Avast Business Secure Internet Gateway Delivers Enterprise-class Network Security as a Service for SMBs and MSSPs

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. and LONDON, Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Avast (LSE:AVST), a leader in digital security products for business and consumers, today announced the launch of Avast Business Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) for its customers. The cloud-based solution offers a global network of always-on security gateways designed to eliminate the many gaps in protection caused by legacy systems, on-premise security hardware, and Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances.

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Avast Business SIG replaces traditional security appliances by delivering powerful, cloud-based protection capabilities as a simple-to-consume subscription service, breaking new ground in delivering enterprise-class security to SMBs. Now, those same network security services such as in-line inspection of all web and internet traffic, firewall, and sandboxing capabilities with full SSL/TLS inspection can be administered quickly and easily through a simple management platform by SMBs or their supporting managed security service provider (MSSP).

“As small to midsize businesses move to the cloud, legacy on-premise security appliances are increasingly obsolete,” said Chad Strader, Founder and CEO of Kappa Computer Systems. “Avast Business has a cloud-first security offering for MSSPs that delivers enterprise-class protection via a simple-to-manage cloud platform. Avast Business Secure Internet Gateway makes it easy for us to set up remote offices for our customers and ensure their workers can safely connect to company networks and work securely from any location.”

Full Threat Protection

Avast Business SIG delivers full threat protection from malicious web content, advanced threats, phishing, malicious URLs, botnets, and more. Powered by one of the world’s largest threat intelligence networks, Avast Business SIG is a network security solution that can perform high-speed analysis of all internet traffic including hard-to-inspect encrypted traffic (SSL/TLS). Additionally, Avast Business SIG can block packets that cannot be decrypted and further inspect them in a secure sandbox.

Flexibility and ease of management

The solution is delivered through a single security platform where all security rules, content filters, policies, and configurations can be managed from a single view. No additional management platforms need to be installed or licensed regardless of the number of locations or users.

With a mobile, global workforce in mind, SIG provides complete protection for all users wherever they are, with always-on cloud-based internet security. Best of all, there is no hardware required, so SMBs and MSSPs can focus on their business, not on managing security appliances.

Greater control

Avast SIG gives businesses granular control over what their employees can access, allowing them to monitor and control access to content and cloud applications by location, user, group, and time. The solution also allows businesses to put limitations on unsanctioned devices or applications running on the network. This even extends to file type control and granular outbound rules that control access across applications, ports, protocols, network services, and IP addresses.

These features are underpinned with in-line antivirus, anti-spyware and anti-malware security that uses signatures from over 60 threat intelligence sources, processes more than 65 billion transactions per day, and pushes out 125,000 updates daily to over 127 data centers.

Delivered through the Avast Business CloudCare platform, there’s no expensive hardware to buy, deploy, or manage. The cloud-based nature of the solution means businesses can easily scale capacity requirements without additional hardware or bandwidth limitations. When expanding to new offices, simply create a new location, assign rules, direct the traffic, and the network remains secure. Even with a large remote or mobile workforce, you can simply install an app compatible with all operating systems.

Vita Santrucek, General Manager, Avast Business, said: “We believe this is the first time that small and midsize businesses have ever had access to an enterprise-grade security network that fits their budget. It solves a real need in the marketplace to deliver a service that MSPs and MSSPs can offer without the headaches and extensive security limitations of on-premise appliances.”   

About Avast Business:
Avast Business, www.avast.com/business, part of Avast (LSE:AVST), a global leader in cybersecurity products with over 400 million users, provides enterprise-grade endpoint and network security solutions for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and IT service providers. The Avast Business security portfolio makes it easy and affordable to secure, manage, and monitor complex networks. The result is superior protection that businesses can count on. Backed by Avast’s immense threat detection network, which is among the largest and most advanced in the world, Avast Business uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to detect and stop threats in real time. For more information about our managed services and cybersecurity solutions, visit www.avast.com/business.

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Draup Releases Reskilling App to Address Massive Digital Skill Gaps for Enterprises

SANTA CLARA, California, Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Draup, an AI-driven Reskilling & Talent Intelligence Platform, announced the release of its newest upgrade to its existing SaaS platform. The upgrade is designed to empower business and HR leaders to identify critical new-age digital roles for the organization and chart a plan to reskill the existing workforce to address their future talent needs.

Draup Logo

Digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Blockchain have created a significant need for skilled new-age digital talent across industry verticals. A Draup study reveals that the current annual demand for skilled digital talent, which stands at 3.1 Million, will surge to approximately 7 Million by 2024. However, talent supply for these new-age roles is expected to grow marginally from the existing installed base of 2.1 Million to 3.4 Million, creating an astounding gap of over 2.5 Million by 2024.

