JP Morgan offers Amazon Alexa functionality to its Wall Street clients

Amazon’s Alexa voice-recognition artificial intelligence will help a major Wall Street bank serve its customers.

J.P. Morgan clients are now able to ask Alexa for the bank’s research reports, Bloomberg News reported Monday. The firm is also working on financial assets price data requests through Amazon’s device, according to David Hudson, the bank’s global head of markets execution.

Voice assistants are “clearly becoming something people are habituated to in their lives,” Hudson told Bloomberg News. “It’s about taking information that’s somewhere in the bank, that someone has to generally go and look for, or which is time-consuming or requires authentication to get, and putting that to you in another channel.”

If J.P. Morgan’s Alexa use rises, it should allow the bank’s employees to focus on more complex service requests from its clients.

The Alexa deal is another in the line of joint ventures between the bank and the e-commerce internet giant. Amazon and J.P. Morgan Chase announced in January a partnership to cut health costs and improve services for employees.

J.P. Morgan is one of the first banks to offer Alexa to its institutional clients, according to Bloomberg News.

Amazon and J.P. Morgan Chase did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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