-winning company has become a leader in experiential design by bringing a unique holistic approach to every engagement. Thinkwell most recently delivered Lionsgate Entertainment World and the award-winning Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, the world’s largest indoor theme park. Thinkwell celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2021.

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Katherine Mitchell

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Thinkwell Group 6th Annual Trend Report: Artificial Intelligence

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Global Automotive Engine Management System Market (2020 to 2025) – Replacement of ECUs Due to Increasing Average Life of Vehicles Presents Opportunities

DUBLIN, Feb. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The “Automotive Engine Management System Market by Vehicle Type (Passenger Car, LCV, & HCV), Engine Type (Gasoline & Diesel), Components (ECU, Sensors- Temperature, Position, Oxygen, & Knock), Communication Bus & Region – Industry Trends & Forecast to 2025” report has been added to’s offering.

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The global engine management system market is projected to grow to USD 63.2 billion by 2025 from USD 58.8 billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 1.5% during the forecast period.

The major driving factors for the engine management system industry are stringent emission norms, fuel efficiency regulations and growing vehicle production around the globe. However, increasing sales of electric vehicles due to attractive government incentives are expected to impact the engine management system market.

The automotive industry plays a crucial role in building the global economy. However, the COVID-19 outbreak disrupted the whole automotive supply chain on a global scale in the first 6-7 months of 2020. The pandemic presented an uncertain recovery timeline for the automotive industry due to the lockdown implementation and shutdown of manufacturing facilities in various parts of the world. The automotive industry faced four major challenges amid COVID-19 – limited supply of vehicle parts, drop in new vehicle sales, the shutdown of production facilities, and decline in working capital. As the engine management system market is dependent on vehicle production, this market is expected to be impacted due to this outbreak. However, with growing normalcy and momentum in vehicle production, the engine management system market is expected to pick up pace in the coming years.

Position Sensors are estimated to be the fastest-growing and largest market share of the sensor segment

Position sensors are must-have sensors inside an engine management system of any kind of vehicle. Position sensors generally consist of throttle position, camshaft position, crankshaft position, and EGR position sensors. All above mentioned position sensors are installed in every vehicle owing to which the demand for position sensors is estimated to grow as the growing vehicle production across the globe. Moreover, the number of position sensors installed in each vehicle are multiple the growth rate for the position sensors market is also estimated to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period.

Passenger cars are expected to be the largest vehicle segment of the engine management system market

The growing population has increased the overall demand for Passenger cars across the globe. Passenger car production accounts for more than 75% of total vehicle production across the globe. Moreover, due to betterment in income opportunities and increasing disposable income demand for vehicles is estimated to increase in countries such as India, Mexico and Brazil. Which will drive the market for engine management system market in the forecast period.

Asia Pacific is estimated to be the largest geographical segment of the engine management system market

The upcoming emission norms in the Asia Pacific are the most prominent driving forces for the engine management system market. For instance, China implemented China 6a & 6b, India implemented BS VI norms in 2020. Also, At the same time, the demand for luxury cars has increased considerably. The increase in demand for vehicles, especially premium passenger cars, has accentuated the need for better emission technologies and better engine performance. Thus, the market for engine management systems in the region is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Introduction

2 Research Methodology

3 Executive Summary

4 Premium Insights
4.1 Attractive Opportunities in Automotive Engine Management System Market
4.2 Automotive Engine Management System Market, by Sensor Type
4.3 Automotive Engine Management System Market, by Fuel Type
4.4 Automotive Engine Management System Market, by Vehicle Type
4.5 Automotive Engine Management System Market, by Component
4.6 Automotive Engine Management System Market, by Region

5 Market Overview
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Market Dynamics
5.2.1 Drivers Improved Vehicle Performance Stringent Emission and Fuel Economy Standards
5.2.2 Restraints Decreasing Diesel Passenger Car Sales High Cost
5.2.3 Opportunities Benefits to Related Markets Replacement of Ecus due to Increasing Average Life of Vehicles
5.2.4 Challenges Design and Development of a System That Complies with Increasingly Tougher Emission Standards
5.2.5 Burning Issue Fault in Components
5.3 Automotive Engine Management System Market Scenario
5.3.1 Most Likely Scenario
5.3.2 Low Impact Scenario
5.3.3 High Impact Scenario
5.4 Supply Chain Analysis
5.5 Automotive Engine Management Systems Market Ecosystem
5.6 Average Selling Price Trend