Additionally, many research studies have predicted that almost 38% of the existing workforce is set to be impacted by the digitalization and automation wave that is sweeping across verticals. This disruption will be in the form of certain job roles disappearing altogether or a significant level of reskilling necessary to evolve into future roles.

Though companies globally are spending over USD130 Billion annually on their Learning & Development programs, a vast majority of these programs are failing to identify or address the rapidly changing needs for talent in the digital age. Organizations are realizing the need for data-driven learning & development initiatives to address this massive industry transformation.

Speaking about the Reskilling app, Vijay Swaminathan, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, Draup, said, “Reskilling across organizations, cutting across verticals, will be a major business focus in the next five years. As digitalization and automation make huge waves disrupting job roles, reskilling will take center stage. At Draup, we have identified 50 Million digital and digitally-influenced roles and analyzed 2+ Million career paths that will empower leaders in identifying crucial adjacent roles that can be groomed into the necessary talent. Further, the Draup update will enable in mapping the missing skills required for career progression as well as optimal online/offline courses that can build these missing skills. Leveraging these data-driven insights, L&D programs can be tailor-made to reskill them at an employee level.”

“Additionally, this Draup update will allow leaders to identify the roles and skillsets required for the future and reverse map it to isolate the talent with the potential to grow into those roles. This is a unique and critical attribute of any organization’s long term talent management and employee retention strategy,” Vijay further added.

About Draup

Draup is an AI-driven reskilling and talent intelligence platform. Draup provides in-depth insights on the talent ecosystem to assist organizations in their decision-making across 3 use cases – Strategic Workforce Planning, Talent Recruitment, and Reskilling by looking beyond traditional univariate talent metrics. We believe that for organizations to understand talent characteristics, they need to evaluate ecosystem pillars such as Industries, Companies, Locations, Universities, and Professionals.


Media contact
Nitika Goel
Chief Marketing Officer


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Sikich grows Salesforce consulting services with acquisition

CHICAGO, Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Professional services firm Sikich announced Tuesday that it has acquired Salesforce gold consulting partner NexGen Consultants. NexGen specializes in designing and implementing Salesforce solutions for financial services, manufacturing and not-for-profit organizations.

Sikich LLP is a global company specializing in technology-enabled professional services. (PRNewsfoto/Sikich)

“NexGen has more than 10 years of experience helping over 1,000 clients maximize their investments in the Salesforce.com ecosystem and take full advantage of a truly innovative business solution,” said Jim Drumm, leader of Sikich’s technology team. “The addition of NexGen not only strengthens our technology portfolio but also diversifies our CRM offerings, allowing our customers to access the leading solutions on the market. With NexGen’s talented team onboard, our customers will be able to deploy Salesforce’s complete set of advanced capabilities, including artificial intelligence, to achieve digital transformation.”

Sikich’s national technology consultancy helps companies across industries – including health care, finance, manufacturing, distribution, and professional services – improve productivity and performance with innovative digital strategies and technology solutions. Sikich is a leader in digital transformation, which includes cloud and emerging technologies, and has one of the deepest, most diverse solution portfolios in the middle market. Sikich’s solutions include business applications and workplace productivity, security and compliance, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and robotic process automation.

“Since our founding, we’ve been entirely committed to being experts on Salesforce solutions,” said Matt Mountain, founder of NexGen Consultants. “We are excited to add our knowledge and experience to Sikich’s already robust technology group.”

About Sikich LLP
Sikich LLP is a global company specializing in technology-enabled professional services. With more than 850 employees, Sikich draws on a diverse portfolio of technology solutions to deliver transformative digital strategies and ranks as one of the largest CPA firms in the United States. From corporations and not-for-profits to state and local governments, Sikich clients utilize a broad spectrum of services* and products to help them improve performance and achieve long-term, strategic goals.

*Securities offered through Sikich Corporate Finance LLC, member FINRA/SIPC.  Investment advisory services offered through Sikich Financial, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.


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Artprice’s Historic EGM Validates Artmarket.com in Order to Embrace the All-digital Age as a Global Player in the Art Market

PARIS, Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The historic EGM meeting on 30 September 2019 has fully validated our strategy of changing our name and extending our corporate purpose from Artprice.com to Artmarket.com and all of the relevant statute amendments. All of the shareholders fully understood and voted to approve our strategy. thierry Ehrmann, Founder/CEO of Artprice, along with all his colleagues, wishes to thank them for their confidence and support.

Artprice Logo

To be called ArtMarket.com on the stock market (the mnemonic code is still PRC) represents a superb intangible asset adding enormous value to the company. Indeed, apart from the intrinsic value of the DNS, the new name will propel our group into the smallest interstices of the tentacular Internet and search engines all over the world.

Difficult to talk about the Art Market without using the term “Art Market”…  What could be more unifying? We have become unavoidable? For us the two words represent Internet’s Holy Grail… opening doors in a rational and scientific way to almost all the information on the Art Market.

