SAFR, Advanced Facial Recognition Technology from RealNetworks, Enters the China Market Through Homtar Corporation

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — RealNetworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: RNWK), a leader in digital media software and services, announced today that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Homtar High-Tech Co., Ltd. RealNetworks and Homtar will work together to localize SAFRTM for China. Through this partnership, RealNetworks, one of the world’s leading innovators in facial recognition, will enter China’s burgeoning facial recognition technology market.

RealNetworks’ SAFR platform is based on artificial intelligence, which enables the system to deliver industry-leading accuracy and detailed analytics, specifically designed to identify faces in real-world conditions, including people in motion, in dim lighting, and at occluded angles. SAFR can reliably match against millions of faces in under a second. It also can handle a variety of conditions, including face makeup, hats, glasses, varying hair style, and aging. In addition, it has a high tolerance to facial yaw, tilt and rotation, minimizing errors by allowing error rate adjustment.

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), RealNetworks’ computer vision achieved a high performance rating with an accuracy score of 0.048 for Wild Faces FNMR. In a test developed by the University of Massachusetts, SAFR achieved a 99.8% accuracy score for “labeled faces in the wild” (LFW).

In addition to world-class accuracy, SAFR delivers exceptional efficiency and flexibility, working with existing IP cameras and readily available hardware to match faces in real time, enhancing secure access. SAFR supports cloud and on-premises local storage. System integrators and application developers can easily integrate with the SAFR platform through RESTful APIs, SDKs and dashboards.

Furthermore, SAFR encrypts all facial data and images to ensure privacy. When used locally, no personal or facial data is transmitted over the internet.

“RealNetworks uses the latest computer vision, machine learning theory and technical methods to develop the industry-leading SAFR software. We achieved excellent results by training for faces in photos and videos from real-life video. We are very happy that we can work together with Homtar to commercialize this technology in China,” said RealNetworks’ Chief Technology Officer Reza Rassool.

Homtar will launch the technology with its partner Shenzhen Wiseme Electronics Co., Ltd. Ms. Lin Luhua, Chairman of Homtar Corp. said, “We’re excited that RealNetworks’ advanced SAFR technology will be promoted and operated in China. Through the development of localized applications, we will bring safer and more efficient products to our partners. The first trial system will be launched in Shenzhen with Kingbrother Tech Ltd. within one month.”

RealNetworks and Homtar will work together to develop a series of commercial applications of SAFR products in the future, including VIP identification, retail analytics, secure area monitoring, live data collection, visitor IDs and screenings, and digital signatures. Valuable demographic data can also be collected and compiled from these applications.

About RealNetworks
RealNetworks invented the streaming media category and changed the way audio and video content was consumed across devices and around the world. Building on a legacy of digital media expertise and innovation, RealNetworks has created a new generation of products that employ best-in-class artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance and secure our daily lives. Find RealNetworks’ corporate information at

About Homtar
Homtar has strong investment ability, communication technology and product development, wireless internet value-added service operation, electronic manufacturing and other industrial resources. It is the practitioner and promoter of cross – media business in China’s digital broadcasting and television, mobile communications and broadband interconnection networks.

Media contact:

James Li
T: 86 10 5909 5328

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WealthBlock.AI Partners with Dwolla, Inc. to Provide an Intuitive Payment Experience

DES MOINES, Iowa, Dec. 03, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — WealthBlock.AI, a financial tech firm that uses blockchain technology to revolutionize the way people access and invest in alternative assets, has announced a partnership with Dwolla, Inc., a payments platform that allows WealthBlock.AI investors to use ACH to send payment for investments. WealthBlock.AI is democratizing alternative asset investing by accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether as well as ACH payments using Dwolla as payment for investing in real estate, venture capital funds, hedge funds and entertainment financing. WealthBlock.AI connects its users with a global supply of superior investment talent, asset management and assets, removing barriers so that smart investing is affordable and accessible for all.

WealthBlock.AI was founded in 2018 by Trilliam Jeong, the company’s CEO and Deji Jimoh, CTO, with a mission of making investing not just the provenance of the 1%.