6 Industry Trends
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Value Chain Analysis
6.3 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
6.3.1 Threat of New Entrants Forward/Backward Integration by Tier-I Suppliers and OEMs High Capital Investments
6.3.2 Threat of Substitutes Only Technologically Advanced Components Can Replace Older Versions
6.3.3 Bargaining Power of Buyers Long-Term Supply Contracts Customized Products
6.3.4 Bargaining Power of Suppliers Well-Established Players with Excellent Supply and Distribution Network Technological Expertise
6.3.5 Intensity of Competitive Rivalry
6.4 Regulatory Landscape
6.4.1 Pest Analysis Political Factors Economic Factors Social Factors Technological Factors
6.4.2 Key Pointers while Entering Market
6.4.3 Regulatory Impact on the Market Decreased Tail-Pipe Emission Limits Leading to Vehicle Light-Weighting Trend
6.5 Engine Management System
6.6 Technology Analysis
6.6.1 Complementary Technology Powertrain Control Module
6.6.2 Key Technology Role of Obd in Engine Management System Obd-I Link Obd-Ii
6.6.3 Adjacent Technology Programmable & Non-Programmable Engine Control Unit
6.7 Patent Analysis
6.8 Case Study Analysis
6.8.1 Artificial Intelligence Enters Automotive Component Development
6.8.2 Ford Motors Working on Machine Learning for Engine Components

7 Engine Management System Market, by Communication Technology
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Can (Controller Area Network)
7.2.1 Can Physical Layers High-Speed/Fd Low-Speed/Fault-Tolerant Can Hardware: Single-Wire Can Hardware: Software-Selectable Can Hardware:
7.2.2 Can Terminology
7.2.3 Can Database Files:
7.3 Lin (Local Interconnect Network)
7.4 Flexray

8 Automotive Engine Management System Market, by Fuel Type
8.1 Introduction
8.1.1 Research Methodology
8.1.2 Assumptions
8.1.3 Industry Insights
8.2 Gasoline Engine Management System
8.3 Diesel Engine Management System

9 Automotive Engine Management System Market, by Component
9.1 Introduction
9.1.1 Research Methodology
9.1.2 Assumptions
9.1.3 Industry Insights
9.2 Ecu
9.3 Sensors

10 Engine Management System Market, by Sensor Type
10.1 Introduction
10.1.1 Research Methodology for Sensor Type Segment
10.1.2 Assumptions
10.1.3 Key Industry Insight
10.2 Oxygen Sensor
10.3 Temperature Sensor
10.4 Position Sensor
10.5 Knock Sensor
10.6 Other Sensors

11 Automotive Engine Management System Market, by Vehicle Type
11.1 Introduction
11.1.1 Research Methodology
11.1.2 Assumptions
11.1.3 Industry Insights
11.2 Passenger Car
11.3 Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV)
11.4 Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV)

12 Automotive Engine Management System Market, by Region
12.1 Introduction
12.2 Asia-Pacific
12.3 Europe
12.4 North America
12.5 Rest of the World

13 Competitive Landscape
13.1 Overview
13.2 Automotive Engine Management System Market Share Analysis, 2019
13.3 Revenue Analysis of Top 5 Players
13.4 Market Evolution Framework
13.5 Company Evaluation Quadrant
13.5.1 Star
13.5.2 Emerging Leaders
13.5.3 Pervasive
13.5.4 Participants
13.6 Strength of Product Portfolio
13.7 Business Strategy Excellence
13.8 Competitive Scenario
13.8.1 Expansion
13.8.2 Acquisitions
13.8.3 Supply Contract/Agreement/Collaboration
13.8.4 Joint Venture
13.8.5 New Product Development
13.9 Right to Win

