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NetDirector Teams with Mend to Bring Seamless Integration and Automation to their Healthcare Ecosystem

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — NetDirector, a cloud-based data exchange and integration platform, has now joined forces with Mend, a leading AI no-show and cancel prediction, telemedicine and workflow automation patient engagement platform. This integration will allow for powerful and flexible integration options for Mend’s user base, which includes telemedicine providers and their patients.

Mend is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) patient engagement and telehealth company offering a customized platform that includes no-show and cancellation prediction, telemedicine, appointment reminders, patient scheduling, and digital patient forms to take existing workflows and processes to the web. Their focus is on increasing patient volume and closing gaps in care for providers, allowing them to increase revenue and save time.

The NetDirector mission for providers falls directly in-line with the goal of Mend, and the partnership has already brought several provider systems on board. NetDirector currently sends captured form data from patients to Mend’s trading partner systems. In addition, insurance card images and actual forms are sent to the system as well, to be used as part of a prescription request/tracking system, alleviating a significant burden from Mend while allowing them to rapidly integrate with the systems their providers use most.

Mend has also utilized NetDirector to integrate appointment and patient data from mental health and urgent care facilities as part of AI and telemedicine initiatives. This data is utilized for predictors and scheduling virtual visits; telemedicine initiatives like this create more accessible medical care for underserved populations who need it most, and integration and automation are key to ensuring the success of engagement across the country.

“We’re extremely satisfied with the high level of service and speed of new integration onboarding provided by NetDirector so far,” said Brandon Lassiter, Chief Technology Officer at Mend. “Moving data from system to system is a massive part of making AI and telemedicine functional and available, and the data needs to move both rapidly and securely. We have really been impressed with the overall spirit of partnership in this relationship and look forward to innovating together going forward.”

The current integration includes transferring patient and appointment data, updating the trading partner database with discreet captured patient data, and transferring images to the trading partner system. This functionality combines to provide the adaptive and reliable integration environment necessary for a patient engagement company like Mend.

“Mend has been an excellent partner so far and has significantly expanded our Health Data Marketplace during the initial implementation phase,” said Harry Beisswenger, CEO of NetDirector. “We love working with forward-thinking, technology focused companies like Mend, and we are very excited to continue to foster this relationship and aid them in their mission to provide top-tier telemedicine to the widest patient base possible.”

Company Bio:
NetDirector provides a secure cloud-based data and document exchange solution for the healthcare and mortgage banking industries to deliver seamless data integration between parties. NetDirector bridges gaps created by disparate systems & technologies by allowing companies at any location to share data & documents securely over a single internet connection with any other member of the ecosystem. Our approach allows trading partners to collaborate and exchange data in a seamless, bi-directional, real-time manner. With security and longevity as a focus, NetDirector is a certified HIPAA Compliant company, a 6-year member of the prominent Inc. 5000, and currently processes more than 10 million transactions per month.

12363 Hampton Park Blvd, Tampa FL, 33624
Alexander Craddock, Marketing Manager
Phone: (813) 448-1208
Fax: (813) 749-7030

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DNA Behavior International Takes its API to the Next Level by Enabling it with AI

ATLANTA, Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — For some time now DNA Behavior has been using its API to help a variety of organizations quickly “plug in” its behavioral chip to discover and leverage behavioral insights already within their people and systems. Now, DNA Behavior is taking that effort to the next level, by leveraging a suite of enterprise-ready AI services, applications, and toolsets to accelerate the adoption of behavioral insights across large financial services enterprises.

“Banks and large wealth management firms are leveraging behavioral finance to gain a competitive edge,” says Hugh Massie, CEO of DNA Behavior International. “To date, behavioral finance initiatives have been pinpointed and targeted toward specific client and employee groups. By utilizing AI and additional apps and toolsets, DNA Behavior is poised to implement the worlds’ largest behavioral finance initiatives for banks and wealth management firms. In short, rapid application of BeFi across larger organizations.”

DNA Behavior’s focus and specialty is revealing 200+ behavioral insights and the action steps needed to aid employees and clients in investing, working, spending and living smarter. Leveraging these additional technologies in addition to DNA’s API help meet industry demands to create rich omnichannel experiences by applying behavioral insights to enterprise-wide datasets.

