WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla., Dec. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — VantagePoint Software, using patented Artificial Intelligence technology to predict stock market trends and trend changes made the official announcement today that traders can now use the software to forecast Cryptocurrencies.

As a result of the recent growth in popularity of Cryptocurrencies and the outpouring of requests from current VantagePoint Software users, the VantagePoint R&D team began focusing on adapting the Artificial Intelligence forecasting technology for Cryptocurrencies.  Since 1991, VantagePoint has been able to consistently achieve over 80% accuracy in stocks and commodities due to the deep learning neural network technology that has been developed and refined over the past three decades (more information about the use of Artificial Intelligence can be found at www.VantagepointSoftware.com).

After considerable time spent testing and adapting the artificial intelligence to Cryptocurrency data VantagePoint Software has now been forecasting for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum for some time with the high level of accuracy and consistency that VantagePoint has been known to deliver for stock and commodity traders.  But now that Cryptocurrencies are being regulated, the software company has decided to make these forecasts accessible through the VantagePoint software. Regulation was the key to release these forecasts because the family-owned software company wanted to ensure legitimacy before releasing it to traders. “Here at VantagePoint we bring real, tangible opportunities that have been vetted and tested with Artificial Intelligence to traders and investors  We are not interested in chasing fads and forecasting financial instruments because of what’s popular.  We have criteria for what we forecast for and Cryptocurrencies meet the criteria.” said Lane Mendelsohn, Vice President of VantagePoint Software.

It’s no secret that Cryptocurrencies are at an all-time high, and the profit potential is huge. VantagePoint’s forecasting indicated earlier this year that these increases were imminent and while many still doubted the potential.  Since the VantagePoint forecast Bitcoin has gone up 330%, Litecoin has gone up 467% and Ethereum has gone up 109%.

Due to the volatility of the markets, Cryptocurrencies can gain and lose value day over day. With VantagePoint, traders have the upper hand as they are equipped with the ability to forecast the trend direction and predict the next day’s highs and lows before they happen.  Even for those who are investing in these crypto currencies as opposed to trading need insight ahead of time as to when these crypto currencies may pull back and may be setting up to crash and knowing this information ahead of time with a high degree of accuracy is paramount.

It is uncertain what will happen over time for the virtual currency markets, but it does appear that there will be some dramatic movements in the Cryptocurrency market in 2018. Although it is not possible to predict these movements for the upcoming year, traders can get ahead of the curve when they utilize VantagePoint’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence capabilities to predict the market strength and direction of the most popular Cryptocurrencies 1-3 days in advance with up to 86% accuracy.

For more information about VantagePoint, visit. www.vantagepointsoftware.com

About VantagePoint: Founded by Louis B. Mendelsohn in 1979, VantagePoint Software Technologies is an Inc. 500 company headquartered in the Tampa Bay area. It is the recognized global leader in market trend forecasting with customers in well over a hundred countries worldwide. VantagePoint Software Technologies develops proprietary trend forecasting and market timing technologies that utilize artificial intelligence and intermarket analysis to forecast commodity and financial markets throughout the world. These include, but are not limited to, stocks, stock indices, ETFs, energies, interest rates, currencies, metals, grains, meats, softs, and Forex, all covering more than 2600 world markets.

Media Contact: Jennifer Aquilino, [email protected]


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 – IBM Q Network to explore practical applications of quantum computing for business and science with JPMorgan Chase, Daimler AG, Samsung, JSR Corporation, Barclays, Hitachi Metals, Honda, Nagase, Keio University, Oak Ridge National Lab, Oxford University and University of Melbourne

YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, N.Y., Dec. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced the first clients to tap into its IBM Q™ early-access commercial quantum computing systems to explore practical applications important to business and science. They include: JPMorgan Chase, Daimler AG, Samsung, JSR Corporation, Barclays, Hitachi Metals, Honda, Nagase, Keio University, Oak Ridge National Lab, Oxford University and University of Melbourne.

An IBM quantum scientist walks across the IBM Q computation center at the TJ Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY. The new center houses IBM’s most advanced quantum computers, accessed via IBM Cloud by IBM Q Network clients. The clients from Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, and national research labs, hailing from across the globe, are collaborating with IBM to advance quantum computing, exploring practical applications for business and science. (Photo by Connie Zhou)

These 12 initial organizations join the newly formed IBM Q Network, a collaboration of leading Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions and national research labs working directly with IBM to advance quantum computing. The IBM Q Network will also foster a growing quantum computing ecosystem based on IBM’s open source quantum software and developer tools.

The IBM Q Network provides organizations with quantum expertise and resources, and cloud-based access to the most advanced and scalable universal quantum computing systems available, starting with a 20 qubit IBM Q system. IBM also recently built and measured the first working 50 qubit prototype processor. IBM anticipates that access to this prototype will be offered to IBM Q Network participants in the next generation IBM Q system.