“Revolutionizing the way businesses raise capital required streamlining the entire investment process, from the offer presentation and identity verification, to document signing and payment,” Jimoh says. To do this, WealthBlock.AI knew it needed a strong payments platform. “Dwolla’s ACH solution, which includes their seamless drop-in bank verification, provides the intuitive payment experience demanded by our users.”

Dwolla, Inc. is a financial technology company that offers businesses an onramp to the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, the electronic network of financial institutions that moves more than $43 billion dollars annually.

WealthBlock.AI allows users to invest in assets like commercial real estate, energy funds, private capital or other alternative assets. Users send funds to WealthBlock.AI for investments across the ACH Network using Dwolla’s integrated API.

#DWOLLApowers WealthBlock.AI

About WealthBlock.AI

WealthBlock.AI is a technology firm with a passion for fighting for the underdogs by giving everyday people equal access to the world’s best investment opportunities. WealthBlock’s technology connects investors directly with a growing network of vetted top asset managers and quality assets around the world. We aim to use the knowledge we have – investment management, blockchain and artificial intelligence – to help people take control of their financial future. To learn more, visit

About Dwolla

Dwolla, Inc. is a financial technology company that is changing the way businesses send and receive funds. The company offers a seamless, white label API platform to connect to the ACH Network to initiate payments.

Since 2010, when Dwolla began creating the ideal platform to move money, the company has helped move billions of dollars, integrated with hundreds of customers and has been mentioned in Inc., Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. Businesses that need to efficiently send or receive money and are ready for the future either use Dwolla—or they should.

Media Inquiries:

Media Contact:
Stephanie Atkin
Dwolla, Inc.


SOURCE Dwolla – Tech for Traders: Artificial Intelligence to Predict Market Reaction

NEW YORK, Dec. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The markets react based on new information and traders lack the ability to analyze the market in real time. A lot of new information streams into the markets all the time, digesting this information is difficult for a human. BetterTrader’s AI can process a huge amount of data in a short period of time and generate trade ideas. The most essential barrier is that development of AI infrastructure which is critical for effective work of AI, is extremely expensive.

Time is a key element in trading.

Eyal Mor, CEO of, commented: “Most traders are not aware of the existence and do not use the most advanced technology, in most cases, AI is available only inside hedge funds and banks’ trading rooms for internal use and not accessible to the public.” is an AI-powered information platform

An analysis tool that interprets market data into accurate trading decisions in real-time. Turning data into information, and information into trade ideas.

The main goal of BetterTrader is to reveal the most relevant trade ideas and new opportunities on the market. BetterTrader AI algorithms monitor a variety of news and data sources across the world in real-time. The data from various sources is fed into a central server, where it is analyzed by our AI engine for patterns, relationships, and opportunities.

BetterTrader system can compete with the top teams of analysts in the field of timing, accuracy, and intelligence by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence,” said one of the company’s clients, Arviv Israel, FX and commodities professional trader.

Another BetterTrader client stated “It’s as if you have an entire team of super experienced analysts working around the clock.”

About is a group of former professional day traders and statistics specialists with years of trading and coding experience. They created this program to provide our traders with statistically back-tested trade ideas using artificial intelligence algorithms, sending you analyzed information about macro events at the exact moment they are released.’s technology then calculates the magnitude of these events using historical data and artificial intelligence to predict market reaction. Additionally, helps traders to react to market movements with price-driven trade ideas which are detected by their own artificial intelligence algorithms.

Eyal Mor

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Compliance Monitoring enters AI age at ING with Intelligent Voice and Relativity Trace

CHICAGO, Dec. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Compliance monitoring has become a hot topic in artificial intelligence (AI) in 2018. This has led a number of banks to explore how new technology can help reduce fraud, money laundering, and insider trading amongst other regulatory infractions.

ING Bank started this journey early; in 2015 they engaged with Intelligent Voice®, a leading supplier of speech recognition and compliance software in the financial services market, to see how innovative technology can be used to improve their processes.