“We’re using linguistic analytics to deepen our – and our clients’ – understanding of individual’s personality characteristics,” Massie says. “The linguistic and tone patterns individuals use in their speech or written communication have inherent connections to their instinctive behaviors. Revealing these linguistic and tone patterns will aid in DNA Behavior’s core offering, which is validated, robust, consistent and practical behavioral insights and customized experiences they can “plugin” to their own systems. These latest additions amp up that offering, expanding the possibilities, both in terms of speed and volume,”

As examples of its new AI-enabled API, Massie offers three scenarios:

  • Use natural language recognition capabilities to discern the intent of what a user is saying, to respond to inquiries and requests. The problem is, most chatbots and automated support systems use a one-size-fits-all approach to respond to inquiries. DNA is powering current technologies to customize these existing engagements at scale.
  • Measure emotions, fears and excitement for investors and relaying this intelligence to advice teams along with the communication steps and a playbook to behaviorally manage clients.
  • Use linguistic analytics to infer individuals’ personality characteristics, from digital communications such as email, blogs, tweets, and forum posts. This enables an organization to better parse a user’s inclination to create a customized marketing playbook for each client. Organizations armed with this information will optimize their marketing spend for steak dinners, theater tickets, gifts and professional sporting events.

About DNA Behavior
Founded in 2001, DNA Behavior solutions are in play in over 123 countries through 11 languages. The company’s 12 proprietary DNA Behavior Discovery Processes include Communication DNA, Financial DNA and Business DNA. DNA API provides value across fintech, wealthtech, regtech, HRtech, eduTech, marketingTech and other platforms. Anywhere predictive behavior insights are needed. Its API solutions bring validated behavioral insights to large international banks, insurance providers, wealth managers, technology companies, government agencies, utilities and others.

Media inquiries
B. Andrew (Drew) Plant 

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Sprint Extends Curiosity™ to Include Private IoT Networks

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Sprint (NYSE: S) today announced at MWC LA 2019 the launch of a private network solution that brings IoT to the Edge on its ground-breaking Curiosity™ IoT Core and Curiosity™ OS. The solution design, purpose-built for IoT, enables enterprise customers to manage IoT applications that have critical requirements, such as low latency or local breakout, without the need to traverse the macro network.

Sprint Corp. Logo (PRNewsfoto/Sprint Corp.)

Data from devices is turned into intelligence locally, creating benefits for a variety of verticals, such as manufacturing, public safety and mining, to reach the other on-premise devices or application services.

“Curiosity™ IoT was created with the possibility of private networking in mind,” said Ivo Rook, senior vice president of IoT and product development. “The dedicated, distributed and virtualized core network and operating system allows for the flexibility across all types of customers, including those who have very demanding network needs or operate in hard-to-reach areas.”

The solution, provided in collaboration with Ericsson, will provide a virtual, pre-integrated core network that is quick to deploy and access agnostic. Each enterprise location can be configured based on the specific needs of the enterprise.

“The Curiosity™ Private Core solution will enable enterprise customers to provide new services that have critical requirements, such as low latency or local breakout, without the need to traverse the macro network,” said Åsa Tamsons, senior vice president and head of business area technologies and new businesses at Ericsson. “This solution takes our strategic partnership with Sprint to the next level.”

The Curiosity™ Private Core allows for: 

  • Pre-integrated core Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)
  • Quick and flexible to deploy on enterprise premises
  • Edge computing
  • Access agnostic
  • Addresses low-latency applications
  • TTM advantage for specialized applications
  • Access and security management

Possible use cases include:

  • Connected factory
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Remote monitoring and inspection
  • Support for harsh environment sensors
  • Assembly line configuration flexibility

Curiosity™ Private Core will power two demos in the Ericsson booth, S.1724, at MWC LA 2019 this week.

To learn more about this solution or to interview a Sprint executive, contact

Sprint Business is changing the way SMBs, enterprises and government entities connect, manage and secure its people, places and things – orchestrating an array of next-generation technologies, artificial intelligence and the power of Sprint’s converged wireless, wireline and Curiosity™ IoT capabilities to create unparalleled products and solutions.

About Sprint
Sprint (NYSE: S) is a communications services company that creates more and better ways to connect its customers to the things they care about most. Sprint served 54.3 million connections as of June 30, 2019, and is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying innovative technologies, including the first wireless 4G service from a national carrier in the United States; leading no-contract brands, including Virgin Mobile USA, Boost Mobile and Assurance Wireless; instant national and international push-to-talk capabilities; and a global Tier 1 Internet backbone. Today, Sprint’s legacy of innovation and service continues with an increased investment to dramatically improve coverage, reliability and speed across its nationwide network and commitment to launching a 5G mobile network in the U.S. You can learn more and visit Sprint at or and


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SRI International Debuts "Emotional AI" Vision Technology to Advance the Driving Experience

MENLO PARK, Calif., Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — SRI International (SRI), a leading global nonprofit research center, today announced its advanced Emotional Artificial Intelligence (AI) automotive technology that will enable the next-generation of vehicles to detect the driver’s emotions and respond accordingly.