“IBM sees the next few years as the dawn of the commercial quantum era a formative period when quantum computing technology and its early use cases develop rapidly. The IBM Q Network will serve as a vehicle to make quantum computing more accessible to businesses and organizations through access to the most advanced IBM Q systems and quantum ecosystem,” said Dario Gil, vice president of AI and IBM Q, IBM Research. “Working closely with our clients, together we can begin to explore the ways big and small quantum computing can address previously unsolvable problems applicable to industries such as financial services, automotive or chemistry. There will be a shared focus on discovering areas of quantum advantage that may lead to commercial, intellectual and societal benefit in the future.”

IBM Q Network Explores Practical Quantum Applications for Industry
Organizations will work directly with IBM scientists, engineers and consultants to pioneer quantum computing for specific industries and have direct cloud-based access to IBM Q systems. Each of the IBM Q Network Partners below will explore a broad set of potential applications of quantum computing in their industry that could provide a quantum advantage – demonstrations of real-world problems that may be solved faster or more efficiently with a quantum computer than with a classical computer.

  • JPMorgan Chase will be the premier global financial services partner with IBM, focusing on use cases for quantum computing applicable to the financial industry including trading strategies, portfolio optimization, asset pricing and risk analysis.
  • Daimler AG will work with IBM to advance the potential use cases of quantum computing for the automotive and transportation industry. Some areas of research include finding and developing new materials for automotive application through quantum chemistry, complex optimization problems such as for manufacturing processes or vehicle routing for fleet logistics or autonomous/self-driving cars, and the intersection of quantum and machine learning to enhance the capabilities of artificial intelligence.
  • Samsung, working closely with IBM, will explore a variety of use cases where quantum computing may impact the future of the semiconductor and electronics industry.
  • JSR Corporation, a leading chemical and materials company, will explore how quantum computing can improve materials for electronics, environmental and energy applications.

“As a leader in financial services technology, JPMorgan Chase is excited to collaborate with IBM Research in exploring how quantum computing may impact the industry,” said Lori Beer, CIO, JPMorgan Chase. “Joining the IBM Q Network allows us to bring our technologists alongside IBM’s researchers and leverage cutting-edge quantum systems to learn about how we may be able to apply these technologies in the future.”

“The intelligently connected car of the future requires computing capabilities not available today,” says Ola Källenius, member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG responsible for Group Research & Mercedes-Benz Cars Development. “We believe that quantum computing could be a crucial element in creating sustainable and highly efficient mobility.”

“Samsung is excited to work with IBM to explore how quantum computing may impact semiconductor, display and IT industries,” said Seongjun Park, Ph.D, Vice President at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology. “By joining the IBM Q Network and having access to quantum systems and world-class expertise, we hope to take part in unveiling the unexplored potential of quantum computing and pave a road forward for future commercial applications.”

“JSR is excited to join the IBM Q Network to explore how quantum computing may impact the materials industry and address chemical challenges that are beyond the reach of today’s classical computing,” said Nobu Koshiba, President of JSR Corporation. “Working with IBM, JSR scientists will focus on computational chemistry and pave a road forward for potential commercial applications.”

Also, IBM Q Network Members Barclays, Hitachi Metals, Honda and Nagase will build their knowledge of general approaches to quantum computing and begin to investigate potential use cases for their industries of finance, materials, automotive and chemistry respectively.

IBM Q Network Establishes Global Hubs for Quantum Research, Education and Broader Industrial Collaboration
IBM will establish regional hubs across four continents to increase access to quantum systems and advance research, which are critical for accelerated learning, skills development and implementation of quantum computing. These IBM Q Network Hubs will broadly enable their industry and research collaborators to have online use of IBM Q systems and engage in joint development work to explore quantum computing. The planned locations for the hubs are at IBM Research, Keio University in Japan, Oak Ridge National Lab in the United States, Oxford University in the United Kingdom and the University of Melbourne in Australia.

Keio University is excited and truly honored to be selected as the only IBM Q hub in Japan,” said Prof. Kohei Itoh, the Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University. “We are looking forward to performing state-of-the-art quantum computing research using IBM Q and guiding member companies of the hub to develop mission-oriented quantum software that will help their businesses.”

“Providing access to real quantum computing hardware is fundamental to accelerating the development of applications and programs important to UT-Battelle, LLC., the managing and operating contractor at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL),” said Jeff Nichols, Associate Laboratory Director, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. “Establishing ORNL as a hub of the IBM Q Network would again demonstrate that UT-Battelle is at the forefront of innovation, enabled by the world’s most advanced computational systems, and will continue to drive transformational advancements in science and research.”

“I am delighted with this new collaboration with IBM. Working with one of the world’s leading information technology companies to develop new applications for a quantum computer will enhance Oxford’s and the UK’s capability in quantum technology, by providing a unique resource for the Oxford-led Networked Quantum Information Technologies Hub,” said Prof. Ian Walmsley, Hooke Professor of Experimental Physics, Director of the Networked Quantum Information Technologies (NQIT) Hub and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation, Oxford University. “NQIT’s emulator program will work with IBM to convene scientists, engineers and industrial researchers and developers across a wider range of fields, from simulating new molecules to enhancing artificial intelligence to show how quantum computers can dramatically transform their ideas and businesses.”

