Ospitek, Inc. Announces the Commercial Release of Ospitek View, Ospitek’s IoT Patient Management SAAS Platform

SAN DIEGO, July 12, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Ospitek Inc., a leading provider of healthcare IoT technology, today announced the launch of its proprietary patient management platform, Ospitek “View”. Ospitek has partnered with some of the country’s leading surgeons, medical staff, and ambulatory surgery center executives to deliver a fully customizable, intelligent, solution made specifically for surgical centers, allowing them to directly engage with patients and capture data in a way the industry has never seen.

Utilizing IoT and Artificial Intelligence technology View delivers a SAAS platform that, for the first time, will allow the family members of surgical center patients to view and monitor the entire journey of their loved one from the second they register until they are discharged, while simultaneously providing detailed, fully automated, analytics to surgery center staff and operators.

“Surgery is a stressful experience and, understandably, family members want updates as often as possible so that they have peace of mind knowing the status of their loved ones, where they are in the surgery process, and when they will be able to see them in recovery. Often times the volume of patients and workload in surgical centers create bottlenecks of family members seeking updates and incoming patients registering. View solves this problem, enabling surgical centers to not only provide, unparalleled, transparency and communication to loved ones visually but also in real-time. Our family room and mobile dashboards directly impact the ability of surgical centers to communicate important information to families, one of the most important aspects to delivering overall patient satisfaction”, said Dr. Slim Souissi CEO.

Ospitek incorporates Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology as key elements. Both elements are crucial for the platform to drive consistent value and data to surgery centers while also establishing a foundation of technologies that are expected to fundamentally change not only the healthcare space but the world.

“Digital transformation is changing both patients’ and companies’ expectations of workflow, operational efficiency and communication. Healthcare organizations that leverage our technology to simplify the company and the patient experience as much as possible will, undoubtedly, be better equipped to maximize profitability, patient satisfaction and future growth.”, said Jason Momenthy, SVP of Marketing and Product Strategy.

About Ospitek:

Ospitek, Inc. provides technology driving healthcare engagement and workflow efficiency through IoT and AI enabled software solutions. Ospitek assists clients to optimize the customer/patient relationship by automating, and enhancing, communication in ambulatory surgery centers while simultaneously capturing procedure and work flow meta data in custom analytics dashboards that allow surgical center operators to monitor the efficiency of their entire center. Ospitek is headquartered in San Diego, California and is serving and working with healthcare organizations across the country.


SOURCE Ospitek Inc

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