14 Company Profiles
14.1 Robert Bosch GmbH
14.2 Continental Ag
14.3 Denso Corporation
14.4 Borgwarner
14.5 Hella KGaA Hueck & Co.
14.6 Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.
14.7 Valeo S.A.
14.8 Infineon Technologies Ag
14.9 Sensata Technologies Holding Nv
14.10 Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd
14.11 Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.
14.12 Additional Company Profiles
14.12.1 North America Cts Corporation Ksr International Dura Automotive Systems
14.12.2 Europe Nxp Semiconductor TE Connectivity STMicroelectronics ZF Friedrichshafen
14.12.3 Asia-Pacific Nissan Corporation Jtekt Corporation
14.13 Engine Management Systems Component Suppliers
14.13.1 Allegro Microsystems, LLC
14.13.2 Analog Devices
14.13.3 on Semiconductor
14.13.4 S&T Motiv Co., Ltd.
14.13.5 Melexis
14.13.6 Elmos Semiconductor Ag
14.13.7 Allied Motion, Inc.
14.13.8 Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. Kg
14.13.9 Ntn Corporation
14.13.10 Sorl Auto Parts, Inc.

15 Analyst’s Recommendations
15.1 Asia-Pacific Will be Key Market for Automotive Engine Management Systems
15.2 Growing Gasoline Market
15.3 Conclusion

16 Appendix
16.1 Discussion Guide

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CGI announces new IT delivery center in Knoxville, Tennessee

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Feb. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CGI (NYSE: GIB) (TSX: GIB.A) today announced the establishment of a new information technology (IT) delivery center in Knoxville, Tennessee, where the company plans to create 300 local jobs, engage regional educators, support area workforce development and provide opportunities for the community’s students, graduates and professionals.

Knoxville has developed a strong reputation in the technology sector and is a clear choice for CGI’s newest IT delivery center. Our state has experienced positive economic growth over the past several months, and now more than ever, the creation of high-quality jobs remains a priority for me as governor. I thank CGI for bringing new employment opportunities for residents in Knox County,” said Governor Bill Lee.

“We are proud to announce the establishment of a new IT delivery center in Knoxville that will create local jobs, engage regional educators, support area workforce development, and provide opportunities for the community’s students, graduates and professionals,” said David L. Henderson, CGI President of U.S. Commercial and State Government Operations. “After a competitive and wide-ranging search, CGI selected Knoxville based on a number of factors – most notably access to talent and a strong culture of innovation within the Knoxville area and the state of Tennessee.”

Knoxville becomes part of CGI’s innovative U.S. delivery center network that help clients gain access to high quality, U.S.-based IT services, support and solutions. As a core element of its business strategy, CGI offers balanced IT delivery options to its government and commercial industry clients, as well as creates jobs, spurs economic development and enriches communities in the U.S. CGI continually looks for locations like Knoxville that offer access to quality workforce, strong economics and effective partnerships with state and local governments, industry and academic institutions.

Tennessee’s pro-business environment offers the resources and the workforce to support the needs of technology and R&D-focused companies. We are fortunate as a state to have a network of partnerships with institutions like the University of Tennessee that assist with advancing and building the talent pipeline these companies need. We appreciate CGI for choosing Tennessee for its eighth U.S. IT delivery center and look forward to seeing the impact the company will make on the region in the years to come,” said Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development Commissioner Bob Rolfe.

CGI is partnering closely with the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, (UT) on the launch of the center and will be working with the university to engage students across interdisciplinary programs in colleges such as the Haslam College of Business and the Tickle College of Engineering. Establishing internship programs, embedding real-world capstone projects into the curriculum, and engaging UT and its research partners, are examples of how CGI will collaborate with the UT ecosystem. Advanced analytics, cybersecurity, and digital transformation through emerging technologies are at the forefront of clients’ business and CGI will work with UT to build a talent pipeline in these areas for the Knoxville center.

“It’s no secret that companies seek to locate in communities that have the best education system and the best work force,” UT System President Randy Boyd said. “CGI’s partnership with UT is truly the best of both worlds. As the need for jobs in the information technology sector continue to rise, partnerships with companies like CGI are invaluable as we seek to pair our next gen workforce with next gen jobs.”