“We are excited to work with IBM to explore how quantum computing could benefit Australian industry and education and address new computational challenges,” said Professor Jim McCluskey, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) at the University of Melbourne. “By becoming an IBM Q Network hub and having access to advanced quantum systems, it will allow our scientists to develop knowledge for quantum solutions applicable to industry problems in Mining, Energy and Finance.”

IBM Fosters Growing Quantum Ecosystem
Through the publically available IBM Q Experience, over 60,000 users have run more than 1.7M quantum experiments and generated over 35 third-party research publications using the world’s first series of quantum computers available openly on the web. The IBM Q Experience enables registered users to connect to IBM’s quantum processors via the IBM Cloud, to run algorithms and experiments, work with the individual quantum bits, and explore tutorials and simulations around what might be possible with quantum computing. Developers also have access to IBM’s open quantum software development kit, QISKit, to create and run quantum computing programs.

Enabling high quality academic research is one of the core principles of the IBM Q Experience, and now registered academic users can leverage the IBM Q Experience for a deeper research collaboration. Professors and researchers will find customized tools designed to accelerate and differentiate their work including preferred queue access to IBM’s quantum processors, the ability to link and tag their research to the IBM Q Experience, and channels to request new features and functionalities. Users have registered from over 1500 universities, 300 high schools, and 300 private institutions worldwide, many of whom are accessing the IBM Q Experience as part of their formal education.

The IBM Q Experience will also play a significant role in an initiative IBM is undertaking with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  IBM will support MIT in producing a leading edge, comprehensive curriculum for executives, engineers, scientists and researchers to understand and leverage the upcoming quantum computing revolution.  The first courses are anticipated to go online in the first half of 2018 via the edX platform. The curriculum will include a set of MIT created massive open online courses (MOOCs) that will be offered both for free and for a fee to learners who desire an MIT issued certificate of completion. The curriculum will also include a comprehensive professional development curriculum (MIT ProX courses). These latter courses will include online labs on quantum computing, which will utilize the public IBM Q Experiencequantum computers.

In addition to supporting the quantum curriculum, IBM has started working with MIT to explore the intersection of quantum computing and machine learning as part of the recently launched MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab. Together, IBM and MIT scientists are investigating the “Physics of AI”, which involves new research into AI hardware materials, devices and architectures. Focus areas include using AI to help characterize and improve quantum devices, and researching the use of quantum computing to optimize and speed up machine-learning algorithms and other AI applications.

IBM Research is announcing a series of prizes for professors, lecturers and students who use the IBM Q Experience and QISKit in the classroom or for their research. Awards will be made available for developing open source course materials for a lecture series; building Jupyter Notebook tutorials with QISKit; contributing specific code modules to the open source QISKit SDK and to students who publish a scientific paper that makes use of QISKit. For details visit https://qe-awards.mybluemix.net.

IBM Introduces IBM Q Consulting
IBM is also introducing IBM Q Consulting, which brings together consultants, scientists and industry experts to help clients envision new business value through the application of quantum computing technology, and provide clients with customized roadmaps to help them become quantum ready. With access to cutting-edge mathematics and engineering, IBM’s quantum consultants and developers are applying their expertise to complex business problems. IBM Q Consulting is focusing initially in logistics and modeling use cases in industries such as mining, banking, life sciences and electronics. Clients can engage IBM Q Consulting immediately.

About IBM Q
IBM Q is an industry-first initiative to build commercial universal quantum computing systems for business and science applications. For more information about IBM’s quantum computing efforts, please visit www.ibm.com/ibmq

Media Contact
Christine Vu
IBM Media Relations – Research
[email protected] 

IBM Q Network™,  IBM Q™, IBM Q Experience™,  QISKit™ and IBM Q Consulting™ are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation.

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AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Austin-based Alegion, a human intelligence platform for Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) initiatives, has announced that CEO Nathaniel Gates has been invited to be a panelist at a December 14 conference entitled “Artificial Intelligence in Austin – Innovations, Startups, and Exits.”

The event, which begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 1 p.m., is being hosted by Navidar, an investment banking firm that provides businesses and investors in dynamic industries with strategic merger and acquisition advice, capital raising solutions, and corporate advisory services. It will be held at the Capital Factory at 701 Brazos Street in Austin.

“AI represents a seismic shift in the way humans interact with information, resulting in efficiencies and better decisions,” according to Navidar. “To shed light on the various approaches, Navidar has assembled top Austin-based AI pioneers.”

Gates fits the criteria of a pioneer. He is career technologist and entrepreneur, whose work passion relies in the Cloud Computing and Cloud Labor spaces.

Having co-founded Alegion in 2012, Gates has presided over the company’s rapid ascension as the premier provider of highly structured data for the development and implementation of AI and ML initiatives. Prior to Alegion, he founded Cloud49, a successful cloud computing solutions provider focused on the public sector.

“This conference demonstrates that Austin has arrived as a powerful hub for companies that serve the AL industry,” said Gates. “This conference will not only be instructive for those who are just becoming familiar with the AI industry, but also those of us who live and work in this space and may not be aware that they have potential partners a few miles down the road.”