SRI’s advanced AI technology will learn from and grow with the driver to effectively allow humans and automobiles to become mobile partners. The Emotional AI technology is designed for the next generation of vehicles that will better integrate the promise of advanced technology with an enhanced driving experience, and is available for commercialization. Toyota Motor Corporation will be incorporating the first phase of SRI’s Emotional AI technology—vision—into the ‘LQ’, a concept car it will introduce this fall at the Tokyo Motor Show, starting October 24th.  Sample cars will be ready by the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics beginning July 24th 2020.

The vision AI will observe drivers and monitor their emotional and physical state. It will learn to pick up gestures and non-verbal behaviors such as the driver’s expressions and actions. For example, the car can direct the driver toward a more scenic and relaxing route if the driver appears sad. Another scenario includes detecting the alertness/drowsiness of the driver (eye movement, blinking patterns, patterns of head movement) to decrease accidents by playing sounds to wake up the driver, blow cold air, or direct the driver to immediately pull over.

SRI researcher, Amir Tamrakar will introduce SRI’s new emotional vision AI feature for cars during a panel discussion on conversational applications at the AI World conference (

“We embarked on a mission to enable cars to understand and partner with drivers. For in-car AI to succeed it has to recognize human emotion and physical state,” said SRI’s William Mark, President of Information & Computing Sciences. “SRI’s developments in emotional AI vision technology will lead to an enriched driving experience. For the first time your car will understand you.”

“Imagine a vehicle that applies deep learning AI to infer emotions and estimate the driver’s state,” said Daisuke Ido, Chief Engineer of Toyota LQ. “By working with SRI to develop AI technology that monitors the driver, Toyota can advance safety technology and peace of mind to a higher level.”

About SRI International
SRI International is an independent, nonprofit research center that works with clients to take the most advanced R&D from the laboratory to the marketplace. SRI is headquartered at Menlo Park, California, USA. Serving government and industry, they collaborate across technical and scientific disciplines to generate real innovation and create high value for clients. They invent solutions that solve the most challenging problems today and look ahead to the needs of the future. For more than 70 years, SRI has led the discovery and design of ground-breaking products, technologies, and industries – from Siri and online banking to medical ultrasound, cancer treatments, and much more.

Media Contact:

Edward M. Yang
Firecracker PR 
1-888-317-4687 ext. 702

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Sprint and Arizona State University to Combine Innovation with 5G and Curiosity™ IoT in Groundbreaking Collaboration to Reach Millions of Residents, Students

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Sprint (NYSE: S) today at MWC Los Angeles 2019 announced it is working with Arizona State University (ASU) in an effort to help drive economic, educational, technological and social growth for an entire region in Arizona, leveraging the power of Sprint’s True Mobile 5G and Curiosity™ IoT’s advanced dedicated network and operating system.

Sprint Corp. Logo (PRNewsfoto/Sprint Corp.)

Sprint will work alongside ASU:

  • To offer blazing-fast 5G service and IoT (Internet of Things) applications to the largest and fastest growing research university in the United States. Sprint covers more than 2 million people in areas of Phoenix with its 5G service, including parts of ASU.
  • To help launch ‘Curiosity University’ for its employees to foster a new generation of IoT experts.
  • To help create a Sprint 5G Incubator at ASU’s Novus Innovation Corridor.
  • To engage in joint research and development.

“The Internet of Things is driving the fourth industrial revolution right before our eyes, changing how we interact with everyday items and increasing the possibilities of technology and data,” said Ivo Rook, senior vice president of IoT and product development. “We are proud to work with Arizona State University to help create an entire smart region ready to pave the way for the future.”

“Our collaboration with Sprint exemplifies the broad benefits of a university-corporate relationship,” said Sethuraman Panchanathan, executive vice president, ASU Knowledge Enterprise. “The entire university community and those throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area will benefit directly from this collaboration by having access to Sprint’s network and through the educational and research aspects that will usher in new innovations in technology.”