“Our new partnership with CGI is the first step towards developing a long-term alignment that includes not only recruitment of our students and workforce development for alumni, but also the opportunity to engage with a multi-national information technology company on large-scale research and innovation initiatives,” said UT Knoxville Chancellor Donde Plowman. “Our faculty and CGI combine to form a tremendous translational research and hiring engine that will keep UT graduates in East Tennessee—graduates who are trained in advanced data analytics, machine learning, cyber security, artificial intelligence, and other critical fields.”

CGI selected Knoxville after a two-year site-selection process during which numerous U.S. locations were considered. As CGI’s eighth IT delivery center in the U.S., employees in Knoxville will join 1,700 similar professionals in seven delivery center locations: Belton, TX; Lafayette, LA; Lebanon, VA; Mobile and Troy, AL; Waterville, ME and Wausau, WI.

CGI will begin hiring in March 2021 and – contingent on pandemic conditions – will commence operations in or near a downtown location. CGI will primarily seek job candidates with software development, business analytics and other in-demand technology skills. They will have the opportunity to work with CGI clients in the manufacturing, retail, utilities, health, financial services and federal, state and local government sectors, among others.

“We are delighted that CGI has selected Knoxville for its newest IT delivery center,” Mayor Indya Kincannon said. “I’m especially excited by CGI’s record of connecting with communities and its plans to collaborate closely with UT. While new brick-and-mortar investment is always appreciated, even more welcome are the 300 new jobs being created and the unique opportunities that will enrich our students and young professionals.”

Knox County is committed to creating opportunities for everyone to thrive in an engaged and vibrant community by focusing on jobs, education and recreation,” said Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs. “Further, we are committed to attracting and keeping good-paying jobs—like those CGI will provide—for our growing workforce and ensuring that all businesses feel supported by and connected to our community.”

CGI professionals have earned a strong reputation for supporting communities where they live and work. Through donations of time, resources and talent, they often engage in volunteer, training and charitable activities involving education, youth, families, military veterans and people that are underrepresented in STEM fields, including women, minorities and the economically disadvantaged. To learn more about careers at CGI, visit

About CGI
Founded in 1976, CGI is among the largest independent IT and business consulting services firms in the world. With 76,000 consultants and other professionals across the globe, CGI delivers an end-to-end portfolio of capabilities, from strategic IT and business consulting to systems integration, managed IT and business process services and intellectual property solutions. CGI works with clients through a local relationship model complemented by a global delivery network that helps clients digitally transform their organizations and accelerate results. CGI Fiscal 2020 reported revenue is C$12.16 billion and CGI shares are listed on the TSX (GIB.A) and the NYSE (GIB). Learn more at

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Steven Santarpia Consulting Implementing Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing

GREENLAWN, N.Y., Feb. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Steven Santarpia Consulting, a digital marketing agency providing services to small to mid-size businesses, has started utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) for its customers. Artificial intelligence is the future of digital marketing and Steven Santarpia Consulting will be using personalized and tailored content using AI technology.

“Digital marketing is constantly evolving,” said Steven Santarpia, CEO of Steven Santarpia Consulting. “It’s very important to keep up to date with the latest trends and tools available for digital marketing. Bringing AI to our clients will allow us to make smarter decisions in less time. One item I’m excited about is using AI for content marketing. Creating content can often be time consuming. Also, getting the proper topic ideas can sometimes be challenging. It’s going to be fun to implement this new technology. AI is just beginning to grow, and the possibilities are endless. We want to make sure we are doing everything we can to help our clients.”

AI digital marketing strategies can help provide improved customer experiences. It can also deliver more efficient marketing. With the help of artificial intelligence, Steven Santarpia Consulting will be able to make data-driven decisions for better results.

About Steven Santarpia Consulting – Since 2016, Steven Santarpia Consulting expertise has helped small to mid-sized businesses grow with their digital marketing campaigns. The agency is known for its client focused needs and customer service. Clients through the years, have trusted their digital marketing strategies which have provided significant results.

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Steven Santarpia, Steven Santarpia Consulting, +1 (516) 373-6331,


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