Meet The Future Here – The Rocket of 2017 Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference Is Ready to Launch

GUANGZHOU, China, Sept. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The countdown has begun for the launch of 2017 Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference. With a gathering of 100 + elites at home and abroad, 1 main forum & 13 parallel forums, the gluttonous feast of capital and technology, 2017 Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference, is waiting for you at Four Seasons Hotel, Guangzhou in 15 days.

Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference is developed from AndroidWorld Global Developers Conference and has been held for five sessions from 2012 to 2016 before by International Data Group (IDG). As a world-renowned professional brand event, Recalling 2016 Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference, there were a total of more than 100 experts and industrial celebrities as speakers, more than 50 well-known investors participating in project docking, over 8000 developers, the elites from the Internet industry  technical experts and opinion leaders from all over the world gathering here to share the latest experience and insight of science and technology and practice, and more than 300 domestic and foreign media participating in the report, which made the conference become a far-reaching annual event last year. This year, the Conference organizes some abundant activities, including 1 main forum and 13 parallel forums, a Think Tank Private Session, as well as an Appreciation Dinner and an awards ceremony themed with Canton Tower the Best 2017, and so on. The VR interaction experience zone and the exhibition zone for displaying cutting-edge technology of various kinds of industries are also set up on the scene. The 2017 Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference is ready to go.

ST Greats Converge upon AI

The moment when the robot AlphaGo beat the world champion Go player KeJie, artificial intelligence shocked the world once again. After 60 years of evolution, artificial intelligence has developed into a new stage, known as “the New Generation of AI”. To seize the major strategic opportunities to develop the AI industry and construct the first-mover advantage of AI development, our country in July has issued the New Generation of AIDevelopment Plan (shorted as AI Development Plan), indicating the arrival of AI era. In view of industrial insiders, AI in the future will be involved in smart city, intelligent transportation, medical, education and other fields, forming a picture that has a comprehensive impact on the development of human society. Just as AI Development Plan reads, the rapid development of AI will profoundly change the human social life and the world. With a more mature development of AI technology, a new digital business format or business model will be spawned and digital transformation will achieve a new leap from quantitative change to qualitative change.

Based on this great background, the theme of this Conference as “In Fact, We Are All Artificial Intelligence”, directly hits the industry’s most cutting-edge technology and deeply reflects the trends of the times and industries. The Conference builds up an equal and open business communication platform for ST manufacturers, specialists, scientific research institutions and business users to discuss about advanced technology, providing more insiders with the opportunities of exploring and seeking for joint development and win-win cooperation and accelerating the comprehensive development of artificial intelligence. The Conference will widely invite business leaders, government important officials, representatives of top capital institutions, representatives of innovation and entrepreneurship and well-known scholars, including Hugo Shong, the Global Chairman of IDG Capital; Terry Gou, Chairman of Foxconn Technology Group; Shoucheng Zhang, American Chinese scientist and academician of US National Academy of Sciences; Risto K. Siilasmaa,Chairman of Nokia and member of  the Advisory Committee of Tsinghua SEM;Peter Marx, Senior Project Vice President of GE Digital; James Shen,Global Vice President of Qualcomm andGeneral Manager of Qualcomm Ventures, China; Wang Pei, Associate Professor of Department of Computer and InformationSciences at Temple University, US; Joe Weinman, the father of “Cloudonomics” and new economy strategist; Piero Scaruffi, founder of Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Research Institute and founder and full-time instructor of Training Camp; Jianwei Zhang, Director of Institute of Multi – modal Technology in Department of Information Science at University of Hamburg, Germany and academician of German Academy of Sciences, Hamburg; Xu Zhou, Vice President of IDG, Asia; Xu Yong, CEO of AC Accelerator; Chwee Kan Chua, Vice President of IDC Big Data Analysis and Director of Global Research Department of Artificial Intelligence; Hsiao-Chuan, CEO of Sogou; Owen Chan, Chairman of the Board of Directors ofCisco, China; Wang Yang , President of Cybernaut; Qu Haiying, CPO of PING AN TECHNOLOGY; Du Lan, Senior Vice President of IFLYTEK; Yun Shu, well-known national security researcher and CTO of Motto IN; Xu Hua, Vice President of Hujiang; Zhong Hong, Executive Director of X-lab Health Innovation Center at Tsinghua University; Sun Yuchen, founder of Peiwo APP; Wan Xvcheng, founder and CEO of SEE; Lin Fan, founder and CEO of Maimai; GuoJia, Vice President of Qingting FM; Lu Cheng, CEO of Laolusay; Chen Bo, the well-known advertiser and founder of WeChat official account of “the City” and “Crow” and so on. You will enjoy their extraordinary wisdom and charm as this is a brainstorming feast, discussing the upcoming AI era, the new development of mankind and a brand-new future.

Cutting- edge Topic & Eye-opening ST

In addition to the main forum, this Conference also organizes 13 parallel forums, covering 13 themes such as intelligent medical, creativity education, industrial design, financial technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, paid knowledge and content entrepreneurship, sports industry, Internet +, intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence + manufacturing, consumer upgrading, enterprise services, etc., which brings together the hottest industrial themes and the most forefront trends.

Better Science and Technology, Better health: Internet + Intelligent Medical Industry Forum will explore how enterprises enhance industrial applications and business models, as well as how intelligent medical innovation balances the relationship between hospital and doctors.

In Science and Technology Alters Our Future Analysis Forum of Informationization Education Trend, we will see which enterprise will do better in integrating networked education with education + Internet.

Beauty of Science and Technology: Special Forum for Creating AI Good Products and AI + Industrial Design Creativity will display how industrial design and technology are closely integrated.

Science and Technology in Better Faith: Financial Technology Development Summit will give you an in-depth understanding of what Fintech has a special significance for Chinese enterprises.

In “The Great Wall” of Science and Technology: Network and Computer Security Technology Forum, the white hats will come to the forum with fantastic stories of fighting with the black hat.

New Forces of Science and Technology: The 6th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Guangzhou, Guangdong Division) and the 2nd Yangcheng “Kechuang Cup” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Awards will announce the innovative business models.

Gentleness of Science and Technology: Analysis Forum of Paid Knowledge and Content Entrepreneurship will show how the bubble in the field of hot content business occurs.

Science and Technology in Sports Style: Special Forum for Internet + Sports Industry will demonstrate that the future development direction of the sports industry will be the integration of resources.

Better Science and Technology, Better Entrepreneurship: “Data Value Leading to Business Revolution, Explore Win-win Development” Internet+ China Service Trade Conference, Guangzhou Summit will attract directors of the well-known enterprises and innovative start-up companies, and online personal practitioners nationwide.

Science and Technology Tide: Global VR / AR and Pan Entertainment Industry Development Summit will witness how VR technology and professional film and television production perfectly combine together and how AI will get a foothold on pan-entertainment and the market.

New Energy of Science and Technology: Summit of Innovative Application of AI in Conventional Industries will witness the road of AI + manufacturing.

New Retail of Science and Technology: Analysis Forum of Scenario Trends in Consumption Upgrading Erais to discuss about the new development of consumer scenarios.

New Service of Science and Technology: Special Forum for Professional Efficiency Improvement & Enterprise Services will offer a glimpse of knowledge of enterprise services.

It is foreseeable that the 2017 Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference will lead us to Meet Future Here and experience the charm of future science and technology through the tide of artificial intelligence!

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