During that time, Relativity, the industry-leaders in e-Discovery software, started its partnership with Intelligent Voice to deliver an integrated, end-to-end system that would bring together the best of Intelligent Voice’s AI technology with Relativity’s world class platform. Now, ING has signed on to leverage Relativity Trace, a new app for proactive risk management and compliance. ING plans to use the combined solution to proactively monitor and stop suspicious activity, like insider trading, collusion, and improper investment management practices, before they become a problem within its business.

ING has gone live with Intelligent Voice and Relativity Trace in its Amsterdam location and is already monitoring almost 400 traders across email and IM, with voice following shortly. This is the beginning of a global roll out that will monitor data from over 1200 traders worldwide in a dozen languages.

“The combination of IV and Relativity has allowed us to build a fully distributed review capability for the compliance monitoring team capable of handling all electronic communications. The small footprint offered by IV’s GPU powered speech recognition means we can deploy this at a significantly lower operating cost than other solutions saving both rack space and energy. Next to that we have seen that the voice transcribing accuracy for our purpose is proven higher that 85%. Installation started in July 2018 and we are already up and running with the first phase in November 2018.”
Paul Braakman, ING

It has been our pleasure to work with ING in bringing this innovative new package to market. The professionalism of the ING team has allowed us to give the bank great value in a short period of time.
Ben Shellie, CEO, Intelligent Voice

We are thrilled to partner with Intelligent Voice and ING on this exciting initiative. Intelligent Voice’s connectors enable ING to push all of their communication data proactively to Relativity Trace, so their compliance team can quickly take action on suspicious activity.
Jordan Domash, General Manager of Relativity Trace

IV and Relativity Trace are available as both on prem and cloud solutions to enable companies large and small to monitor all electronic and audio communications.

Intelligent Voice coupled with Relativity provides the industry’s most capable and secure audio, email, and chat review platform.

About Relativity
At Relativity, we make software to help users organize data, discover the truth, and act on it. Our e-discovery platform is used by thousands of organizations around the world to manage large volumes of data and quickly identify key issues during litigation, internal investigations, and compliance projects. Relativity has over 180,000 users in 40+ countries from organizations including the U.S. Department of Justice, more than 70 Fortune 100 companies, and 198 of the Am Law 200. RelativityOne offers all the functionality of Relativity in a secure and comprehensive SaaS product. Relativity has been named one of Chicago’s Top Workplaces by the Chicago Tribune for seven consecutive years. Please contact Relativity at or visit for more information.

Contact: Taylor Laabs


Cell: 952-261-2690

About Intelligent Voice®

Intelligent Voice Limited is a global leader in the development of proactive compliance and eDiscovery technology solutions for voice, video and other media. Its clients include government agencies, banks, securities firms, Call-Centers, litigation support providers, international consultancy, advisory businesses and insurers, all involved in the management of risk and meeting of multi-jurisdictional regulation.

Fundamental to its success, its patent-pending and patented technologies Intelligent Voice and JumpTo™ are developed by a team of dedicated researchers and system engineers based in the UK. Ownership of the core technology resides with Intelligent Voice. Intelligent Voice continues to lead the market and will maintain its strengths in the areas of thought leadership, innovation, R&D and providing solutions to its clients.

The system uses speech recognition technology to capture calls, convert them into text and then automatically send the transcript (along with the original voice file) to the user’s inbox, as well as provide complex analytic capabilities

The Company is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has been providing market leading solutions since 1990. 

For further information about Intelligent Voice, please visit

Contact: Jessica Harvey                                                                


Tel: +44 203 627 2670


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Cirrascale Cloud Services Adds NVMe Hot Tier Storage Offering Powered by WekaIO to Accelerate Deep Learning Applications

MONTREAL, Dec. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Cirrascale Cloud Services®, a premier provider of multi-GPU deep learning cloud solutions, today announced the addition of a specialized NVMe hot tier storage offering powered by WekaIO Matrix, the world’s fastest file system, to its cloud services platform. The offering helps remove storage bottlenecks faced by customers who use inference training datasets consisting of millions of files to improve outcomes and increase accuracy of deep learning models.