Sprint True Mobile 5G and Curiosity™ IoT in Arizona: Creating a new ‘Smart State’ model

  • Smart Region development:
    • Sprint is a founding partner of the Greater Phoenix Smart Region Consortium, which looks to drive initiatives leveraging advanced connectivity and infrastructure that will reach 22 cities in Arizona.
  • ASU – the largest public research university in the United States:
    • More than 75,000 students can benefit from immersive reality student experiences, enhanced technology projects around connectivity and safety across five campuses, and enhanced experiences for online students.
  • Curiosity University:
    • ASU and Sprint plan to develop an advanced academic curriculum designed to attract, develop and retain IoT talent for a world and economy that’s becoming more connected.
  • Intensive R&D:
    • ASU and Sprint expect to join forces to research and develop applications that leverage the power of 5G and Curiosity™ IoT.
      • Curiosity™ IoT is the first dedicated, virtualized and distributed core IoT network built for software. It leverages ‘bare metal’ design, enablement of low latency, and high availability connectivity.
      • Blockchain as a service, IoT developer services and never-before-seen applications may be pursued jointly, using a live commercial network.
  • World-class technology companies:
    • As part of the Smart Region consortium, some of the most influential technology companies in the industry will join Sprint in seeking to build some of the largest stage digitization projects ever.
  • Rural Expansion:
    • The state of Arizona, ASU and Sprint will aim to bring high speed connectivity to areas of Arizona that are underserved.

To learn more about the collaboration or to interview a Sprint executive or Arizona State University official, contact

Sprint Business is changing the way SMBs, enterprises and government entities connect, manage and secure its people, places and things – orchestrating an array of next-generation technologies, artificial intelligence and the power of Sprint’s converged wireless, wireline and Curiosity™ IoT capabilities to create unparalleled products and solutions.

About Sprint:
Sprint (NYSE: S) is a communications services company that creates more and better ways to connect its customers to the things they care about most. Sprint served 54.3 million connections as of June 30, 2019, and is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying innovative technologies, including the first wireless 4G service from a national carrier in the United States; leading no-contract brands, including Virgin Mobile USA, Boost Mobile and Assurance Wireless; instant national and international push-to-talk capabilities; and a global Tier 1 Internet backbone. Today, Sprint’s legacy of innovation and service continues with an increased investment to dramatically improve coverage, reliability and speed across its nationwide network and commitment to launching a 5G mobile network in the U.S. You can learn more and visit Sprint at or and

About ASU:
Arizona State University has developed a new model for the American Research University, creating an institution that is committed to access, excellence and impact. ASU measures itself by those it includes, not by those it excludes. As the prototype for a New American University, ASU pursues research that contributes to the public good, and ASU assumes major responsibility for the economic, social and cultural vitality of the communities that surround it.


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Mursion to Host "Kindness at Work" Dinner Symposium Oct. 30 in Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ —

Mursion Logo


Mursion, an industry-leading virtual reality simulations company, is hosting

“Kindness at Work,” a dinner symposium discussing the culture, technology, and ROI of empathy in the workplace. This first-ever gathering is a continuation of Mursion’s “Future of Work” series exploring how the mastery of human skills is reshaping today’s workplace and will cap off the Learning 2019 conference taking place Oct. 27-30 at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.

Guests will have the opportunity to test out emerging VR- and AI-enhanced learning technology, examine the unique challenges today’s employees face, and discuss the importance of kindness in a rewarding work environment. Mursion CEO Mark Atkinson and International Society for Technology in Education CEO Richard Culatta will both speak and are available for interview requests. A multi-course dinner will be served.


5-9 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 30


Grand Bohemian Hotel

325 S. Orange Ave.

Orlando, FL 32801


Jamie Thomason,



Christina Yu,

Powered by a blend of artificial intelligence and live human interaction, Mursion provides immersive VR training for essential skills in the workplace. Mursion simulations are designed for the modern workforce, staging interactions between learners and avatars to achieve the realism needed for measurable, high-impact results. Drawing upon research in learning science and psychology, Mursion harnesses the best in technology and human interaction to deliver outcomes for both learners and organizations.

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nQ Medical Ranked #4 from 3,500 applicants from Pepperdine Graziadio Business School List of Most Fundable Companies® for 2019

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — nQ Medical, Inc. of Cambridge, MA, was recognized in the top 5 at the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School’s 2019 Most Fundable Companies List which was announced at a showcase event yesterday in Los Angeles. nQ competed against 3,500 early-stage U.S. companies with less than $10 million in annual revenue, strong business plans, and impressive near-term growth projections to be named one of the most fundable companies in America. The Graziadio School invited the top 15 Most Fundable Companies to its Malibu campus for the final pitch event.