To register for the free event, visit the following link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/artificial-intelligence-conference-2017-in-austin-tickets-39086085534#tickets

About Alegion

Alegion is an Austin-based technology company that provides human intelligence solutions designed for today’s AI and Machine Learning (ML) initiatives.

Alegion does this by cultivating a legion of skilled, on-demand workers around the world to produce exemplary AI Training Data, and digital content. Its human-in-the-loop automation platform also enables other services, such as content moderation, sentiment analysis, data enrichment, tagging, and categorization. In addition, Alegion helps companies during and after deployment of the AI solution by validating algorithms and developing rules for the handling of exceptions.

These capabilities lead to greater quality control of AI/ML initiatives at the outset as well as speedier, more efficient deployments.

The company’s leadership team is comprised of entrepreneurs, technology veterans, and community leaders, who bring decades of experience at Fortune 100 and emerging startups. They have seen the rise of cloud and the on-demand marketplace and understand its impact on the traditional labor paradigm.

Founded in 2011, Alegion has provided solutions to dozens of Fortune 500 companies and public-sector entities, including Charles Schwab, Conde Nast, UBS and the State of Texas, to name a few.

For more information, visit www.alegion.com


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HUIZEN, Netherlands, Dec. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Companies in a variety of industries and sizes have turned to analytics leader SAS to gain value from data with the SAS Platform and its SAS® Viya® products.

Recent adopters from the Netherlands include Euramax (supplier of premium coil-coated aluminum); Notilyze (specializing in data science for small and midsized businesses); NVM (an organization of real estate agents and appraisers); SciSports (sports analytics firm); and SUEZ (improving waste and raw material management).

Euramax unifies data, analytics and visualization with a consistent user experience
Euramax Coated Products supplies premium coil coated aluminum all over the world for applications in architectural products, transportation and corporate identity design. The leadership team at Euramax knows the company’s success can depend on understanding and sometimes even redefining the future. That’s why the company is committed to business analytics and data exploration. SAS allows Euramax to gain more dynamic reporting and exploration capabilities and enhance mobility with the ability to carry data out into the field and share it with customers. With the newest upgrades to the SAS Platform, Euramax plans to take its data exploration to the next level.

“SAS is already helping us make better business decisions with SAS Visual Analytics, and these newest upgrades to the platform are going to give us even more insights,” said Peter Wijers, Business Support Manager at Euramax. “The ability to integrate more data sources and systems, apply advanced analytics to that data, and then visualize the data all in one interface with a consistent user experience will allow us to discover even more ways to excel our business.”

SUEZ uses machine learning to improve sales performance
SUEZ Recycling and Recovery specializes in waste and raw material management and is a driver of the raw materials revolution to help protect natural resources. From more than 40 branches across the Netherlands, SUEZ advises approximately 4.5 million households and 80,000 companies about their waste management. To serve customers more effectively in the digital landscape, SUEZ must monitor data about their customers in real time. SUEZ used the SAS Platform to create a tool to improve its sales process and performance.

Prior to SAS, the sales teams at SUEZ did not have a reliable view into data about their customers and prospects. Now, sales reps are provided with a tablet where they can access the most up-to-date customer profiles and receive customized recommendations about where to concentrate their sales efforts each day. Inside sales can also use the same data and forecasts tracked by outside sales to help make decisions about customers and prospects that they are speaking to over the phone. This creates a unified approach to sales across the organization, and ultimately helps improve customer relationships.

“SUEZ can pull all of our massive amounts of data into the SAS Platform, not just a sampling, and run the most sophisticated machine learning algorithms on it to create the more accurate forecasts for our sales team,” said Teddo van Mierle, Marketing Intelligence Expert at SUEZ. “One interface that can be used across the organization that creates a single version of the truth is improving the way we do business. Not only do we have the statistics in SAS, we now have the data collection, preparation and visualization all in one platform. Plus, we can deploy the models in a scalable, aligned and auditable way, and continuously feed the model new data to make it smarter and smarter over time. The better the forecasts, the better SUEZ is able to serve our customers.”

Notilyze helps SMBs embrace analytics
Small and midsized businesses (SMBs) can find it difficult to capitalize on the benefits of analytics. Dutch startup company Notilyze uses SAS to deliver data-science services on a pay-as-you-go subscription model. This model helps SMBs and entrepreneurs to capitalize on opportunities offered by the analytics-driven economy and Internet of Things without having to hire their own data scientists. Notilyze works exclusively with experienced data scientists so customers get answers to their questions and benefit from innovative insights and algorithms.

“SMBs are aware of the opportunities that come from using their data, but are at a loss to know where to start, and lack the knowledge and resources to do so. On top of that, the costs involved can be high,” says Colin Nugteren, Notilyze’s founder and CEO. “Together with SAS, we are offering these organizations a platform in a reliable cloud environment where their data is analyzed. The customer tells us the issues, and Notilyze data scientists select the necessary data and perform the analyses to deliver the answers. The customer can consult the results through dashboards and real-time web services, accessible wherever and whenever they like.”

An enhanced SAS Platform encompasses the entire analytics life cycle
The new, interactive visual interface to the SAS Platform is now available as of Dec. 12. New products as well as enhancements to existing products help users improve productivity by seamlessly transitioning through the stages of the analytics life cycle – from data to discovery to deployment.