WekaIO’s Matrix software is a fully parallel and distributed file system that has been designed from scratch to leverage Flash technology. Both data and metadata are distributed across the entire storage infrastructure to ensure massively parallel access to NVMe drives. WekaIO Matrix has demonstrated the ability to easily saturate a GPU cluster and deliver more than 10GBytes/second per node across an InfiniBand network.

“Our WekaIO Matrix software performs at its peak ability on the Cirrascale Cloud Services platform, providing an unmatched level of performance and scalability for customers in the AI space looking for flexibility in a cloud deployment,” said Andy Watson, CTO at WekaIO. “With WekaIO Matrix, they’ll be able to provide their growing list of deep learning customers a fully parallel and distributed file system that can handle the most demanding data and metadata intensive operations.”

Cirrascale Cloud Services differentiates its platform by offering the industry’s most up-to-date, dedicated GPUs as a bare metal offering. This gives users the full power of modern, dedicated, directly accessible GPUs and associated compute hardware, as well as ultimate flexibility in system configuration. The available configurations ensure that a wide variety of application types can be addressed, including deep learning, artificial intelligence, high performance data analytics, and accelerated databases.

“We have been extremely impressed with the significant speed up we have seen with processing large data sets and being able to keep GPUs receiving data from our back-end storage at tremendous speeds,” said Dave Driggers, CTO, Cirrascale Cloud Services. “With WekaIO Matrix, our customers are now able to experience the level of performance they expect by eliminating I/O starvation when running deep learning analytics.”

WekaIO Matrix is available immediately as an AI Ecosystem Partner solution on the Cirrascale Cloud Service platform, and current clients wanting to test the performance can sign up for a test drive by contacting their account managers. For more information and to sign up, visit or contact Cirrascale Cloud Services at (888) 942-3800.

About Cirrascale Cloud Services
Cirrascale Cloud Services is a premier provider of public and private dedicated, multi-GPU cloud solutions enabling deep learning. The company offers cloud-based solutions for large-scale deep learning operators, service providers, as well as HPC users. To learn more about Cirrascale Cloud Services and its unique dedicated, multi-GPU cloud solutions, please visit or call (888) 942-3800.

About WekaIO
WekaIO helps companies manage, scale and futureproof their data center so they can solve real problems that impact the world. WekaIO Matrix™, the world’s fastest shared parallel file system and WekaIO’s flagship product, leapfrogs legacy storage infrastructures by delivering simplicity, scale, and faster performance for a fraction of the cost. In the cloud or on-premises, WekaIO’s NVMe-native high-performance software-defined storage solution removes the barriers between the data and the compute layer, thus accelerating artificial intelligence, machine learning, genomics, research, and analytics workloads.

Cirrascale Cloud Services, Cirrascale and the Cirrascale logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cirrascale Cloud Services LLC. WekaIO and WekaIO Matrix are trademarks or registered trademarks of WekaIO, Inc. All other names or marks are property of their respective owners.


SOURCE Cirrascale Cloud Services Partners with Tech Mahindra to Provide Global Reach for H2O Driverless AI

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Dec. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —, the open source leader in AI, today announced that its inaugural global systems integrator partner, Tech Mahindra, will expand’s global reach. Across industries and around the world, customers are undergoing an AI transformation that is changing the way businesses operate, compete and delight customers. Along with, Tech Mahindra is able to reach more customers and solve their unique challenges with the award-winning automatic machine learning platform, H2O Driverless AI. Logo (PRNewsfoto/

“ is democratizing AI, making it faster, cheaper and easier for enterprises with our next generation AI platforms. Our partnership with Tech Mahindra and their incredibly visionary leader, CP Gurnani will bring AI to businesses worldwide and help them in the last mile of AI implementation,” said Sri Ambati, CEO and founder at “Size and speed are no longer the key metrics for successful data lake implementations. Good KPIs for AI-first organizations is their ability to experiment faster by automating pipelines, discovering new insights and building AI-first application stores to monetize data with adaptive business processes. is simplifying AI to build trust, and our partnership with Tech Mahindra with global centers of excellence will foster a close-knit collaboration with customers and accelerate successful implementations of AI in all verticals.”