Calling ourselves ArtMarket.com is the instant equivalent of a major global campaign of communication and promotion costing several tens of millions of euros… and there can be no doubt about its positive impact on the stock market, especially as we expecting a record result this year.

In 2019, Artprice and Cision (PRNewswire) are renewing their framework agreement with Artmarket.com so that we can send our proprietary content in real time to 5 continents in 18 languages reaching 2.1 billion individuals (notary registered 2019 data, Maître Pons). This unparalleled alliance between two world leaders in the Art and the Wire markets – after 20 years of collaboration – has effectively created the largest press agency on the Art Market.

As we accelerate towards the all-digital era, Artmarket.com allows Artprice.com to accompany the historical paradigm shift that dematerialization represents in order to become a global player in the Art Market.

We are also very proud to represent “French tech” (with the renewal of our state-sponsored innovative company label [BPI] for another 3 years) in a digital world where the global leaders are mostly Anglo-Saxon.

In June 2019, Artprice economists identified 37 companies worldwide whose corporate purpose was similar to ours and who raised more than $50 million since 2000. 100% of these companies have filed for bankruptcy or have ceased operating due to a lack of revenue. This means that Artmarket.com is now operating in a massive open field with colossal barriers to entry, both in terms of the capital required and the time needed to set up this kind of business.

Patrick Drahi’s recent acquisition of Sotheby’s is a starck reminder that the Art Market is not immune to digitization and dematerialization. Drahi is a Networks and Telecoms man.

Nearly 20 years ago, Artprice was far ahead of its time and it still is. While many doubted the Art Market would ever change and adapt to new technologies, we were convinced it would. Our position as World Leader in Art Market Information is the direct result of this firm conviction.

While some continued secretly recording sales result (thereby perpetuating the Art Market’s opacity and its restriction to a caste of insiders), Artprice’s historians and documentalists digitized and annotated hundreds of millions of historical documents, allocating IDs to every artist and every work. This massively time-consuming investment generated the largest existing databases which we made available to everyone on the Art Market so that artworks could be bought and sold under optimal conditions and people could educate themselves about the art market.

Over two decades, Artprice has seen its standardization accepted by the Art Market and it is now considered a vital and authoritative reference by all players in this market, whatever their size and wherever they are located.

It should be noted that Artprice has acquired a number of highly valuable scientific and historical documents around the world and that these assets will be fully exploited by Artmarket.com thanks to the extension of its corporate purpose and the amendments to its Statutes that have just been approved.

Our headstart has allowed us to win…

Our work, our ideas and our convictions have helped to make the Art Market more understandable and more democratic. The knowledge previously guarded by a small number of insiders is now accessible to all of our clients. Meanwhile, the volume of secondary market transactions has rocketed, massively increasing the Art Market’s liquidity. As we have repeatedly explained in our communications over recent years, it is now an efficient market generating returns comparable to financial markets. 

Since 2000, the Art Market’s global secondary market turnover has risen 383% and its return on investment, according to our Artprice100® index, was 16% in the first half of 2019 compared with interest rates close to zero on the money markets.

As we predicted, the Internet has of course exploded exponentially. Whereas Internet consultation used to be only possible from desktop or home computers, now, with the mobile Internet reaching 5.4 billion smartphones in the world, one can access the same services anywhere: from galleries, auction rooms, art dealers, valuers, art fairs, museums, etc. Today 4G, Wi-Fi via optical fiber and now ultra high speed 5G networks make it even easier and faster for Art Market and its customers around the world.

According to our calculations, with our recent strategic developments – including the name change to Artmarket – we are currently at less than 10% of our economic potential with a horizon of 5 years.

In short, the Art Market cannot indefinitely ignore the digital era and the Internet. Compared to many other sectors in the economy, the Art Market is operating with a unique lag of nearly 30 years… and that lag will inevitably translate into Artmarket’s future prosperity.

The future is in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Augmented and/or Virtual Reality, 8K, and Blockchain…

Artmarket.com has no intention of lagging behind these technologies. An article published in Les Echos (24.09.2019) gives a superb indication of where we are heading: “Artificial Intelligence enters the Museum World” (L’intelligence artificielle entre au Musée).

Artmarket.com’s role as the spearhead of the Art Market’s technological future is 100% legitimate considering that its head offices are located at the heart of the Organe Contemporary Art Museum (which manages the open-to-the-public La Demeure du Chaos (Abode of Chaos dixit the NY Times), ranked the top Contemporary Art Museum in France by Google reviews (notary registered ranking by Maître Pons on 4 September 2019).