  • Data
    • New SAS Data Preparation provides self-service data wrangling, transformations, blending and cleansing of data, with automatically generated code fit for IT scheduling as data refreshes
  • Discovery –
    • SAS taps into the latest deep learning algorithms and continues to invest heavily in embedding artificial intelligence (AI) into products, starting with SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning and SAS Visual Text Analytics  
    • New SAS Visual Text Analytics is a modern, flexible and end-to-end text analytics framework that combines text mining, contextual extraction, categorization, sentiment analysis and search. It automates feature extraction and business-rule generation using modern machine learning approaches.
    • SAS Visual Analytics adds new ways to visualize data relationships (e.g., D3 objects, Google charts), taps into the power of location analytics, includes enhanced calculations, links and parameters, and brings a unified user experience for self-service BI, discovery and analytics.
  • Deployment –
    • SAS Model Manager for central management and monitoring of inventories of SAS and other models
    • SAS Decision Manager for automating tactical decisions based on models and associated business rules
    • This latest release includes new managed software as a service offerings on the SAS Cloud and continues to support public cloud deployments through Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and others.

About SAS
SAS is the leader in analytics. Through innovative analytics, business intelligence and data management software and services, SAS helps customers at more than 83,000 sites make better decisions faster. Since 1976, SAS has been giving customers around the world THE POWER TO KNOW®.

SAS and all other SAS Institute Inc. product or service names are registered trademarks or trademarks of SAS Institute Inc. in the USA and other countries. ® indicates USA registration. Other brand and product names are trademarks of their respective companies. Copyright © 2017 SAS Institute Inc. All rights reserved.

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BEDMINSTER, N.J. and LONDON, Dec. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: GCAP), a global provider of online trading services, today launched GetGo, an innovative financial trading app. The new mobile-only service uses a smart AI-enhanced algorithm to spot statistical trends in financial markets and provide users with compelling trading signals based on historical data.   

“GetGo is an intelligent and engaging way to trade financial markets, especially for those who are interested in taking advantage of shorter-term trading opportunities but are deterred by the apparent complexity and the time commitment associated with traditional trading,” commented Glenn Stevens, CEO GAIN Capital. “We’re excited about the significant opportunity this product offers in bringing AI-enhanced trading strategies to new audiences.”

GetGo’s proprietary algorithm is the result of several years’ work and tens of millions of back tests by a team of quantitative finance experts. The program uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze millions of data points every hour to signal trading opportunities with strong historic track records.

GetGo will initially cover 40 markets, including FX, indices and gold. When the algorithm spots a pattern it recognizes it sends the user a signal through the app, which they can review, evaluate the potential upside and maximum downside for the trade, and decide whether to execute the trade. Users can also configure the number of signals notifications they receive based on various parameters, including signal strength, opportunity rating of the trade, and time of day.

Lex Webster, SVP Strategy, GAIN Capital added: “With GetGo we wanted to create a product that would generate high-quality trading signals based on data and statistics, while stripping back the complexities of traditional platform trading via a simplified mobile user experience. GetGo doesn’t just identify dozens of new trade opportunities each day, it applies trade management rules to offer a potential upside greater than the maximum downside on each trade. These features include automatic position closure when the trade signal expires and free guaranteed stop losses on every trade. Users also have flexibility to either watch their trades unfold in real time, or set and forget with confidence that GetGo will manage their open positions.” 

Transparency of performance is a key part of the GetGo offering. The app provides account level performance data as well as overall win/loss rates and best and worst signals. GetGo is now available in the United Kingdom on the Apple App Store and will be available in the Google Play Store in the coming months. The Company has plans to rollout GetGo in additional markets throughout 2018.

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GAIN Capital launches AI-enhanced trading app @GetGoTrade that strips out many of the complexities usually associated with financial markets #trading #fintech #signals http://www.getgo.trade/ 

About GAIN Capital

GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc. provides innovative trading technology and execution services to retail and institutional investors worldwide, with multiple access points to OTC markets and global exchanges across a wide range of asset classes, including foreign exchange, commodities, and global equities. GAIN Capital is headquartered in Bedminster, New Jersey, with a global presence across North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific regions.  For further company information, visit www.gaincapital.com.

About GetGo

GetGo is a unique algorithm-based trading app that delivers a totally new way to trade. It’s the latest offering from GAIN Capital, a global leader in online trading.

GetGo’s algorithms analyse millions of data points every hour to produce trade signals on 40 markets including FX, indices and gold.  When GetGo spots a pattern that has historically led to a consistent outcome, it pings the user a signal they can trade in a couple of taps. The trade signals are packaged up with smart risk management rules to deliver a trading experience with protected downside through the use of guaranteed stop losses on every trade.

The GetGo app is designed to be simple and fun to use, and allows new traders to get started with as little as £10.  For further information or to register for a GetGo account visit www.getgo.trade.

GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc. Logo. (PRNewsFoto/GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc.)

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SOURCE GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc.

