TimelinePI Partners with Blue Prism to Accelerate Digital Transformations for Customers with Enterprise-class Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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Jul 25, 2018

PHILADELPHIA, July 25, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — TimelinePI, today announced a Technology Alliance partnership with Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM), the provider of the world’s most successful digital workforce. TimelinePI’s enterprise process intelligence solution helps customers improve both pre and post-automation efforts by exposing and quantifying any company’s actual process performance using the industry’s most comprehensive intelligent process mining platform.

Organizations leveraging RPA technologies as a key aspect of their digital transformation effort are often challenged to identify and quantify those processes with the greatest potential automation benefit. TimelinePI exposes “as-is” process details across many dimensions (variability, duration, effectiveness, cost, etc.), enabling RPA initiatives to prioritize those that offer the greatest gains from automation. Detailed process insight accelerates RPA implementation by enabling teams to design automation that perfectly aligns with business objectives from the start. Post automation, TimelinePI monitors deployed processes to ensure they are performing as expected. Customers can easily evaluate how automated processes are interacting with other related business processes, and continuously monitor performance to identify and resolve issues as they arise.

“Leading organizations have realized that RPA technology creates competitive advantage and delivers dramatic improvements in financial performance,” said Colin Redbond, Head of Technology Strategy for Blue Prism. “Together, Blue Prism and TimelinePI provides our joint customers with the significant business advantage of accelerating enterprise level digital transformation initiatives and improving automation by adopting an intelligent, digital workforce across their business.”

Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce augments, supports and assists humans by increasing their productivity, improving the customer experience, and delivering true operational agility. It helps organizations automate and scale business processes via Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, intelligent automation and sentiment analysis. Blue Prism also eliminates vendor lock-in by providing access to the best of breed AI technologies and Intelligent Automation skills through the company’s growing Technology Alliance Program (TAP). Unlike uncontrolled desktop scripting and macro recorders, Blue Prism drives enterprise RPA adoption through a business led and IT-endorsed, methodology and architecture that advances long-term success, true digital transformation and overall lower TCO.

TimelinePI’s Process Intelligence platform combines intelligent process mining with monitoring and alerting to deliver a comprehensive solution for understanding and sustaining process performance. Its patent-pending Timeline Analysis™ automatically creates an interactive process model that enables users to discover, analyze and monitor in real time exactly how their processes work. Blue Prism users can easily visualize and understand how operational processes are executed end-to-end, in all their variations — even when the performance of a process step is executed across multiple, non-integrated systems.

Project leaders can quantify automation ROI expectations and results, quickly pinpoint what’s working and what’s not, and make needed changes in conjunction with automation development. As important, post-automation robot process performance can be automatically monitored to support enterprise scalability, even delivering closed-loop execution by triggering new robots to address issues dynamically – supporting intelligent business process management.

“Today’s RPA teams must be able to quickly identify the best automation candidates, tailor solutions that optimally fit their unique requirements, and easily validate post implementation performance,” said Scott Opitz, TimelinePI’s CEO. “TimelinePI automatically mines process details to reveal actual process execution details, rather than rely on assumptions. We are pleased to join Blue Prism’s Technology Alliance Program. Companies that combine the power of TimelinePI and Blue Prism can develop a deeper understanding of how their processes work and improve ROI on their automation investment.”

TimelinePI helps companies see their processes in a new way, allowing them to solve their most significant RPA challenges, including:

  • Quickly identifying processes with the greatest automation potential;
  • Exposing broken or poorly executing “dark processes”;
  • Reducing RPA implementation time;
  • Delivering post-RPA visibility of how automated processes interact with, and impact, other process tasks; and,
  • Monitoring for key “trigger” conditions and then automatically invoking new RPA resources to address the issue.

More information is available at http://www.timelinepi.com.

About TimelinePI
TimelinePI, the most advanced Process Intelligence platform available today, is designed to raise your organization’s Process IQ. The TimelinePI Process Intelligence Platform uses next generation process mining methodology, specialized analytics, automated process monitoring and alerting, and predictive machine learning to enable sustainable, enterprise-wide process excellence. Built using the company’s patent-pending Timeline Analysis™ architecture, the TimelinePI platform delivers process insight and control capable of addressing even the most complex business process scenarios.


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