Democratizing AI Globally with Tech Mahindra
Tech Mahindra, a digital transformation, consulting and re-engineering specialist will establish a Center of Excellence with to provide AI and Machine Learning solutions to enterprise customers. The partnership will combine’s enterprise-scale automatic machine learning platform, H2O Driverless AI, with Tech Mahindra’s domain expertise across multiple industries and verticals, in order to bring next generation AI and machine learning solutions to enterprise customers around the world.

The company already has strong existing relationships with strategic partners, such as IBM Cognitive Systems, which will allow the two companies to seamlessly work together to bring AI to the broader global enterprise alongside’s established technical integrations. As part of Tech Mahindra’s joint go-to-market strategy with, it plans to build a Center of Excellence focused on the Communications, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare & Life Sciences, and Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sectors.

Jagdish Mitra, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Tech Mahindra, said, “A wide variety of Artificial Intelligence (AI) -enabled applications across Communication & Media, Banking, Healthcare, Life sciences, Retail and Manufacturing will unearth opportunities in the coming times. The need of the hour is to democratize knowledge in AI and make it accessible to everyone. As part of our TechMNxt charter, we at Tech Mahindra, are focused on leveraging next gen technologies to solve real business problems of our customers. Through our partnership with, we aim to empower our customers to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to increase access to AI talent, drive better decision making, and accomplish tasks at a faster pace.”

AI to do AI
H2O Driverless AI empowers data scientists or data analysts to work on projects faster and more efficiently by using automation and state-of-the-art computing power to accomplish tasks that can take humans months in just minutes or hours. By delivering automatic feature engineering, model validation, model tuning, model selection and deployment, machine learning interpretability, time-series, NLP, and automatic pipeline generation for model scoring, H2O Driverless AI provides companies with a data science platform that addresses the needs of a variety of use cases for every enterprise in every industry.

Connect with

About is the open source leader in AI. Its mission is to democratize AI for everyone. is transforming the use of AI with software with its category-creating visionary open source machine learning platform, H2O. More than 14,000 companies use open-source H2O in mission-critical use cases for Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Telco, Sales and Marketing. H2O Driverless AI uses AI to do AI in order to provide an easier, faster and effective means of implementing data science. In February 2018, Gartner named, as a Leader in the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms. partners with leading technology companies such as NVIDIA, IBM, AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform and is proud of its growing customer base which includes Capital One, Progressive Insurance, Comcast, Walgreens and PayPal. For more information and to learn more about how is driving an AI Transformation for businesses with intelligence, visit

Media Contact:
Erika Kamholz


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ADP Announces Top Workplace Trends for 2019 and Provides a Look-Back at the U.S. Labor Market in 2018

ROSELAND, N.J., Dec. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — As a leading provider of research on labor markets, people and performance, ADP® today announced the biggest trends that could impact the workplace in 2019.

Looking back at the state of the labor market according to the monthly ADP National Employment Report® and quarterly Workforce Vitality Report, the U.S. workforce experienced historic gains in 2018.  Specifically, in 2018 the unemployment rate fell to a near 50-year low, more than two million jobs were added, and wage increases began to accelerate in 2018.  Wages increased nearly an average of $1 per hour from last year, and the average wage increase for job switchers was 5.8 percent, while job holders saw a 4.7 percent increase.

“With 2018 employment levels at an all-time high and broad-based wage growth taking root, the U.S. job market is more dynamic than ever,” said Don Weinstein, Chief Product and Technology Officer, ADP.  “In 2019, employers and workers will increase their focus on issues ranging from the personalization of pay, to an increasing mosaic of workers that span fulltime to gig, data privacy issues, and more.”

Trends for 2019:

The Personalization of Pay

 With workers being able to personalize almost every aspect of their personal and professional lives, employers will need to adopt flexible options around pay schedules and provide financial wellness tools to employees.

