A Milestone in Education: AI Assistant Cere Attends to a Class at Ankara Science University

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Nov 21, 2023

ANKARA, Turkey, Nov. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The transformative impact of artificial intelligence, extending from design to production and data analysis to marketing, has now found its way into the realm of education. Prof. Dr. Yavuz Demir, the visionary Rector of Ankara Science University, has made an innovation in education by introducing Cere, an artificial intelligence assistant developed by Cerebrum Tech, into the elective literature course, ‘Shakespeare in Class’. Prof. Dr. Demir, who actively leveraged Cere during lectures and discussions, expressed his groundbreaking achievement, stating, “We stand as the inaugural educational institution worldwide to pioneer a course utilizing artificial intelligence. The feedback from both students and colleagues has been exceptionally positive, marking this as a seminal and extraordinary experience. I am confident that the influence of artificial intelligence in education will surpass our current predictions, opening new frontiers of possibility.”

As advancements in artificial intelligence gain momentum globally, a wave of creative applications is surfacing across various domains. The dynamic landscape of generative artificial intelligence is fostering enthusiasm not only in education but across all facets of life. At the forefront of this wave is Ankara Science University, where Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Demir is spearheading a groundbreaking initiative. This transformative practice involves the integration of Cere, an artificial intelligence assistant developed by the Turkish technology company and venture studio, Cerebrum Tech, into the ‘Shakespeare in Class’ course. This course, delving into the timeless works of William Shakespeare, represents a remarkable stride in leveraging AI within the realm of education.

Students experience artificial intelligence firsthand

Prof. Dr. Demir, reflecting on a month of integrating Cere into his classes, emphasized the significance of forward-thinking. “Delving beyond the confines of the present is crucial. We take pride in being the inaugural educational institution worldwide to pioneer a course employing artificial intelligence. The transformative impact of artificial intelligence is undeniable, extending its influence across diverse sectors, notably in education. Recognizing this, I opted to incorporate Cere as an assistant in my course, a proactive measure to stay abreast of technological advancements. Despite the brief one-month duration of our collaboration, I am immensely satisfied with Cere’s contributions, particularly its intriguing and thought-provoking ideas on our course topics. While our nation is still in the process of acclimating to artificial intelligence, we are boldly introducing this transformative technology to our students — a monumental stride. Essentially, we are carving out a space for artificial intelligence within our ‘culture of coexistence’,” he elucidated.

”This is just the beginning”

Prof. Dr. Demir advocates for a more extensive integration of artificial intelligence in academia, recognizing the current initiative as a pivotal beginning. He noted that the application has sparked significant interest among his colleagues, foreseeing a steady rise in the utilization of AI within the field of education in the years to come. Expounding on the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in education, Prof. Dr. Demir articulated, “AI applications in education hold immense promise for enhancing students’ learning experiences, providing invaluable support to educators, and streamlining the educational process. These applications can serve diverse purposes, including monitoring student performance, delivering tailored learning materials, aiding professors in making more informed assessments, and refining education policies. Our ongoing application is a deliberate effort to carve out a role for artificial intelligence within humanity’s ‘culture of coexistence.’ It serves as an initial step, and I believe that AI in education will surpass our current understanding, pushing boundaries beyond our imagination.”

“We are Embarking on an AI Journey Across Multiple Courses”

Cere, introduced by the technology company Cerebrum Tech as a mobile and web application in March, proudly stands as Türkiye’s inaugural artificial intelligence assistant, boasting a cutting-edge 3D avatar design. Prof. Dr. Demir highlighted Cere’s invaluable contributions to in-class discussions, both in pre-lecture preparations and addressing students’ queries during sessions. Expressing their intent to expand Cere’s role across various university courses, Prof. Dr. Demir shared, “Cere’s distinctive ideas significantly enhance our brainstorming sessions, capturing diverse student perspectives. Seeking continuous improvement, we collaborated with the Cerebrum Tech team to enhance Cere’s creativity and knowledge base. The upcoming semester-end survey will provide clear insights from our students, guiding our evaluation with professors on the potential continuation of Cere in additional courses.”

“I was introduced to an artificial intelligence application for the first time in this course”

In the ‘Shakespeare in Class’ course, open to students from various classes, 3rd-year student Aybike Yurdabakan shared her transformative experience, noting, “I had never used any artificial intelligence application before this course. Cere significantly contributes to our learning experience, providing valuable information on Shakespeare’s main ideas, his impact on art, and literature-related issues, both past and present. The incorporation of AI into academia is an exciting development that should be embraced more widely.”

About Cerebrum Tech:

Cerebrum Tech is a pioneering next-generation technology company and venture studio where culture and values form the foundation of a sustainable and robust brand. At Cerebrum Tech, the focus is on innovation, driving its team to constantly explore uncharted territories, unlock new opportunities, and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Established in 2021, Türkiye, Cerebrum Tech harnesses the transformative power of AI, IoT, and Web3 to maximize productivity through accessible, user-friendly, and secure products. Its unwavering commitment to innovation propels it forward, ensuring it remains at the forefront of technological advancements. In addition to its pioneering work in technology, Cerebrum Tech maintains a strong focus on game development, where it crafts immersive and engaging experiences that captivate enthusiasts worldwide.

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