“The Most Fundable Companies is a highly competitive initiative that provided us with a data-driven analysis to vet our company strategy and business planning,” said R. A. Bavasso, nQ Medical Co-Founder. “We are excited that Pepperdine Graziadio Business School is recognizing entrepreneurs from across the country, providing resources to assist startups in realizing their market potential, and support in securing private investment to accelerate growth.”

nQ Medical is a computational biotechnology company with expertise in digital phenotyping through AI-aided analysis of personal device interactions. It has developed digital biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease in early and newly diagnosed/untreated stages of disease. In addition to PD, it is currently conducting a number of separate clinical trials to develop digital biomarkers individually relevant to Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Alzheimer’s disease, and mTBI (concussion) with industry partners and academic centers including Cleveland Clinic and Massachusetts General Hospital. Our AD trial has advanced to yield early and promising results measuring early detection of cognitive decline and delineating PD and AD symptomatology.

As a winner on the Most Fundable Companies List, nQ will be featured in the December 2019 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine.

The Most Fundable Companies initiative involved a multi-phase assessment that evaluated several company variables including financial projections, market opportunity, intellectual property and the strength of the management team, all of which were used to produce a fundability score. Companies were evaluated and selected in partnership with The Venture Alliance (TVA) based on their readiness for private investment.

More than 3,500 early-stage U.S. companies spanning 46 states participated in the Most Fundable Companies initiative. Honorees on the list are located across the country and come from a variety of industries, including medical devices, software services, and agriculture technology.

“One of the most challenging aspects of transforming an idea into a viable company is securing adequate funding,” said Craig Everett, assistant professor of finance and director of the Pepperdine Private Capital Markets Project. “The Most Fundable Companies initiative is designed to help exceptional entrepreneurs secure the visibility they need with the investment community as well as help angel and venture capital investors identify startups that are worthy of investment. We’re proud that companies named to the list last year so far have raised close to $17 million in aggregate.”

The Most Fundable Companies assessment evaluates several company variables including financial projections, market opportunity, intellectual property, and the strength of the management team, all of which are used to produce a fundability score for every company that participates.

Pepperdine Graziadio 2019 Most Fundable Companies List ®

#1: Enertiv (New York)
Enertiv is a real estate technology company that leverages the IoT and machine learning to bring a data-first approach to building performance in commercial properties.

#2: IronYun, Inc. (Stamford, CT)
IronYun provides the next generation of artificial intelligence video surveillance and video analytics software, ensuring the safety of individuals and businesses across multiple industries.

#3: Lumedica Vision (Durham, NC)
Lumedica is developing an affordable, accurate, and accessible retinal imaging device to assist eye care professionals across the globe with early detection of eye disease.

#4: nQ Medical (Cambridge, MA)
nQ Medical is a computational biomarker using AI and passive data from personal electronic devices to detect, monitor, and manage neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

#5: Purlin Co. (Torrance, CA)
Purlin is the first company that uses AI to make it easier for buyers to find the right home.

#6: MyShoperoo, Inc. (Aliso Viejo, CA)
Offered as a perk by employers, MyShoperoo is a digital shopping concierge service that runs errands for employees while they are at work.

#7: Hue.Ai (Tysons, VA)
Hue.Ai combines AI with chemistry expertise to develop the next generation of lens products for optimal visual acuity, visual health, and visual performance.

#8: Moving Analytics (Los Angeles, CA)
Moving Analytics is a convenient and cost-efficient telehealth cardiac rehabilitation service and prevention program for heart disease, increasing lifespan and health.

#9: Carii, Inc. (Pilesgrove, NJ)
Carii is a B2B community and market networking platform that enables organizations to engage stakeholders, connect members, manage their brand, and, importantly, own their data.

#10: Catapult HQ, Inc. (Charlotte, NC)
Catapult streamlines the request for proposal (RFP) process for both creators and responders, helping both businesses and government agencies achieve better outcomes and standardize workflows.

#11: Prenatal Hope (Gurnee, IL)
Prenatal Hope is a biotech innovations company that has developed an in utero testing device that reads fetus pH levels to reduce risk during childbirth.

#12: Giftz (Westlake Village, CA)
Giftz is a platform where shoppers can liquidate points, miles, and eGift cards for cash or exchange between programs, increasing perceived rewards value and customer satisfaction.

#13: Vection Group, Inc. (West Hollywood, CA)
Vection Group’s data intelligence platform uses real-time services to collect, store, analyze, and secure information critical to both the private and commercial sectors.

#14: echoAR, Inc. (New York, NY)
echoAR is a cloud platform for augmented reality that provides tools and server-side infrastructure to help developers and companies quickly build and deploy AR apps and content.