  • Digital accounts will become an increasingly common option for employees that allow access to pay how and when they want.
  • The weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payroll cycle will evolve into schedules that meet the needs of each individual worker.
  • Today, 86 percent employees are interested in using non-traditional financial tools to manage their pay.  Tools that enable workers to manage and budget take-home pay, while automatically tracking spending and suggesting budgets, will help them meet their financial goals.

Ensuring Workforce Agility

 Employers will continue to shift to a mosaic of workers to meet business needs, increase their focus on employment engagement and embrace the importance of the team.

  • As organizations become more agile, they will have a greater reliance on freelancers and contractors to help bridge the skills gap and scale effectively.  Employers need to assess the right mix of freelancers (1099), temps and traditional fulltime workers (Form W-2) to best meet their increasingly on-demand business objectives.  As a result, employers will need to manage worker classifications in a more dynamic manner. 
  • Today’s workforce has more generations working than ever before.  With Gen Z workers entering and Baby Boomers retiring from fulltime work, employers will need to limit “brain drain” and engage workers in new and creative ways.
  • As employers struggle to retain and engage employees, many will change how they approach the annual performance review and opt to move to new performance-based models where the frequency of team leader check-ins is key to increasing engagement.  In fact, data shows that associate engagement is 57 percent higher when a team leader frequently checks in with their team members.
  • Organizations will increasingly demand HR systems that account for and manage where work gets done.  Today, more than 82 percent of work gets done on teams.  As teams organically form to address business needs, companies need to be able to track employee performance in a more matrixed environment.  Systems need to track what team members do well, what they enjoy and foster ways to do more of it.  Rather than focusing on developing weaknesses, models will shift to help workers discover their strengths and leverage them more at work.

Diversity and Inclusion

Pressure for employers to deliver against diversity and inclusion initiatives will continue.

  • The business case for diversity had an enormous spotlight placed on it in 2018.  From the lack of women and minorities in leadership roles, to the challenges workers faced in reporting issues.  Despite this attention, organizations still struggle to make progress in this critical area.  According to findings from Rethinking Gender Pay Inequity in a More Transparent World, a study released by the ADP Research Institute®, women are paid on average 17 percent ($13,640) less in base salary than men.  However, when factoring in incentive pay, the total earnings pay gap widens to 19 percent ($18,500).
  • In 2019, organizations will need to address the gender pay gaps by focusing on key metrics and diversity and inclusion initiatives that demonstrate progress in both pay and bonuses.

Democratization of Data

Employers and employees will benefit from better access to deeper workplace insights.

  • Providing business leaders with data that delivers meaningful and actionable workforce insights, as well improving industry competitiveness, will become the new norm.  An increased focus will be placed on how easy it is for leaders to consume and put data into action.  HR systems will increasingly tap into artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to serve up insights in real time.    
  • Workers will also have more access to data through financial wellness and professional development tools that support their goals both inside and outside the workplace.
  • Data privacy will continue to remain an industry and public focus with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  Other countries and states will continue to look at privacy rights.

Digital Consumer-Grade Human Resources

 Employers and employees will continue to demand that the technology they use at work be as user friendly as what they use in their personal lives.

  • This push will require HR solutions to be fully mobile enabled, cloud-based, open to APIs and designed with the end user in mind.
  • HR technology and data will need to be accessed, shared and be able to be integrated across functions and bridge internal business silos.

Powerful technology plus a human touch.  Companies of all types and sizes around the world rely on ADP cloud software and expert insights to help unlock the potential of their people.  HR.  Talent.  Benefits.  Payroll.  Compliance.  Working together to build a better workforce.  For more information, visit

ADP, the ADP logo, ADP A more human resource, the ADP Research Institute and the ADP National Employment Report are registered trademarks of ADP, LLC. 
Copyright © 2018 ADP, LLC.

ADP – Media


ADP A more human resource (PRNewsfoto/ADP, LLC)


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CUJO AI Now in 16M Homes Worldwide

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Dec. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — CUJO AI, a network intelligence company delivering revolutionary AI-driven solutions for network operators today announces that its solutions now cover more than 16M homes. The number will continue to grow rapidly as the company is actively delivering its services for major network operators across North America, Europe, and Asia.