DENVER, Colorado, December 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

UST Global, a leading digital technology services company, announces that it was featured in Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT) conference ‘Tech It Out’, recently held in Denver, Colorado.

     (Logo: http://mma.prnewswire.com/media/540539/UST_Global_Logo.jpg )

Established to support learning and leadership development of women in technology careers, ‘Tech It Out’ had female and male professionals from organizations throughout the industry to learn about the latest trends in innovation and leadership.

Dr. Adnan Masood, Chief Architect of AI and Machine Learning, UST Global , spoke at the ‘Tech Show and Tell,’ one of the most popular segments of the event. Dr. Masood gave a brief overview of UST Global, showcased a live demo on Democratizations of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, and also presented how the cutting-edge use of algorithms without specialized training using APIs and pre-training machine learning models can help democratize AI and Machine Learning.

Commenting on the event, Dr. Adnan Masood, Chief Architect of AI and Machine Learning, UST Global, said, “Events like WICT help bring the spotlight on women leaders within the organization and the industry. UST Global recognizes diversity as a strength and is happy to partner with these efforts and highlight contributions.”

He further added, “Artificial Intelligence is not something right around the corner anymore. The ambient intelligence is growing around us in the form of IoT devices and context-sensitive data-intensive algorithms which transforms the way we interact with the world every day. The shift from Digital Native to AI-First, and eventually AI Native is unfolding right in front of our very eyes, at a very fast pace. For an organization’s success in industry 4.0 world, they need to embrace the democratization of AI and take skilling-up very seriously.”

Dr. Masood also joined a panel of other distinguished leaders that included Gurpreet Kaur, Communications Director at Charter Communications; and Neill Kipp, Engineer and Cloud Software Architect at Comcast. Dr. Masood discussed UST Global’s work with Stanford AI Lab, and MIT CSAIL, and how the researchers like Dr. Fei Fei Li, and Dr. Regina Barzilay in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning realm are making significant scientific breakthroughs.

Laura Deitch, Client Executive, UST Global, said, “There is very low percentage of woman in the technology pipeline, and it decreases further at the leadership position levels. I am thrilled to be on the Board of Directors at WICT where they empower woman to become leaders in a male dominated industry.”

About UST Global 

UST Global® is a leading digital technology company that provides advanced computing and digital services to large private and public enterprises around the world. Driven by a larger purpose of Transforming Lives and the philosophy of ‘fewer clients, more attention’, we bring in the entrepreneurial spirit that seeks the fastest path to value in today’s digital economy. Our innovative technology services and pioneering social programs make us unique. UST Global is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California and operates in 25 countries. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies in Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, High Technology, Manufacturing, Shipping, and Telecom. UST Global believes in building long-lasting, strategic business relationships through agile and client-centric global engagement models that combines local experts & resources with cost, scale, and quality advantages of global operations.

For more information, please visit: http://www.ust-global.com.


SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Cheetah Mobile Inc. (NYSE: CMCM), a leading mobile internet company with strong global vision, and Microsoft Corp. today announced a collaboration to incorporate Microsoft’s AI-based technologies and services into Cheetah Mobile’s product matrix. As the first phase of the collaboration, Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant will be integrated into Cheetah Mobile’s leading mobile launcher app, CM Launcher, making it the first mobile launcher app to incorporate Cortana. Going forward, Microsoft and Cheetah Mobile plan to cooperate on additional Cheetah Mobile products, such as Cheetah Keyboard.

Through the collaboration, CM Launcher users gain access to Cortana’s wide range of voice-controlled features, while Microsoft is able to advance its core strategy of bringing Cortana to more users and devices. The collaboration also matches Microsoft’s resource and platform advantages with Cheetah Mobile’s strengths in the mobile market.

The Cortana version of CM Launcher is now available as an open beta in the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia. The official version will be released in the above countries in January 2018.

“Partnering with Microsoft fits perfectly with Cheetah’s mission to make the world smarter and power our mobile apps with AI technologies,” said Fu Sheng, CEO of Cheetah Mobile. “CM Launcher is already the market leader in terms of personalization options, but now, with Cortana, we can bring more smart services to our users.”

The integration of Cortana brings several new features to CM Launcher, including the ability to make hands-free calls, create events, read news headlines, translate and search the web. In addition to voice-controlled features, CM Launcher uses Cortana to provide event reminders, nearby restaurant recommendations and news headlines within CM Launcher’s user interface. Cortana also offers cross-device compatibility, allowing users to log into CM Launcher with their Microsoft accounts to receive notifications such as missed calls and incoming messages on other devices.

“Our goal with Microsoft Cortana is to provide intelligent assistance to help people achieve more while doing less, across their work and personal lives. The integration of Cortana and CM Launcher allows more mobile users access to Cortana to help them get things done wherever they are,” said Jordi Ribas, Corporate Vice President of AI Products at Microsoft. “This represents just the first step in our partnership with Cheetah Mobile, as we hope to integrate Cortana into additional apps and launchers in the future.”

CM Launcher will continue to add new Cortana features going forward, some of which will be unique to CM Launcher. Through Cortana, CM Launcher users will also gain access to other Microsoft resources such as Microsoft Office, as well as third-party partner services, including music, movies, ride-hailing and Cortana-connected speakers.