#15: IPG (Infrastructure Proving Grounds) (Buellton, CA)
IPG is pioneering IoT Defined Networking through its flagship product GearBox. GearBox is an on-premises computer appliance that manages, synchronizes, orchestrates, and secures networks.


SOURCE nQ Medical

IDP Revenue Growth Expected to Exceed 80% in 2 Years as Enterprises Embrace More Powerful Technology, Mature Partners–Everest Group

DALLAS, Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — In a competitive marketplace, companies that can minimize cost while increasing productivity, accuracy and efficiency are extremely likely to have an advantage over those who cannot. According to Everest Group, that is precisely why most companies need intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions and why the IDP market is expected to grow 80% between 2018 and 2020.

“We foresee tremendous growth in IDP in the near future, especially now that core IDP technologies have advanced far beyond optical character recognition,” explained Sarah Burnett, executive vice president and distinguish analyst at Everest Group. “IDP solutions are becoming progressively more sophisticated, offering enterprise-grade features and an enticing track record of successful pilot implementations, particularly in the banking and financial services industry, which was the early adopter of IDP technology. Also, vendors are offering more mature service capabilities enhanced with salient features like outcome-based pricing and package-based solutions.”

Everest Group defines Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) as any software product or solution that captures data from documents (e.g., email, text, pdf, and scanned documents), categorizes and extracts relevant data for further processing using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as computer vision, optical character recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and machine/deep learning (ML/DL). These solutions can be integrated with internal applications, systems and other automation platforms. Adoption of IDP solutions can not only help enterprises achieve cost savings, but also improve their workforce productivity as well as employee and customer experience.

Common use cases of IDP solutions:

  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance: processing KYC documents, invoices, insurance claims, bank statements and checks
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals: processing R&D data, patient onboarding, patient records, patient surveys, physician referrals, claim-related documents
  • Telecom: Processing proof-of-delivery information, custom declarations, driver logs and maintenance logs
  • Manufacturing: Processing invoices, order forms, change requests, proposals and quality assurance records
  • Travel and Logistics: Processing user documentations, invoices, proof of delivery, and purchase orders.

IDP solutions are rapidly replacing traditional OCR-based solutions for document extraction, because IDP solutions are capable of processing documents with greater accuracy and are more resilient to changes in document templates than traditional OCR. For example, with the help of NLP, an IDP system can process complex unstructured documents and can also create summaries. Once an IDP system is trained using ML/DL, the system can achieve Straight Through Processing (STP), which is processing without human touch. The benefits include:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency of both digital and non-digital workforce
  • Improved employee experience
  • Improved compliance and governance
  • Faster turn-around times due to increased STP
  • Improved accuracy with minimal manual intervention
  • Streamlined document tracking
  • Reduction in overall cost of processing huge volumes of data.

For enterprises interested in IDP adoption, Everest Group has published “Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Playbook.” The playbook is designed to help enterprises conceptualize where they want to get with automating data capture, identify the capabilities they need to get there, and create a business case and roadmap for adoption. The playbook details a five-step process to adopt, expand and scale IDP solutions and also includes IDP market characteristics, challenges and best practices for adoption, enterprise case studies, and a future outlook for the IDP market.

*** Download Complimentary Abstract ***

About Everest Group
Everest Group is a consulting and research firm focused on strategic IT, business services and sourcing. We are trusted advisors to senior executives of leading enterprises, providers and investors. Our firm helps clients improve operational and financial performance through a hands-on process that supports them in making well-informed decisions that deliver high-impact results and achieve sustained value. Our insight and guidance empowers clients to improve organizational efficiency, effectiveness, agility and responsiveness. What sets Everest Group apart is the integration of deep sourcing knowledge, problem-solving skills and original research. Details and in-depth content are available at


SOURCE Everest Group

Extreme Networks Unveils ExtremeCloud IQ Cloud Management Application

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Extreme Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: EXTR), a cloud-driven networking company, today announced availability of ExtremeCloud™ IQ, the industry’s first end-to-end cloud management application that leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide enterprises with insights, as well as complete visibility, control, and automation of their entire network. With this announcement, Extreme is also introducing “Co-Pilot,” a new automation feature that will help IT administrators save time and effort on an increasing number of everyday tasks. The ExtremeCloud IQ application can be deployed in the public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises, providing enterprises with unmatched flexibility to accomplish their business objectives.

Extreme Networks Logo (PRNewsFoto/Extreme Networks) (PRNewsFoto/Extreme Networks) (PRNewsfoto/Extreme Networks, Inc.)

