Next Level Seminar: Are You Able to Handle Artificial Intelligence?

NEW YORK, Nov. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Next Level ( seminar asks senior-level job candidates: Are you able to handle artificial intelligence?

“That most senior-level executive job candidates are seeking a promotion with their next engagement comes with the implicit fact that, if successful, they will be involved in activities they have yet to confront,” Jack Robbins, CEO of Next Level, says. “It is vital to understand what will be expected and to have learned about that next challenge before discussions begin with a prospective employer.”

“If asked, ‘How will you optimize the use of Artificial Intelligence in your new position?’, the correct answer is not, ‘I don’t know’,” Robbins warns. “That it wasn’t previously a concern for the candidate is no reason for him or her no to realize the impact it will have at the new position.”

“It is well established that battles are won before they are ever fought,” Robbins points out, “It is worth investing a bit of time to study and assess what is likely to be the next battle in your career should you secure the promotion or transition being sought and how make that battle-plan a part of your presentation–foresight is rewarded.”


SOURCE Next Level

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