2020 IoTF opens new opportunities for China IoT industry – booth reservations are booming

XIAMEN, China, Nov. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Under the guidance of Fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Xiamen Municipal Government and Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Xiamen Zhongchuan Business Co., Ltd. is cooperating with the China Joint Association (30 provinces and cities of the Internet of Things Industry Association) to strengthen resource integration of Internet of Things Application Market Segment. Internet of Things Fair (IoTF) China will be held at Xiamen International Exhibition Center from July 2-4, 2020. As an important part of the exhibition, Xiamen International Artificial Intelligence Expo in China is is positioned at 6G, 5G, cloud computing, big data, and AI chips to build a one-stop procurement platform for its development, construction and operation.

According to estimates by relevant institutions, China’s digital economy has grown at an average annual rate of 20% in the past three years. The rise of digital economy and industrial transformation and upgrading bring new opportunities for the development of China’s Internet of things industry. In terms of total volume, China’s digital economy reached 27.2 trillion yuan in 2017, up more than 20.3% YoY, accounting for 32.9% of GDP, up 2.6 percentage points YoY. Digital economy and industrial upgrading have become the core driver for economic growth in recent years. The Internet of things is the core and carrier of the digital economy. With the promotion of the Chinese government and the demand of the market for industrial upgrading, the demand for new construction and renovation in smart city, industry, retail, transportation, public sector, education, medical care, automobile, finance, agriculture, vision and other segments continues to expand which provides a huge market for IoT companies, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, chips, IoT devices and electronic components suppliers.

Gathering global resources, opens up Chinese unlimited opportunities

2019 IoTF China Xiamen International IoT export covers artificial intelligence, smart city and community security, vehicle networking, parking management, cloud computing, big data, information security, MEMS and sensors, test measurements, system integration, RFID, 5G communications and gateways, mobile devices and materials from other 10 sectors of the Internet of Things and data economy construction and operation. Gathering 203 enterprises from the IoT industry worldwide, totaling 18,000 square meters. Attendees will include Huawei, Ali, Tencent, Xiaomi, Gosuncn, Unis, Amazon, Microsoft, Telecom, Mobile, Unicom, TChina Tower, Hanwei, Xindeco, Tongfu Micro, Guangxuan Electronics, Xiamen Information Group, Yaxon, Network Chain Technology Group, NETVOX, Leelen, Dnake, Tuya, Quectel, Cheerzing, Xminnov, Mantunsci, Mt. Sainsbury’s and other enterprises. An expected 49,012 buyers from 91 countries and regions in investment and development, system integration and project design will attend the expo.

More than 100 guests and experts from home and abroad participated in the colorful event themed “Insight 5G  Application Innovation” to create a cross-border ecosystem with IoT+ as its core. Forums and sessions include Internet of Things Series Forums, China IoT CXO Summit, IoT Industry Award, The China IoT Project Investment Road show, The Black Technology Product Launch Activities. A total of 8 keynote speeches, 14 product launches, 15 professional matchmaking meetings, more than 1,000 IoT application scenarios, more than 300 talents from the real estate, government, system integration and the technology industry have been invited to give speeches. It provides a unique trading platform for solution, information exchange and sharing.

Creating an innovative IoT convergence belt, providing an important business opportunity

Xiamen has the unique location advantage of developing the Internet of Things, nearly 5,000 software enterprises are the backbone of Xiamen’s 100 billion industrial chain, which provides a solid foundation for the success of IoTF, but also provides important business and trade opportunities for foreign enterprises.

2020 the 6th IoTF China International Internet of Things Expo will continue to usher in colorful events in Xiamen. There will be 570 media outlets attending, an important channel to enter the Chinese mainland market, display new products, new technologies and new applications; strengthen industry information exchange and cross-border integration; promote project floor-to-ceiling applications. IoTF is a professional exchange platform for domestic and foreign IoT upstream and downstream enterprises, which creates business opportunities, to improve the level of development of the IoT industry chain, to build a new ecology of the IoT industry, to promote trade cooperation between at home and abroad, and effectively enhance the trading volume.

Smart, Innovative, Integrate – Fully Upgraded 2020 IoTF


Huawei, Amazon, Qualcomm, ARM, Ali, Xiaomi, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Microsoft, NXP, iFLYTEK, SenseTime, Kingsoft, Inspur and other leading enterprises will display the latest technology, released industry information; which will attract more enterprises from home and abroad to build a purchasing and supply chain for digital economy, IoT, artificial intelligence, big data, etc.


The IoTF 2020 will add a high-level IoT summit themed “thousands enterprises”, through the form of a thousand person conference, in the form of artificial intelligence, system integration and construction of design and operation; Intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading, science and technology empowerment and other forefront topics. Focusing on integration, launching the industry’s strength to jointly promote the development of the industry.


Based on the original authoritative media release, professional media promotion, large-scale release of IoT media, IoT associations and organizations, IoTF expo joint IoT Vane and Global Exhibition Navigation will provide an important channel for the global market promotion and comprehensive upgrading.

Global Exhibition Navigation has established good relations of cooperation with more than 150 overseas exhibition organizers, more than 200 trade associations and more than 300 overseas partners, covering a wide range of fields, Including infrastructure, construction and real estate, electronics, etc. This will provide opportunities for global customers and partners to participate, experience and close deals, and inject momentum and unlock opportunities for a wide variety of trading industries.

Booth sales start-up; Renewal booming

By 2020, IoTF’s total exhibition area will exceed 20,000 square meters. It officially launched sales in early September, as of the end of October, current booth sales have occupied almost 50% of the total space available, industry-leading enterprises have confirmed their attendance and previous exhibitors are enthusiastic to expand their booths. Previous exhibitors include: Huawei, Amazon, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Tower, Alibaba, Tencent, Xiaomi, Gosunn,Unis, Microsoft, Hanwei, Cinda, Qualcomm, ARM, Tongfu Micro, Optical Electronics, Lenovo, Dell, Xiamen Information Group, NETVOX, Inspur,Leelen, Dnake, Tuya, Quectel, Kingsoft, Cheerzing, Xminnov, Mantunsci, Sensetime, Sanstar, NXP, Iflytek, Kuaishang.

Booth reservation is still available. Sharing the Internet of things purchasing alliance, expanding data economy emerging market provide exhibitors and visitors many reasons to attend in July 2020.

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