Key Facts

  • Built on an architecture supported by microservices, third-generation cloud technology and tools acquired from Aerohive Networks, ExtremeCloud IQ ingests over 3 billion highly instrumented messages and events – and 3 petabytes of data – per day across its global footprint of regional cloud instances. These events and messages are processed through the native ExtremeCloud IQ machine learning and artificial intelligence engine to provide IT administrators with actionable insights, and now with Co-Pilot, automated assistance.

  • Cloud is the fastest path to implementing the autonomous network. Today, ExtremeCloud IQ provides a unified management platform for wireless access points, switches, routers, and security/NAC, enabling onboarding, configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, reporting, and many other capabilities for cloud-centric enterprise networks. Over the next 90 days, through a continuous delivery model, ExtremeCloud IQ will expand to support Extreme’s wired edge switching solutions, including the VSP4900 fabric-enabled multi-service edge switch, the X465 premium, stackable multi-rate Gigabit Ethernet switch, and other edge switches.
  • Initial use cases for Co-Pilot will begin to rollout this calendar year and will be available at no additional charge until April 1, 2020. Co-Pilot will give customers of the ExtremeCloud IQ application “Instant Context” capabilities. This will reduce the volume of context-gathering activities required for support calls to near zero by implementing a machine learning-driven, intelligent support chat window that collects real-time and historical information about a device or client through input or drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Future iterations of Co-Pilot will, through the use of ML and AI, proactively automate Return Materials Authorizations (RMA) of any infrastructure device it determines to be operating sub-optimally that is connected to ExtremeCloud IQ via “Auto-RMA,” and proactively send a replacement device without bothering the IT administrator.
  • Co-Pilot will also take the guesswork out of whether or not to use Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) channels with “Auto-DFS.” By constantly monitoring and comparing these important channels shared with government radar for cleanliness within a specific network and anonymously across the ExtremeCloud IQ platform, Extreme will proactively provide the definitive “go/no go” for DFS usage to IT administrators that has eluded them for 10+ years. Both of these new features are scheduled for release in the first quarter of next year.
  • ExtremeCloud IQ is ISO/IEC 27001 certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO). Extreme is the first major cloud-managed networking vendor to be recognized by the ISO for its commitment to information security management systems best practices and controls.

Executive Perspectives

Abby Strong, Vice President of Product Marketing, Extreme Networks
“Being an IT administrator in a constantly connected world is a difficult task on the best of days. Most cloud management vendors focus on a single place in the network, forcing administrators to triage across multiple UIs to troubleshoot and manage the network. With ExtremeCloud IQ, we’re taking our proven, third-generation cloud management architecture and integrating it across our end-to-end enterprise networking solutions portfolio, adding AI, ML, and automation capabilities that help drive cost containment and streamline IT operations and – ultimately – deliver a secure, compelling, and differentiated end-user experience. We are the only vendor in the industry that can do this!”

Tony Brar, Owner, NETconnection Systems Limited
“Enterprise cloud adoption started with applications and then moved into security. The next frontier is infrastructure, which is the most challenging for organizations to embrace due to its complexity. Enter Extreme – with ExtremeCloud IQ and new Co-Pilot automation features, Extreme is delivering a powerful and proven enterprise solution that works across the wireless AND wired network, providing comprehensive visibility, control, and automation and dramatically simplifying IT operations. Combined with new automation features like Co-Pilot that are being delivered at cloud-speed, and our customers can’t help but benefit.”

Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst, ZK Research
“Cloud management is critical to enterprise digital transformation efforts. Extreme recognizes this and has put their money where their mouth is. In less than 90 days from closing the Aerohive Networks acquisition, the company has introduced compelling new automation features to ExtremeCloud IQ – formerly HiveManager – and committed to expanding the capabilities of the platform beyond wireless into wired infrastructure, giving customers and partners a complete, proven, end-to-end enterprise network management solution. The infusion of AI, machine learning, and automation will continue to deliver differentiated capabilities to Extreme’s customers, furthering its position as one of the leading cloud management providers.”

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About Extreme Networks
Extreme Networks, Inc. (EXTR) is the industry’s first cloud-driven, end-to-end enterprise networking company. Our best-of-breed technology solutions, from the wireless and IoT edge to the data center, are flexible, agile, and secure to accelerate the digital transformation of our customers and provide them with the fastest path to the autonomous enterprise. Our 100% in-sourced services and support are number one in the industry. Even with 50,000 customers globally, including half of the Fortune 50 and some of the world’s leading names in business, hospitality, retail, transportation and logistics, education, government, healthcare, and manufacturing, we remain nimble and responsive to ensure customer and partner success. We call this Customer-Driven Networking™. Founded in 1996, Extreme is headquartered in San Jose, California. For more information, visit Extreme’s website or call 1-888-257-3000.

