Terbine Enables Data Trading Alliances For Advanced Mobility

WASHINGTON, June 3, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Terbine announced today at the ITSA Annual Conference the full rollout of a specialized version of its Internet of Things data exchange system, featuring over four thousand data feeds generated by ITSA public agency members.

The Intelligent Transportation Society of America has over 300 member-organizations ranging from major automakers to federal, state and municipal highway authorities. The ITSA Data Exchange, as it is called, offers a frictionless environment for participants to share, and in some cases monetize, their IoT data feeds with the goal of improving road safety and transportation efficiency. It is searchable now at https://itsa.terbine.io

“Advanced mobility is driving the demand for curated data sharing,” said David Knight, Terbine Founder and CEO. “The ITSA Data Exchange has all of the functionality of the Terbine Exchange with the association’s branding. It’s a powerful tool for the growing data-based ecosystems that are forming around autonomous aerial and land vehicles, smart cities, smart grids, next-generation infrastructure and related technology-driven sectors.”

The ITSA Data Exchange system is akin to having a private commodities exchange, with many input feeds and many participants operating within a large closed user group. It provides advanced data curation, automated handling of regulatory and licensing matters, tracking of transactions and a highly advanced policy engine that gives administrators full control over who can access any given IoT data feed. The offering includes a web-based console that is used to manage member accounts, control data feeds and assign pricing when desired. Terbine hosts and operates the exchange for ITSA, facilitates onboarding of both the member-organization who produce data and end user organizations, along with training and customer support.

About Terbine

Terbine is building the first global ecosystem for the seamless exchanging of machine-generated/IoT data. Over two years in development, the IoT Data Exchange is capable of characterizing, categorizing, licensing, monetizing, tracking and securitizing the flow of billions of IoT data feeds emanating from public agencies, academic sources and commercial entities. Designed to leverage key advances in artificial intelligence, blockchain and edge computing, Terbine will scale with the growth in IoT data generation and solidify its usage within and between industries, to the benefit of global commerce and people alike. For more information visit https://terbine.com/


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