During the recent European Heritage Days (weekend of 21 and 22 September 2019), The Organe Contemporary Art Museum (effectively Artprice/Artmarket’s HQ) hosted 18,000 visitors thanks to our in-depth knowledge and use of social networks and new technologies. As a highly popular museum, we regularly experiment, in situ, with proprietary high-tech solutions to help our visitors discover the 9000 m² of our site containing 6,300 works. We have therefore demonstrated our know-how in the Museum Industry field, particularly on 360° vision in Pro2 8K by the global leader Insta360, for whom Artmarket’s technical department has been a ‘beta tester’ and a Google referenced pioneer for many years.

Virtual tours of our headquarters, including via Facebook VR Oculus headsets, whose number we can already count on media such as Google, Facebook, Flickr and Instagram (with our 9 million followers), are increasingly popular around the world (there have been 8,100 media reports about the Abode of Chaos / Organe Contemporary Art Museum). All of this exposure is hugely positive for the growth of Artmarket.com and represents a massive and permanent advertising campaign.

Based on Google and Flickr counting of single virtual visitors in 360° 4K and 8k in the Contemporary Art segment, our head office, the Organe Contemporary Art Museum, is no. 2 in France with 4.5 million visitors behind the Center Georges Pompidou, followed closely by the Louis Vuitton Foundation.

Very soon Artprice Images® – which currently gives subscribers unlimited access to the world’s largest Art Market database of 180 million photographic or etched images of artworks from 1700 to the present day (each commented by our historians) –  will be accessible in augmented reality by Artmarket. Sotheby’s Institute of Art, one of our loyal customers, will be the first to test this augmented reality service for its students.

High-tech 3D scanning studios are being set up for our clients, including the 6,300 partner auction houses. The humble 2D photo is destined to disappear making way for the visualisation of works in true AI generated 3D. Thousands of young photographers are already discovering this technology which represents a revolution in their profession.

Henceforward, when it comes to ‘industrial’ photography (including sales catalogues),  artificial intelligence is clearly bound to replace the photographer. Anecdotally, the iPhone 11 Pro Max® instantly processes a trillion operations per second (source Apple USA) for each photo with its A13 chip.

Our knowledge and awareness of developments within the Images market has a long history.  From 1997 to 2006 the CEO of our direct subsidiary Editing Server® was also President of SAPHIR which is a member of the French Federation of Press Agencies (FFAP). He was a member of the Joint Committee of Press Agencies Publications (CPPAP) and of the Professional Commission of Independent Photographers of the Association for the Management of the Social Security of Authors (AGESSA).

Our digital culture dates back to 1987 with Groupe Server, a pioneer of the Internet in Europe (see TIME Magazine 2001). We therefore have a massive technological lead that  will inevitably accompany the Art Market (throughout the world) over the coming years. Our role as a global player in the Art Market is a logical result of our unique capability to format metadata flows with our proprietary algorithms so that they become increasingly intelligent, and to adapt to technological know-how in perpetual evolution… an evolution that has been a fatal obstacle for our competitors who were unaware of the need (or unable) to change quickly.

This natural and ruthless selection, over several decades, has today posited Artmarket.com as the global player in the Art Market, and its brand Artprice, as the world leader in Art Market information.

This position of global player in the Art Market has been built with more than 20 years of hard work and passion. This historic EGM has validated and endorsed the tremendous achievements of the Group and it has allowed us to change its economic scope completely.

For all other questions we invite you to read the press release of 9 September 2019 Actusnews


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About Artprice:

Artprice is listed on the Eurolist by Euronext Paris, SRD long only and Euroclear: 7478 – Bloomberg: PRC – Reuters: ARTF.

Founded by thierry Ehrmann (see Who’s who certified Biography ) (c) https://imgpublic.artprice.com/img/wp/sites/11/2019/03/2019-bio-whoswho-thierry-ehrmann.pdf).

Dicover Artprice in video: https://www.artprice.com/video

Artprice is the global leader in art price and art index databanks. It has over 30 million indices and auction results covering more than 700,000 artists. Artprice Images® gives unlimited access to the largest Art Market resource in the world: a library of 126 million images or prints of artworks from the year 1700 to the present day, along with comments by Artprice’s art historians.

Artprice permanently enriches its databanks with information from 6,300 auctioneers and it publishes a constant flow of art market trends for the world’s principal news agencies and approximately 7,200 international press publications.

For its 4,500,000 members, Artprice gives access to the world’s leading Standardised Marketplace for buying and selling art. Artprice is preparing its blockchain for the Art Market. It is BPI-labelled (scientific national French label) Artprice’s Global Art Market Annual Report for 2018 published last March 2019: https://www.artprice.com/artprice-reports/the-art-market-in-2018

Artprice is associated with Artron Group the Chinese leader in the Art Market, its solid institutional partner. 

