Orion Pictures Partners with McKinney LA and Convrg To Launch ‘Chucky’ Chatbot Exclusively on Reddit, Creating The Platform’s Most Engaging Ad Of All Time

LOS ANGELES, June 28, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Orion Pictures announces the launch of a Reddit chatbot aimed to drum up excitement for the recent horror film release, Child’s Play.

Developed in partnership with Reddit, McKinney LA, and Convrg, the Chucky chatbot— u/ChuckyBot—challenges the traditional digital advertising format with an immersive experience designed to create buzz, capture attention and build the Child’s Play community on Reddit through direct engagement with Chucky. Conceptualized by Reddit’s Brand Strategy team, brought to life with strategy, copy, and creative produced by McKinney LA, and developed by Convrg, the chatbot is a fitting way to engage redditors interested in the new Child’s Play, which is powered by artificial intelligence that eventually spins out of control.

“Reddit is excited to partner with Orion Pictures and McKinney to develop a first-of-its-kind interactive campaign that goes beyond banners, clicks and audio,” said Reddit Brand Strategist, Rohaina Hassan. “At the end of the day, our goal is to offer true engagement with users while building a community for our entertainment partnerships and Convrg was able to bring the chatbot u/ChuckyBot to life, as the experience feels fresh, interactive, and creepy, just like the new Chucky.”

To interact with u/ChuckyBot, redditors can comment on a promoted post by u/KaslanCorp—the makers of the Buddi doll in the Child’s Play movies.

The bot’s early discourse was relatively mild: Answer “False” when u/ChuckyBot asked if he is, in fact, your best friend, and he might have alluded to his facial recognition software. But as the campaign progressed, his responses grew increasingly sinister.

“We had a ton of fun bringing this innovative idea to life through the iconic movie character that is Chucky,” said Sylvain Tron, Managing Director McKinney LA. “Orion is always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in a film campaign using exciting technologies which makes them a great creative partner for McKinney LA.”

“We’ve had a blast bringing Reddit’s brilliant vision to life with this chatbot, which represents an exciting first for us all,” remarked Liz Snower, co-founder and President of Convrg. “We’re convinced that Reddit is one of the most strategic places brands should be thinking about when it comes to promoting their goods and services, considering the massive audience and their eagerness to have relevant conversations.”

Child’s Play opened in theaters nationally June 20, 2019. Los Angeles-based Operam is Orion’s media partner.

About Orion Pictures
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