Partnering with CM Launcher allows Cortana to tap into CM Launcher’s large user base. CM Launcher is available in more than 200 countries and regions, including the U.S., India, Indonesia, Brazil and Russia, with nearly 300 million total downloads as of the date of this announcement.

CM Launcher beta link: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.ksmobile.launcher

About CM Launcher

The world’s leading personalization app for Android, CM Launcher offers thousands of 3D themes, wallpapers and other customization options. Covering more than 200 countries and regions, it has been ranked first in the personalization category of the Google Play store in 94 countries with nearly 300 million total downloads. CM Launcher was recently ranked #1 in the overall free app rankings on Google Play in the United States.

About Cheetah Mobile

Cheetah Mobile is a leading mobile internet company with strong global vision. It has attracted hundreds of millions of monthly actively users through its mobile utilities products such as Clean Master and Cheetah Keyboard, casual games such as Piano Tiles 2, and its live streaming product Live.me. The Company provides its advertising customers, which include direct advertisers and mobile advertising networks through which advertisers place their advertisements, with direct access to highly targeted mobile users and global promotional channels. Cheetah Mobile is committed to leveraging its cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies to power its products and make the world smarter. It has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since May 2014.

For more information about Cheetah Mobile and its products, please visit www.cmcm.com

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LAS VEGAS, Dec. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Remark Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: MARK), a global technology company focused on artificial intelligence, announced today that China ShenHua Energy Company has selected KanKan as its artificial intelligence technology partner in a project to enhance ShenHua Energy’s worker management and improve mining and construction safety. The project is expected to result in significant improvements in production efficiency and worker safety, while simultaneously reducing human resource management costs and costs resulting from safety-related incidents. ShenHua Energy will use KanKan’s facial-recognition, gesture-recognition and tracking capabilities to accomplish the worker safety and management improvements, while KanKan’s artificial intelligence data platform will help ShenHua improve production efficiency. The partnership represents a foothold for KanKan’s AI technologies in China’s energy space, which is one of the largest energy markets in the world.

“We are thrilled that another major company has recognized the significant benefits of working with our technology,” stated Kai-Shing Tao, the Chairman and CEO of Remark Holdings. “This agreement only represents a first step for us in making our KanKan AI technology a widely-used asset in this sizable market.”

China Shenhua Energy Company Limited, also known as Shenhua Energy, is a state-owned enterprise and a subsidiary of Shenhua Group.  The company, which is the largest coal mining enterprise in the world, engages in the production and sale of coal in China, and it operates coal-based power plants that generate electricity which it then sells to provincial and regional electric companies in China. In addition to mining and power-generation operations, ShenHua Energy also operates an integrated railway network and a seaport that are primarily used to transport its coal.

Remark Holdings, Inc. (PRNewsFoto/Remark Media, Inc.)

About Remark Holdings, Inc.
Remark Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: MARK) primarily focuses on the development and deployment of artificial-intelligence-based solutions for businesses and software developers in many industries.  Additionally, the company owns and operates digital media properties that deliver relevant, dynamic content.  The company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, with additional operations in Los Angeles, California and in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Hangzhou, China.  For more information, please visit the company’s website at www.remarkholdings.com.

Company Contact:  
Douglas Osrow, CFO
Remark Holdings, Inc.  
[email protected]
702-701-9514 ext. 3025

Investor Relations Contact:
Matt Glover or Tom Colton
Liolios Group, Inc.
[email protected]

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LONDON, Dec. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The mobile industry is on the cusp of an important phase of development, as enhanced technologies and innovative user interfaces and experiences seek to breathe new life into the stagnant market. In this ‘post- smartphone’ era, the market is constantly forced to provide users with more immersive touch-less experiences. New interfaces will need to be developed where voice, artificial intelligence (AI), mixed reality, augmented reality and gesture experiences can all converge.

ABI Research  www.abiresearch.com (PRNewsFoto/ABI Research)

In its latest report, which evaluates ten major companies from across the mobile ecosystem, ABI Research, a market-foresight advisory firm providing guidance on the most compelling transformative technologies, believes that as this next wave of innovation approaches, Google and Amazon will emerge as the market’s “leaders” due to continued growth in their apparent strengths.  Apple will lag due to innovation complacency.

An assessment was made of patent portfolios, research & development spend, acquisitions and contributions to Standards Bodies and Open Source Communities to provide comparative evaluation and benchmarking for 10 major ecosystem companies – Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Microsoft, Nokia and Samsung – to see which are best placed to take full advantage of this future paradigm.

Based on the analysis included in the report, and the likely drive to the next phase of development in the smartphone ecosystem, ABI Research has determined that Google and Amazon will lead and drive innovation around smartphones and related ecosystems over the next five to six years. “This next wave of innovation in the smart device ecosystem will be led by Google and Amazon, as their apparent strength in major growth sectors, notably computer science, allows for a more flexible approach to next-generation user experiences that are essential for creating immersive experiences and brand-new ways of human-to-machine interactions,” says David McQueen, Research Director at ABI Research. “Without having the heavy burden of legacy systems and hardware, these web-scale companies are in a good position to lead the market into the post- smartphone era.”