Artprice’s Contemporary Art Market Annual Report for 2018 – free access at:

Artprice’s press releases:



Artmarket News:

https://twitter.com/artpricedotcom & https://twitter.com/artmarketdotcom

https://www.facebook.com/artpricedotcom 4,4 million subscribers


Discover the Alchemy and the universe of Artprice http://web.artprice.com/video, which headquarters are the famous Museum of Contemporary Art, the Abode of Chaos: https://issuu.com/demeureduchaos/docs/demeureduchaos-abodeofchaos-opus-ix-1999-2013


The Contemporary Art Museum The Abode of Chaos

https://www.facebook.com/la.demeure.du.chaos.theabodeofchaos999 3.9 million subscribers

Contact: thierry Ehrmann, ir@artprice.com          

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Neo4j Announces Availability of Neo4j Streams for Real-Time Correlations on Apache Kafka

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Kafka Summit – Neo4j, the leader in graph databases, announced that Neo4j now integrates with Apache Kafka® and Confluent® Platform to connect Kafka event streams. Neo4j Streams is available as a Neo4j Server Extension to all Neo4j and Kafka users.

Neo4j works with Kafka and Confluent to enrich event streams with powerful graph-based analytics.

When event streams are enriched with powerful graph-based analytics, clear correlations can be made in real time to enable organizations to flex and innovate at the frenetic pace of business today.

Kafka is a distributed event streaming platform capable of handling trillions of events a day. Neo4j, Kafka and Confluent customers will now have seamless, supported integration with the new connector. Customers can use Neo4j Streams for a variety of real-time use cases including financial fraud analysis, knowledge graphs and customer 360. 

Neo4j’s SVP of Business and Corporate Development, Fawad Zakariya is tasked with expanding the most comprehensive graph database ecosystem. He explained why Neo4j Streams is important for real-time enterprise applications.

“We’ve integrated the world’s most powerful graph database with the most popular streaming platform, fully supported for Confluent and Neo4j enterprise customers,” said Zakariya. “As enterprises demand near real-time capabilities to fight fraud, respond to customer behavior and react to business events, this integration unlocks new ways for them to innovate by combining the power of connected context with real-time streaming data.”

Simon Hayes, Vice President of Corporate and Business Development at Confluent, discussed how Neo4j Streams, the Neo4j server extension for Kafka, benefits Neo4j and Confluent customers.

“Data is only as valuable as how quickly someone can take action on it, the millisecond it was created,” said Hayes. “That’s why 60 percent of Fortune 100 companies have put an event streaming platform at the heart of their businesses. Through this integration with Neo4j Streams, customers can more quickly and easily see the relationship between events and turn that data into context so it can be acted upon faster.”

Neo4j Streams in Depth

The Neo4j integration with Kafka and Confluent Platform makes change events from Neo4j available in Kafka. Other applications can update downstream systems or add procedures that can be used to send and receive data from Kafka for accessing transaction events. Additionally, Neo4j users can consume events from Kafka and turn these events into graph structures, like change data capture (CDC) or data sink to ingest any kind of Kafka event into a graph. 

The Neo4j sink connector, a component of Neo4j Streams, has earned the Verified Gold level by Confluent as part of the Confluent Verified Integrations Program. This distinction assures connectors meet technical and functional requirements of the Kafka Connect API, an open source component of Kafka which provides the framework for connecting Kafka with external systems such as databases. By adhering to the Kafka Connect API, customers can expect a better user experience, scalability, and integration with Confluent Platform, including Schema Registry and Control Center, as well as Confluent Cloud, the fully managed cloud-native streaming service from Confluent based on Kafka.

For More Information

Neo4j Streams, the Neo4j Server Extension for Kafka is available to all Neo4j Enterprise Edition and Confluent customers. Comprehensive support is included for Neo4j Enterprise Edition customers. More information can be found at: neo4j.com/confluent.

Neo4j is a sponsor of Kafka Summit in San Francisco September 30-October 1, and will be presenting a session titled Extending the Stream/Table Duality into a Trinity, with Graphs


About Neo4j

Neo4j is the leading graph database platform that drives innovation and competitive advantage at Airbus, Comcast, eBay, NASA, UBS, Walmart and more. Thousands of community deployments and more than 300 customers harness connected data with Neo4j to reveal how people, processes, locations and systems are interrelated. Using this relationships-first approach, applications built using Neo4j tackle connected data challenges including artificial intelligence, fraud detection, real-time recommendations and master data. Find out more at neo4j.com.  

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For the Fourth Consecutive Year, One Network Enterprises Named Leader in Nucleus Research’s Control Tower Technology Value Matrix

DALLAS, Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — One Network Enterprises, a global provider of multi-party business networks for autonomous supply chain management, today announced that Nucleus Research, a provider of case-based technology research and advisory services, has ranked the Company as a Leader in its annual Control Tower Technology Value Matrix 2019 the fourth consecutive year. In the report, One Network is acknowledged for scaling its multi-enterprise network to support more global customers, today numbering more than 75,000 member companies on its Real Time Value Network™. The complete and complimentary Nucleus Research report is available here.

