Global Defense Synergetics Selects Epilog Imaging System’s 100 Megapixel AI Camera Platform for Its New Global Strategic Cyber and Surveillance Partnership

MIDDLETOWN, Conn., Nov. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Introducing: GigaFortress AI, the World’s First Broadcast Quality, 8K Panoramic Cybersecure Camera with on board enterprise level artificial intelligence. Simplified surveillance deployments are now possible at an affordable price point suitable for both mobile and harsh environments.

Global Defense Synergetics, LLC (GDS) announced today the selection of Epilog Imaging Systems Inc. based in San Jose, CA as its primary video imaging technology provider for GDS’s “CyberFortress AI Command and Control Platform.” CyberFortress AI is the most advanced integrated cybersecurity and electronic surveillance platform offered in the industry. Epilog cameras are a next generation game changer, with approaching human eye resolution with artificial intelligence, all at a very affordable cost.

“GigaFortress AI, represents a major evolution in security system design and efficiency. This new generation of situational panoramic camera systems provide both unprecedented situational and evidentiary information from a single lensed camera. Until now, this resolution was only available from a very expensive Hollywood type, broadcast quality production camera. Epilog’s camera embedded AI has a great synergy with our approach to support vast legacy camera upgrades and advanced new deployments.”

Also a first, Epilog includes powerful on board, edge based computational power (CPU) for enterprise artificial intelligent alerts such as advanced weapons detection, military vehicle detection and classification, perimeter intrusion, GDPR redaction, counting vehicles and people, fire and smoke detection, LPR, face matching or face recognition, GPS alert tracking as well as a host of other security capabilities now possible with upwards of 90% to 99% efficiency. These analytics have third and fourth generation update refinements and are considered best in class by comparisons to others by security integrators. This video technology was originally developed for the autonomous vehicle industry. They inherently are designed to operate in some of the harshest environments in the world both hot and cold.

“We are committed to our firm belief that if we capture the absolute best quality, highest resolution video to feed our analytics, we can optimize AI based video data mining and react in seconds with more accurate information.”

Epilog CEO Michael Mojaver added, “We are honored that GDS’s selection of Epilog is a validation of our state-of-the-art technology. Coherent, super high-resolution vision will be key to achieving actionable video intelligence that captures real-world environments. Epilog’s patented design pushes the boundaries of image sensing and reflects our pursuit to make the absolute best security & surveillance sensing solution on the planet. Better Imaging gives better results.”

GDS offers the world’s first total Cybersecurity Centric Security and Infrastructure platform using patent pending automated technology with local or wide area networks plus air gapped networks to minimize the chance of networks being hacked for any video, access or infrastructure requirement. All our projects are classified while custom solutions are designed for their customers. This solution can operate on any existing network platform. It is not proprietary technology as far as backward compatibility. We have unique cybersecurity solutions for security and enterprise data networks. The GDS Partners Group engage over 78 research and development engineers.

Epilog (located in San Jose California) is a world leading innovator of digital camera technology. In 2016, Epilog showcased the world’s first 100-megapixel digital camera at ISC West. Subsequently, Epilog released a panoramic 25MP camera with 12K pixel-wide sensor in 2017, also a world first. GigaFortress AI offers incredible sensor options combined with compact and lightweight design, extremely low power consumption, superior image quality, modularity and cutting-edge performance powered by Epilog.

Michael Mojaver, CEO Epilog

Larry W. Reese, CEO GDS


SOURCE Global Defense Synergetics (GDS)

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