Fabry Disease Market: Market Size and Share, Epidemiology Forecast, Treatment Landscape, Emerging Drugs and Leading Companies


Jun 08, 2021

DelveInsight’s Fabry Disease Market Insights Report offers a detailed analysis of disease, its causes, symptoms, diagnostics modalities, and treatment options. 

Fabry Disease Market Insights

The report covers Fabry Disease epidemiology, emerging therapeutics, market dynamics, market drivers and barriers, ongoing clinical trials, important collaborations in the field, and key pharmaceutical companies actively pushing market growth forward for the study period 2017-2030 in 7MM (the United States, EU5 (Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom) and Japan).

Some of the key highlights from the Fabry Disease Market Insights: 

    • According to data from Orphanet, Fabry disease is reported to be 1 in 80,000 live births annually but this figure may underestimate disease prevalence. When late-onset variants of the disease are considered, a prevalence of approximately 1 in 3,000 is suggested.
    • The US estimate for Fabry disease described in the National Institutes of Health Genetics Home Reference states Fabry disease affects an estimated 1 in 40,000 to 60,000 males.
  • As per Tsuboi et al, 2012 Fabry disease prevalence is higher in the males than females
  • In a study by Saito et al, 2016 the prevalence rate of Fabry disease in Japan Fabry disease screening study ( J-FAST) was 0.02 % with 0.04 % (2/5408) in males and 0 % (0/3139) in females.
  • Key players, such as Safoni Genzyme, Idorsia Pharmaceuticals, Protalix Biotherapeutics, Sangamo Therapeutics, 4D Molecular Therapeutics, and many others are involved in developing therapies for fabry disease. 
  • Emerging therapies such as Venglustat, Lucerastat, PRX- 102, ST 920, 4D-310, and others are expected to have a significant impact on the fabry disease market in the coming years.

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Fabry Disease Overview

Fabry disease (FD) is a devastating, progressive, inherited condition caused by lysosomal dysfunction linked to chromosome X and mutations in the GLA gene located in chromosome Xq22.1 which encodes the alpha-galactosidase A (AGA) enzyme.

It is a multi-systemic and life-threatening condition which is one of the most common lysosomal storage diseases after the Gaucher Disease. It is characterized by specific neurological, cutaneous, renal, cardiovascular, cochleovestibular and cerebrovascular manifestations. The symptoms include Chronic pain, usually a burning or tingling sensation in the hands and feet. The pain sometimes briefly becomes more intense, requiring medication to bring it down to manageable levels. The pain can go away in adulthood, clusters of small, dark red spots in various locations on the skin, opaque corneas, resulting in cloudy-looking eyes and problems with eyesight, ringing in the ears, and hearing loss, a variety of gastrointestinal problems, decreased ability to sweat, and others.

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Fabry Disease Epidemiology Segmentation 

The Fabry Disease Market report proffers epidemiological analysis for the study period 2018-30 in the 7MM segmented into:

  • Fabry Disease Prevalence 
  • Age-Specific Fabry Disease Prevalence 
  • Gender-Specific Fabry Disease Prevalence 
  • Diagnosed and Treatable Cases of Fabry Disease

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Fabry Disease Market 

The launch of various innovative medicines, important firms operating in the area, rising prevalence, more R&D in the area, and medical innovations occurring in the Fabry Disease market domain are all projected to contribute to the market’s growth.

Fabry Disease Pipeline Therapies and Key Companies 

  • Lucerastat: Idorsia Pharmaceuticals
  • Pegunigalsidase alfa: Protalix Biotherapeutics
  • AVR-RD-01: Avrobio
  • Venglustat: Sanofi Genzyme
  • ST-920: Sangamo Therapeutics
  • 4D-310: 4D Molecular Therapeutics

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Fabry Disease Market Drivers 

  • Rising prevalent population
  • Technological advancements
  • Emerging therapies 
  • Extensive R&D

Scope of the Report

  • 11 Years Forecast
  • 7MM Coverage 
  • Descriptive overview of Fabry Disease, covering causes, signs and symptoms, pathophysiology, diagnosis and currently available therapies
  • Comprehensive insight into Fabry Disease epidemiology and treatment in the 7MM
  • Current and emerging therapies for Fabry Disease
  • Fabry Disease market drivers and barriers

Key Questions Answered in the Report

  • What was the Fabry Disease market share (percentage) distribution like in 2018 and what will it be like in 2030?
  • During the forecast period (2018-2030), what will be the entire market size for Fabry Disease, as well as the market size by therapy?
  • What are the most important results from the 7MM market, and which nation will have the largest Fabry Disease market size throughout the projected period (2018-2030)?
  • During the projection period (2018-2030), at what CAGR is the Fabry Disease market anticipated to expand at 7MM?

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Table of Contents 

1. Key Insights
2. Report Introduction
3. Competitive Intelligence Analysis for Fabry Disease
4. Fabry Disease Market Overview at a Glance
5. Executive Summary of Fabry Disease
6. Fabry Disease Epidemiology and Market Methodology
7. Fabry Disease Epidemiology and Patient Population
8. Fabry Disease Patient Journey
9. Treatment Algorithm, Current Treatment, and Medical Practices
10. Key Endpoints in Fabry Disease Clinical Trials
11. Fabry Disease Marketed Therapies
12. Fabry Disease Emerging Therapies
13. Fabry Disease: 7 Major Market Analysis
14. Attribute analysis
15. Access and Reimbursement Overview of Fabry Disease
16. KOL Reviews
17. Case Reports
18. Fabry Disease Market Drivers
19. Fabry Disease Market Barriers
20. SWOT Analysis
21. Disclaimer
22. DelveInsight Capabilities
23. About DelveInsight

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