6 Best Meme Cryptos to Buy Now – Biaocoin (BIAO) Trending on DEXTools, Wall Street Memes (WSM) Nears $1 Million in Presale

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May 29, 2023

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With their uncanny knack for leveraging social media trends and online communities, meme coins remain an unstoppable phenomenon in the crypto world.

However, the meme coin space is constantly changing, meaning emerging contenders regularly replace former leaders.

In this article, we've handpicked the top five meme coins that investors may wish to watch this week, given their compelling use cases and huge growth potential.

Wall Street Memes ($WSM)

One project that has recently caught the attention of crypto enthusiasts worldwide is Wall Street Memes ($WSM).

Embodying the essence of meme culture, Wall Street Memes has exploded onto the scene since launching its presale on May 26, raising almost $1 million in three days.

The Wall Street Memes team looks to capture the spirit of the Wall Street Bets subreddit and the ‘infamous GameStop fiasco’ by creating the $WSM token. This token is designed to empower all of the ‘degens’ in Wall Street Memes’ online community, allowing them to benefit financially from future growth.

Given that the Wall Street Memes community now stands at over 400,000, spread across platforms like Discord and Twitter, there’s already huge buzz surrounding the project.

This buzz is bolstered by the fact that the Wall Street Memes team has previously tasted success thanks to the Wall St Bulls NFT collection – which sold out in 32 minutes back in 2021.

Interested investors can buy $WSM tokens through the ongoing presale at wallstmemes.com, which will be split into 30 stages.

Each subsequent stage comes with a slight increase in token price, motivating investors to jump on board sooner rather than later.

Currently, $WSM tokens are priced at $0.0253 – a substantial 33% below the final stage price.

Visit Wall Street Memes Presale

AiDoge ($AI)

Another meme coin that’s making waves in the market is AiDoge ($AI).

As its name suggests, AiDoge combines artificial intelligence concepts with a “Doge-style” design, which has made the project extremely popular with meme coin investors.

The AiDoge presale is in its final stage, having successfully garnered $14.9 million in funding, hitting its hard cap early. Investors now have a limited time window to buy $AI at the listing price ahead of the planned DEX and CEX listings.

At present, $AI tokens can be bought for $0.0000336. Purchases can be made using $ETH, $USDT, $BNB, or standard credit/debit cards.

Over 19,700 people have joined the AiDoge Telegram channel, with more than 36,000 opting to follow the project’s Twitter page.

The hype around the project has also piqued the interest of some prominent crypto influencers, with YouTuber Jacob Bury forecasting that the $AI price could 100x in the near future.

Bury points to AiDoge's cutting-edge meme generator as one of the reasons he's so bullish on the token, given that it has the potential to revolutionize the meme-creation process for people worldwide.

The meme generator also offers $AI holders a chance to earn extra tokens by sharing their creations on AiDoge’s public wall.

Given the persistent hype surrounding AiDoge, it’s could be a top meme token to watch this week.

Visit AiDoge Site

Biaocoin ($BIAO)

One of the most trending cryptocurrency assets today on Uniswap, Biaocoin (BIAO) is a new meme coin that is currently #1 on the hot pairs ranking on DEXTools.

Little is known about this meme asset, in fact there are no Google news results at all for ‘Biaocoin’ at the time of writing – but it appears to have been noticed by crypto whales searching for the next Pepe.

In a tweet by the developer of $PSYOP, @vydamo_, who recently criticized Ben.eth, it was revealed that a crypto wallet holding $400k in Floki Inu tokens had invested a sizeable sum in $BIAO – over 6 Ether.

That timely buy was shortly before its pump today. If that rally continues, Biaocoin could be the best meme coin to watch on DEXTools.

Shiba Inu ($SHIB)

Shiba Inu ($SHIB) needs no introduction, as it remains the world’s second-largest meme coin, according to CoinMarketCap.

Over $85.5 million worth of $SHIB was traded in the past 24 hours alone, highlighting that the token is still highly-regarded in the meme coin niche.

$SHIB makes our list since the token’s price spiked 6% over the weekend – hinting that the bulls are back in control.

Moreover, $SHIB has closed in the green for four straight days. The last time this occurred was during the height of the meme coin frenzy, back in mid-April.

Although there isn’t a specific driver behind Shiba Inu’s revival, this won’t matter to long-term holders, who have seen $SHIB’s value plummet since the highs of February.

With rumors that the highly-anticipated Shibarium network could be coming sooner than expected, things are starting to look up for $SHIB – setting the stage for a positive second half of 2023.

Dogechain ($DC)

Another project making headway in the market is Dogechain ($DC). Dogechain is an EVM-compatible blockchain built using Polygon Edge that is designed to add functionality to Dogecoin ($DOGE) coins.

This blockchain offers a bridge where $DOGE holders can migrate their tokens to Dogechain and use them for various activities, such as minting NFTs and interacting with DeFi protocols.

The bridge also means that any tokens or smart contracts created on Dogechain are compatible with the entire universe of Ethereum-based decentralized applications (dApps).

Naturally, the promise of this meme coin project has caught the interest of the investment community, propelling it to a fully-diluted market cap of over $165 million, per CoinGecko.

Moreover, the $DC price has soared by 6.24% over the past day – hinting at a potential bull run.

Kishu Inu ($KISHU)

Rounding off our discussion of the best meme coins to watch this week is Kishu Inu ($KISHU).

$KISHU is a community-focused cryptocurrency with a built-in rewards mechanism, which sees holders receive additional tokens whenever they complete an active transaction.

Moreover, all of the Kishu Inu liquidity pool tokens have been burned. This is a positive step to prevent potential bad actors from manipulating liquidity and destabilizing the $KISHU price.

Per the Kishu Inu website, there are over 200,000 token holders globally, highlighting its broad appeal.

In the past five days, the $KISHU price has risen by nearly 7%.

Despite trading substantially below the all-time high of May 2021, this price uplift suggests investors are demonstrating renewed interest in the token, signaling a promising outlook for the remainder of the year.

Bitcoin Price Rally Could Benefit Meme Coins

Bitcoin is also pumping today, and as a beta asset to BTC, meme coins tend to outperform other altcoins when the markets are green.

It also bodes well for upcoming meme coin ICOs. Close to $1 million has now been raised at wallstmemes.com by early buyers of $WSM.

Visit Wall Street Memes Presale

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