The research classified established OEMs like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and Huawei as “followers/advocates”, as they were exhibiting some signs of complacency in the sector and are not currently as well set up to drive future innovation in the market. These players are also burdened with legacy establishments in the smartphone business, which give them little flexibility to innovate outside the box. Those in this classification, however, should not be dismissed so easily from leadership contention in the future, as they currently have a major influence on the market, mainly through brand strength and market share.

“The “follower/advocates” companies often follow an evolutionary approach to innovation, partly to protect their existing investment, as they fear disrupting their current market leadership, and partly because they find it harder to embrace new and more disruptive approaches to technology,” observes McQueen.

In this ‘post-smartphone era’ of new ecosystems and experiences, there will be a requirement for significant investment in the underpinning technologies and technical expertise as well as the creation of “intelligent phones” that are able to effectively leverage these forthcoming technologies.

These highlight findings are taken from ABI Research’s MOBILE ECOSYSTEM LEADERS AND LAGGARDS IN THE POST-SMARTPHONE ERA: AN ANALYSIS OF PATENTS, R&D, AND COLLABORATIVE ACTIVITIES report. This report is part of the company’s Handsets & Devices research service, which includes research, data, and analyst insights.

About ABI Research

ABI Research provides strategic guidance for visionaries needing market foresight on the most compelling transformative technologies. ABI’s own research visionaries take stances early on those technologies, publishing groundbreaking studies often years ahead of other technology advisory firms. ABI analysts deliver their conclusions and recommendations in easily and quickly absorbed formats to ensure proper context. Our analysts strategically guide visionaries to take action now and inspire their business to realize a bigger picture. For more information about ABI Research’s forecasting, consulting and teardown services, visionaries can contact us at +1.516.624.2500 in the Americas, +44.203.326.0140 in Europe, and at +65.6592.0290 in the Asia-Pacific. Or, visit www.abiresearch.com

Contact Info



Deborah Petrara                                

Denise Duffy

Tel: +1.516.624.2558                          

Tel: +44.203.326.0142

[email protected]                            

[email protected]



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COLUMBUS, Ohio, Dec. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Cognovi Labs, developer of the SaaS platform for emotion-based artificial intelligence, saw their Oct. 22 prediction of a Doug Jones victory realized in Tuesday’s Alabama Senate election. Acting well ahead of poll data, Cognovi made the prediction almost three weeks before the sexual harassment claims surfaced against Moore.

The prediction was based around Cognovi Emotion AI findings that showed Jones’ superior ability to trigger an intense emotional bond with the electorate, which allowed him to generate the required turnout to win the election.

This result follows a string of successful Cognovi predictions for several high-profile outcomes, including predicting the Brexit referendum hours before the polls closed; and foretelling the results of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. In addition to political events, Cognovi utilizes its AI platform to make predictions for businesses, investors, corporations, ad agencies and public figures.

“Our AI technology provides a window into your future, today. Whether that is increasing market share, sales performance, stock returns or improving election results, Cognovi AI is uniquely positioned to drive results,” said Beni Gradwohl, Ph.D., CEO and co-founder of Cognovi Labs. “By harnessing the key drivers of the future in particular, the emotions-based human behavior and intent — we are able to determine engagement and intensity that act as a predictive indicator for future outcomes. This also allows for the opportunity to make real-time adjustments to alter those outcomes.”

Cognovi Labs’ AI technology was developed by Dr. Amit Sheth at the Kno.e.sis Center at Wright State University. Under the Startup Nursery, Ikove identified and vetted the underlying technology and then launched Cognovi Labs in partnership with the university, Amit Sheth and Beni Gradwohl with worldwide, perpetual exclusive rights to commercialize the powerful Emotion AI technology. “Cognovi was founded upon the realization that our technology could capture emotion and passion to provide predictive insights that meet business and marketing needs,” said Flavio Lobato, Managing Partner of Ikove Venture Partners and co-founder and Chairman of the Board at Cognovi Labs. “Ikove is committed to commercializing and nursing high-impact technologies, and we are proud to see continued validation of Cognovi’s artificial intelligence.”

About Cognovi Labs
Cognovi Labs, an early innovator in the Emotion AI space, extracts emotions from social media and quantifies key human behavior to predict the outcome of events. As a result, Cognovi Labs provides its clients with a competitive edge – it allows them to make more accurate predictions in all aspects of their business in real time. This includes predicting the outcome of political events or influencing the outcome by adjusting the message; forecasting product sales to make immediate course changes in inventory management; selecting stocks based on the consumers’ intent and shopping behavior; and continuously optimizing ad targeting to strengthen a brand and generate leads.

About Ikove Venture Partners
Ikove is a venture development company founded to pursue early stage investments with an emphasis on technology commercialization in the Midwest. Through its proprietary Startup Nursery, in partnership with multiple U.S. research institutions, Ikove identifies and validates developing high-impact technologies, providing capital and resources to bridge the commercialization gap between lab and market.

Heather Phillips
[email protected]

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Cognovi Labs

Ikove StartUp Nursery


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