Extreme Networks and the Extreme Networks logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Extreme Networks, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Other trademarks shown herein are the property of their respective owners.


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ElectrifAi, Global Leader in Practical Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Appoints Female Executives to Leadership Positions

JERSEY CITY, N.J., Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — ElectrifAi, a global leader in the development of innovative and practical Artificial Intelligence (Ai) and Machine Learning (ML) products, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Saroj Venkatesh as Head of India, Ms. Xian Sun as Head of China and Ms. Nancy Hornberger as Executive Vice President and Co-Head of Healthcare to its leadership team. Together, these three professionals bring almost 70 years of technology implementation, data science, software and business strategy implementation experience to the organization. They will be responsible for managing ElectrifAi’s strategic growth of their geographic and industry segments and continuing to deliver practical machine learning products and solutions to the company’s global customer base. Ms. Sun, Ms. Venkatesh and Ms. Hornberger will also join ElectrifAi’s global Management Committee.


“I am proud to have these three exceptional executives join ElectrifAi and propel us on our mission to change the way our customers work through machine learning. At ElectrifAi, our practical machine learning products help our customers drive profit and performance improvement while also reducing risk. ElectrifAi’s machine learning products are a unique blend of software and data science requiring multi-disciplinary skills. Each of these executives brings a unique set of skills to the table. Xian Sun is a world class data scientist and general manager, Saroj Venkatesh is a demonstrated leader in software development and operations, and Nancy Hornberger is a highly regarded expert in facilitating strategic growth within the healthcare industry,” said ElectrifAi CEO Edward Scott. “Over the past year, we have made strides towards gender parity and have been steadily expanding the presence of women in key leadership roles at our company. We are committed to pushing boundaries and leveling the playing field for women in technology. The addition of Xian, Saroj and Nancy to the team will be very significant for our company’s evolution, and we are confident that ElectrifAi will be an excellent environment for them to continue to make their mark as outstanding leaders in the technology world.”

ElectrifAi is an industry leader in diversity and gender equality, and the appointment of these new executives confirms the company’s commitment in this important area.

A veteran of the technology industry, Ms. Venkatesh has spent 24 years developing and delivering data intensive and business critical software products and services to global customers. Her past experiences include roles at Aircom International, Xansa, Steria and Tata Consultancy Services. In her new position, Saroj will be responsible for integrating ElectrifAi’s world class machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to best practices of software development and delivery.

Ms. Sun is a growth-focused data scientist who has utilized machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to provide sophisticated analytical solutions for businesses across the banking, insurance, loan and credit card industries for over 15 years. Having been with ElectrifAi since 2007 as China’s key data science leader for the company, Xian will now oversee the China office’s management and strategic growth.

Ms. Hornberger has over 30 years of experience developing and carrying out complex strategies that drive businesses’ growth. Prior to joining ElectrifAi, Nancy held roles at IBM, Texas Instruments, and BACHMAN Information Systems. In her new position, Nancy will oversee ElectrifAi’s evolution by facilitating strategic relationships and providing analytical solutions within the company’s healthcare department.

One of the oldest machine learning companies in the United States, ElectrifAi has been a leader in the space for over 15 years and counts many of America’s best known corporations as customers, including: Mars, Johnson & Johnson, T-Mobile, The United States Government, Novartis, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, MasterCard, Citi, Mercy Hospitals, Bon Secours and United Airlines.

To learn more about ElectrifAi, please visit:

About ElectrifAi
Founded in 2004, ElectrifAi is the leader in the artificial intelligence and machine learning space, developing innovative machine learning based products that improve our customers’ business. Many of the world’s largest enterprise and government customers trust ElectrifAi to transform their disparate, chaotic data into practical insights that solve everyday problems and propel their business through improved profit, increased performance and reduced risk.

ElectrifAi has positively impacted companies in the world’s top industries including: government, healthcare, financial services, travel and hospitality, telecommunications, retail and media. ElectrifAi’s innovative approach fully embraces an open-source technology framework based on Spark, notebooks and containers, and Kubernetes that are faster than any of their competition. Headquartered in Jersey City and with offices located in Boston, San Diego, Shanghai, and New Delhi, ElectrifAi operates worldwide. For more information visit

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