One Network Enterprises (ONE) is the global provider of a secure, and scalable multi-party network in the cloud.

“With many of its customers on the cutting edge of what control tower technology is delivering, One Network is helping transition customers from siloed legacy systems to a collaborative, real-time network,” said Seth Lippincott, lead analyst of the report. “One Network provides a real-time version of the truth for all parties, so customers can collaborate with trading partners on the network across processes such as forecast collaboration, inventory optimization, supply and transportation planning and execution. We expect One Network to remain at the forefront and continue to push the boundaries of what control tower solutions can deliver.”

Toward Autonomous Supply Chain Management:  According to the report, One Network has made strides in delivering more autonomous capabilities to customers through its NEO intelligent agents, which are designed to automate routine tasks, reduce errors, and increase productivity for users. Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology embedded in the execution layer of the network, customers have a system to support decision making or perform tasks independently. Re-optimization or re-planning occurs on subnets—created around elements such as region, time, or item—that partition the overall network and enable customers to make decisions and take action in real-time.

“We are very pleased to be named a Leader for the fourth year in a row,” said Greg Brady, CEO, One Network Enterprises. “As Nucleus Research points out, we’re seeing some of the world’s largest brands embrace their control tower platform as the place to realize the promise of autonomous supply chain management. The combination of AI for decision support and decision making, along with a true many-to-many business network platform is really the only way these enterprises can operate at scale and in real time. What was seen as futuristic and distant only 24 months ago is now being recognized as achievable and obvious, across industries.”

Nucleus Research Market Observations: According to the report, customers are looking to answer the difficult and chronic questions: Where’s my stuff? When will it be here? Is it exactly what I ordered? As customers look for greater visibility of their extended value chains, supply chain software vendors are answering the call, providing solutions that cut across functional and organizational silos. Although originally designed to deliver visibility, vendors are shifting their control towers to be where the promise of the autonomous supply chain is realized. Nucleus found that customers are starting to adopt capabilities that surface recommendations for how to address exceptions, however, use cases are often still narrow and limited in their deployments.

About One Network Enterprises
One Network is the intelligent business platform for autonomous supply chain management. Powered by NEO, One Network’s machine learning and intelligent agent technology, this multi-party digital platform delivers rapid results at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions. The platform includes modular, adaptable industry solutions for multi-party business that help companies lower costs, improve service levels, and run more efficiently, with less waste. One Network also offers a PaaS solution and developer tools that allow organizations to design, build, and run multi-party applications. Leading global organizations have joined One Network, helping to transform industries like Retail, Food Service, Consumer Goods, Automotive, Healthcare, Public Sector, Defense, and Logistics. Headquartered in Dallas, One Network also has offices in Japan, Europe, and India. For more information, please visit www.onenetwork.com.

Media Contacts
Chris McCoin or Richard Smith
McCoin & Smith Communications Inc.
508-429-5988 (Chris) or 978-433-3304 (Rick)
chris@mccoinsmith.com or rick@mccoinsmith.com


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SOURCE One Network Enterprises

Interoperable Technologies Enable Learning Management System Vendors to Address Wider Markets

Scalability, flexibility, and future-proofing to create additional growth opportunities for vendors, finds Frost & Sullivan

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — As end users increasingly demand added functionality and improved user experience from their learning management systems (LMS), vendors are looking to adopt interoperability standards, integrate best-of-breed educational technology solutions, and improve Big Data capture. These changing student expectations, along with the stringent compliance requirements in high-risk industries where employee learning can be mission-critical, are expected to drive the $2.55 billion market toward $4.75 billion by 2023.

“Vendors are setting themselves apart by providing compliance training, professional development, and effective customer service support, especially in the high-potential K-12, higher education, and small- and medium-sized business (SMB) segments,” said Deviki Gupta, Industry Analyst, Digital Transformation. “Future-proofing LMS solutions by connecting them to smart devices and solutions will be central to vendor sustainability. Data collected from these solutions will help deliver a more personalized learning experience.”

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Global Learning Management Solutions Market, Forecast to 2023, examines the market size, trends, competitive landscape, and growth strategies of the global LMS market. It analyzes both the academic and enterprise segments across the regions of North America and Latin America (NALA), Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), and Asia-Pacific (APAC).

For further information on this analysis, please visit: http://frost.ly/3sn 

“NALA contributed 63.0% of the LMS market revenue in 2018, followed by EMEA at 27.5% and APAC at 9.5%,” noted Gupta. “Vendors across regions are expected to grow their revenue further by switching to Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms to deliver a personalized educational experience and using predictive analytics to improve return on investment (RoI).”