The Leading Artificial Intelligence Company. (PRNewsfoto/CUJO AI)

“Deploying our Machine Learning powered technology to 16M households is a major milestone. Our team has deployed solutions in production networks, at scale, that many think of as tomorrow’s technology.  The service covers over 200M devices – and the number keeps growing every day,”  said Einaras von Gravrock, CEO and co-founder at CUJO AI. 

CUJO AI’s platform includes network security, device identification, and content controls. These solutions enable network operators to protect smart home devices and personalize the connected experience. The company uses machine learning and big data to deliver the nextgen security features, such as IoT behavioral analysis.

“We work with the largest network operators that rely on cutting-edge technology to improve experiences for their end users. Despite an already industry-leading suite of security solutions, we’re just getting started and are developing a variety of new services to enhance secure and private experiences,” explains Santeri Kangas, CTO of CUJO AI.

According to a CUJO AI survey of 2600 respondents, 87.3% of consumers are concerned about a loss of personal data information. 77.5% are worried about unauthorized remote access to their devices, while 78% of users require to know detailed information about threats. Smart Home owners want to have a better visibility of their network and protection against the ever-growing threats.

The company has won numerous technology awards, including the Security Solution of the Year award at the 2018 Glotel Awards. CUJO AI was recognized as a Technology Pioneer 2018 by the World Economic Forum in May.

About CUJO AI:
CUJO AI is the leading artificial intelligence company providing network operators AI-driven solutions, including AI security, advanced device identification, content controls, and more. CUJO AI Platform creates an intuitive end-user facing application for LAN and wireless (mobile and public WiFi), powered by machine learning and real-time data. Each solution can be implemented as a white-label offering. CUJO AI was recently listed as a “Vendor to Watch” and a “Cool Vendor in IoT security” by research company Gartner. CUJO AI employs a staff of 150 professionals. More information about CUJO AI can be found at

CUJO AI Media Relations:
Eve Masiulyte
Tel.: +1 323-284-7216


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New Study: CS For All Is More Inclusive When Students Understand Computing Careers

DENVER, Dec. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Efforts to broaden participation in STEM and computing have been in process for decades, yet our technology workforce continues to suffer from a lack of diversity, and the demand for computing jobs continues to significantly exceed the pipeline. Exposure to a breadth of technology careers and access to more engaging career exploration leads to an improved awareness and perception of computing careers, according to a new research report from STEM education provider Couragion and Oracle Academy.

After exposure to tech careers, students expressed positive or neutral sentiment about tech career pathways 75% of the time. High numbers of students (aged 10 to 16) received a ʻBest Fitʼ for Data, Design, and Product careers. This is especially true for females and students of color, whereby 2 to 3.5X more students received ʻBest Fitsʼ for Data, Design, and Product careers compared to Programming careers.

“Based on these findings, if students better understand a broader array of tech career opportunities, the number of students pursuing computer science pathways would be greater,” said Melissa Risteff, CEO and Co-Founder of Couragion. “Those charged with postsecondary readiness and student transitions often don’t understand the tech career opportunities beyond a software developer. Career competence should be part of every educator’s job so that we can integrally incorporate career pathway exploration into our education system to expand perspectives and broaden participation in technology and computing.”

“At Oracle Academy, we believe all students should have the knowledge and skills to achieve their dreams; in the 21st century, this necessarily includes computer science,” said Alison Derbenwick Miller, Vice President of Oracle Academy. “The lack of diversity in computing continues to be a challenge, but we are encouraged by Couragion’s latest research findings that shift how we understand and address the engagement of underrepresented populations. Perhaps part of the solution we are seeking isn’t in changing how we teach computer science. Instead, it is in changing how we frame and contextualize computer science with students.”

