Infomaker Wins the Linnaeus University Partner of the Year Award

BLOOMINGTON, Minn., March 14, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Infomaker, a NEWSCYCLE Solutions company, has been awarded the Linnaeus University Partner of the Year award. The university, which is based in Växjö and Kalmar, Sweden, grants this award to recognize companies that have shown exceptional collaboration with Linnaeus University, where the collaboration manifests the key concepts of curiosity, innovation, utility and proximity.

“The company is a truly worthy winner, chosen from a highly competitive field of nominees,” said Ann-Charlotte Larsson, deputy vice-chancellor with responsibility for the societal driving force at Linnaeus University. “Infomaker’s collaboration with us goes well in line with how Linnaeus University wants to carry out collaborations in the region.”

The finalists were chosen because their partnerships were important to the university in terms of collaboration with students, researchers, internships, degree projects, lifelong learning and innovation, according to the university website.

Infomaker has presented lectures on topics like entrepreneurial courses and development. Some members work as mentors and supervisors, while the company offers internships and degree projects in artificial intelligence, user experience design and web development. The Newscycle company also coordinates hackathons, the next of which is scheduled for April.

In addition to assisting on projects, Newscycle’s Infomaker team has taken a role in improving the curriculum.

“Infomaker is collaborating with Linnaeus University in many ways ranging from sharing our knowledge with students to lifelong learning for Infomaker colleagues,” said Peter Månsson, Infomaker CTO. “Last year many of our developers joined a university course in AI and Machine Learning, and we are now giving advice on new courses that hopefully can increase our innovative capacity. We have many common goals, which makes the Linnaeus University a great partner. Our collaboration gives a lot back to us.”

According to the award jury, Infomaker Scandinavia AB contributes to the development of the industry by being a driving force in the development and implementation of training programs for professionals, and by inspiring more young women to study IT or work with IT. In its collaboration with Linnaeus University, the company manifests the words curiosity, creativity, companionship, and utility.

“This is a joyful moment. We were happy to be nominated for the award and now to receive it feels truly great! I feel honored, happy, and humble at the same time,” said Månsson.


SOURCE Infomaker

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