To deliver greater value and explore growth opportunities in fresh markets, vendors need to:

  • Partner with vendors that offer future-proof interoperable technology.
  • Educate faculty and students on the benefits of using AI and support them in collecting data and developing a clear process flow.
  • Ensure that faculty and employer analytics dashboards are easy to use and actionable.
  • Support educational institutions and corporations to set up a cohesive Internet of Things (IoT) framework in the education network.
  • Build a Big Data pool and allow the free flow of data across solutions.
  • Provide coaching services to prepare prison inmates for the labor market.

Global Learning Management Solutions Market, Forecast to 2023 is part of Frost & Sullivan’s global Digital Media Growth Partnership Service program.

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Global Learning Management Solutions Market, Forecast to 2023

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The University of Queensland Uses Dell Technologies Supercomputer to Pioneer New Alzheimer’s Disease Breakthrough

SYDNEY, Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Dell Technologies Forum

Dell Technologies

News summary

  • Built with Dell EMC High Performance Computing (HPC) technology, the Wiener supercomputer uses Finite Element Method (FEM) to analyse human skull models.
  • Research highlights the potential of ultrasound to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • The University of Queensland’s GPU-accelerated supercomputer uses the NVIDIA Volta architecture.

Full story

Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL) announces one of the first computational projects for The University of Queensland’s Dell Technologies high-performance computing (HPC) system may enable a non-invasive disease-modifying strategy for Alzheimer’s Disease.

The HPC system, built by Dell Technologies for the university’s Research Computing Centre (RCC), is a GPU-accelerated supercomputer. GPUs, with significantly more cores than CPUs, are well-suited to processing massive amounts of computational tasks in parallel, including intensive tasks such as data visualisation and machine learning (ML). It is also used for modelling possible treatments for some of the most debilitating illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Queensland Brain Institute, the university’s neuroscience research institute, is using the Wiener system to model the behaviour of ultrasound using an analysis technique called Finite Element Method (FEM). The modelling calculates what happens to each element of the brain when an ultrasound is passed through the skull. It is hoped that ultrasound can be used to temporarily allow direct delivery of therapeutic drugs to the brain, something not currently possible due to the presence of a blood-brain barrier and activate cells that can digest the plaques that are a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease. The promising results will now be confirmed in a sheep study, an animal with similar skull properties as humans, and may be instrumental in developing treatments that stop or reserve degeneration, rather than just relieving symptoms.

Australia prides itself on its research achievements, especially in medicine,” said Chris Kelly, vice president, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies, Asia Pacific and Japan. “With this supercomputer, the University of Queensland can harness machine learning to drive innovation, across a broad range of use cases, that previously wasn’t possible. We’re honoured to play our part in the resulting discoveries that can change lives for the better.”

Growing to Meet Demand

This research is just one of the Weiner’s many workloads. Demand to implement the supercomputer in projects across the university has led to the expansion of the system’s power and size, allowing for a broader range of applications, including climate modelling, psychological testing and learning, and disease identification.

“It’s become a whole ecosystem,” said Jake Carroll, chief technology officer, Research Computing Centre at The University of Queensland. “Wiener has become a plethora of massive machine learning and deep learning capabilities in the organisation. It’s the focal point of AI computing infrastructure at The University of Queensland.”

In other projects, The University of Queensland’s School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering is working on developing new digital pathology techniques for faster blood samples results, while another machine learning algorithm will be able to diagnose the presence of skin cancer from histology slides with the accuracy of a trained pathologist.

The Wiener supercomputer also supports the university’s lattice light sheet microscope (LLSM), using an image restoration technique called deconvolution to provide clear, real-time 4D biology imaging.

Staying on the Leading Edge

The Wiener system, initially built on Dell EMC PowerEdge R740 servers provided a consistent building block for processing data sets across 15 compute and analysis nodes, along with two additional nodes for visualisation.

The system’s expansion, this year, has been driven by demand from multiple departments and research teams – both at the university and with external research partners. The University of Queensland team worked in close collaboration with Dell Technologies to engineer and develop the system’s new capabilities, using PowerEdge C4140, doubling the initial nodes and tripling the compute performance. 

Dell Technologies provided a new form factor for accelerated computing using a PowerEdge C4140 platform that does not use a PCI Express switch to get information back to the CPUs, resulting in 11% faster training for machine learning and allowing for lower latency internodal communication for distributed deep learning (DL) workloads. Together, these provide the university with measured competitive capability. And, as an early adopter of dedicated NVIDIA Volta-based GPU-accelerated supercomputing in Australia, it is an advantage the university plans to maintain.

The new NVIDIA Volta V100 Tensor Cores gives the Wiener system a total performance of 11.3 PetaFLOPS. This gives it the processing power to restore the images at the edge of the university’s network, where the scientific instruments are, providing a fully-interactive experience to researchers viewing 4D data sets in real-time.