The research report is an ‘insider view’ from the student’s perspective about their perception of tech careers and which indicators influence their own quest for occupational identity. Key findings include:

  • UX and Data Science career pathways attracted females and students of color 60 to 70% of the time which is an unanticipated higher than average rate
  • Only 1/3 of students had affinity for the Software Developer career – landing at the bottom of the list of all tech careers explored, regardless of gender or race

Educators, advocates and career influencers can leverage these research findings to improve their teaching and learning with respect to what inspires individuals and how they select careers. The findings establish that computing careers can be for everyone.

The full report is available at:

About Oracle Academy:
As Oracle’s flagship philanthropic educational program, Oracle Academy advances computing education globally to drive knowledge, innovation, skills development, and diversity in technology fields. In FY 2018, Oracle Academy worked with more than 15,000 educational institutions across 128 countries, supporting 6.3 million students worldwide. Oracle Academy offers educational institutions and educators free curriculum, resources, training, cloud-hosted technology and software, support, and certification resources. The program works with public and private partners to provide the tools educators need to engage, inspire and prepare students to become innovators and leaders of the future. Through Oracle Academy, students receive hands-on experience with the latest technologies, helping make them college and career ready in the era of big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and beyond.

About Couragion:  
Couragion provides STEM career literacy and workforce development solutions for educators, students, and advocates. With a nationwide call for improving the accessibility and quality of STEM education, Couragion strongly believes that career context should be integrally woven into STEM education to improve classroom relevance, better inform student choice, and increase retention in real-world career pathways. Couragion works with educators to take their STEM curriculum to the next level and to support work-based learning initiatives. Couragion’s machine learning and workforce analytics generate insights about the perception of careers to understand how to cultivate a STEM talent pipeline. Couragion provides professional learning experiences for educators so that they can be better advocates for students. Couragion is a social enterprise whose R&D is generously supported by the National Science Foundation and AT&T Aspire.

Learn more at or via Couragion’s blog: STEM Crossings.

Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates.

Contact: Lucy Volland,


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SOURCE Couragion

Bell Techlogix Announces Todd Krysiewicz as Senior Vice President, Application Sales and Services

INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Bell Techlogix, a leading IT managed services and solutions company, today announced the addition of Todd Krysiewicz as Senior Vice President, Application Sales and Services, effective immediately.

Krysiewicz, a 26-year veteran of the industry, will be responsible for building the strategy and appropriate sales and implementation capabilities for Application Services, a new provider focus for Bell Techlogix. The application market offers a platform for Bell Techlogix to provide new capabilities that are currently creating exciting opportunities in the space including, “low code” application development, chatbots and artificial intelligence, Blockchain, and many new mobile application development tools.

“I’m thrilled to join the Bell Techlogix team at an exciting time in their business development,” said Krysiewicz. “Bell Techlogix is a highly regarded leader in the managed IT space with a tremendous opportunity to support businesses of all types with the latest technology, services and support programs.   I look forward to strengthening our continuum of professional and managed services offerings to ensure we meet our clients’ needs, regardless of how they choose to consume technology.”

“All of us at Bell Techlogix are pleased to have Todd as part of our leadership team,” said Ron Frankenfield CEO for Bell Techlogix. “Todd brings exceptional industry expertise and talent to our team at a time when we are focused on expanding our market reach with new services in the application services space. His history of success in evolving service strategies and execution fits perfectly with our business direction and goals.”

Krysiewicz has held a number of executive leadership positions at prominent services and technology firms. Before joining Bell Techlogix, Todd led application services for organizations such as CSC, Xerox, Unisys, and Avaya.  Most recently Todd served as the SVP Services Sales for OnX Enterprise Solutions, a mid-sized Canadian IT services company.

About Bell Techlogix:

Bell Techlogix, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, provides transformational Next Generation Digital Workplace and Infrastructure Management solutions to large and mid-market enterprises, as well as the public sector. With services that build, integrate and support the next wave of operational transformation Bell Techlogix provides a true client partnership and an enhanced digital experience. Bell Techlogix provides a flexible approach that is globally capable but locally oriented that will systematically allow you to achieve growth, cost-savings and acceleration of your business.

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