“We are seeing exponential growth in both velocity and volume of data being generated by scientific instruments around the world,” said Andrew Underwood, field chief technology officer, HPC and Artificial Intelligence, Dell Technologies, Asia Pacific and Japan. “This is driving Dell Technologies and our customers to collaborate on approaches that leverage parallel processing power from our Dell EMC PowerEdge platforms, in order to unlock the confluence of simulation, analytics and machine learning.”

Additional resources

About Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL) is a unique family of businesses that helps organizations and individuals build their digital future and transform how they work, live, and play. The company provides customers with the industry’s broadest and most innovative technology and services portfolio spanning from edge to core to cloud.

About the Research Computing Centre

The Research Computing Centre (RCC) leverages research technologies to enable The University of Queensland researchers to collaborate with others, performed advanced computations, store and share their research data and improve the efficiency of their research. It uses a range of technologies, including high performance computing, cloud data storage, video collaboration and virtual machines. Researchers can mix and match these technologies to suit their needs.

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AOPEN® Introduces Intelligent Control For Optimal Cloud Device Management

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — AOPEN®, a global technology company that specializes in smart products and services for cloud-based applications, introduces AOPEN® Intelligent Control (AiCU) for its popular Digital Engine and eTILE product series. With this innovative offering, AOPEN delivers smart device management for optimal performance, cost savings, and profitability. 

Built for global enterprise brands, AiCU enables network operators with the only comprehensive device management solution that automates industrial and commercial applications. AiCU brings cloud service and advanced embedded device control technology together into a single dashboard, enabling rapid business growth for enterprise end users with a premium service that delivers unique, unparalleled device management capabilities.

AiCU delivers an easy and powerful management tool for integrators, software providers, and managed service providers — one that boosts cost savings and process improvements with key capabilities.

  • Cloud service and device management integrated into reliable AOPEN hardware
  • Device management capabilities that align with end user pain points (out of band, deployment, provisioning, maintenance, datalogs, monitoring, and device control)
  • Consolidated hierarchies for managing large networks

“Managing networks and securing information efficiently across markets and industries has never been easier, more efficient, or more profitable for network operators,” said Aaron Pompey, General Manager,  AOPEN America. “With next-gen technology solutions like AiCU, enterprise brands benefit from frontline workforce efficiency and lower total cost of ownership.”

With its single dashboard, AiCU displays aggregated signage and kiosk network data and offers

  • over-the-air system updates that minimize operating costs and time
  • alert notifications for swift maintenance response times
  • hardware-level controller to quickly locate and recover devices
  • unique out-of-band connection technology
  • Round-the-clock service for continuous, remote device management and repair, even while devices are not running

AiCU advanced features deliver the most efficient device management solution for commercial applications, enabling frontline workers to drive an excellent customer experience.

For more information visit: https://www.aopen.com/US_en/page/Remote-Management/

Founded in 1996, AOPEN® is a global technology company specializing in industrial and commercial products and global certified services, including industrial PC (IPC) products for process control and data acquisition, as well as Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) technologies. AOPEN enables its partner ecosystem with edge solutions that automate Industrial and commercial applications for top global brands. Part of the ACER group, AOPEN has a presence in over 100 countries.

Contact: info@aopen.com


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Introducing KUBRA’s New Podcast, Experience Better: The CX Podcast™!

TEMPE, Ariz., Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Customer experience management solutions leader, KUBRA, announces the release of its new podcast, Experience Better: The CX Podcast™, which will uncover the secrets behind great customer experience (CX).

Today, brand giants like Amazon are raising the bar when it comes to creating memorable customer experiences with their quick and responsive service. For most, it isn’t realistic to try to compete on that level, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other innovative strategies for delivering superior CX. Every month during the podcast, industry experts will share why customer experience matters and steps that can be taken to increase customer satisfaction. During the podcast, guests will also provide customer experience tips, stories, and best practices.

Some episode topics include:

  • The value of customer experience
  • The psychology of design and CX
  • Chatbots changing customer expectations
  • Biometric authentication: the risks and benefits
  • Marketing your CX

Podcast host, Alfred Sawatzky, Director of Product Management at KUBRA with more than 20 years of experience as a client solutions and product management director. When Alfred isn’t working with other leaders at KUBRA to improve customer experience technologies, he’s talking about it on our show. Join him each month as he shares his passions and insights for tech and customer satisfaction.

New episodes will air each month and will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, or your favorite podcasting app. To sign up to receive email alerts when new podcast episodes air, visit http://www.kubra.com/podcast.

KUBRA provides customer experience management solutions to some of the largest utility and government entities across North America. Our portfolio includes billing and payment, mapping, mobile apps, proactive communications, and artificial intelligence solutions for customers. With more than one billion customer experiences annually, KUBRA services reach over 40% of households in the U.S. and Canada. KUBRA is an operating subsidiary of the Hearst Corporation. Visit https://www.kubra.com for more information.