CloutHub Users Say "Twexit" to Twitter

IRVINE, Calif., April 19, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The next-generation social media app, CloutHub, is announcing its users have embraced the hashtag search of #Twexit to signal the jump of users from Twitter to its new, next-gen app, which became available in the Apple App & Android stores last month. CloutHub is quickly gaining users looking to ditch Twitter because of its manipulation of data, shadow banning and now the latest maneuver: allowing users to delete other user comments that they don’t like.

“CloutHub was founded as a free speech platform that combines the best aspects of all current social media sites into an all-in-one platform without a political bias, or Orwellian intrusive behavior,” said Jeff Brain, Founder and CEO of CloutHub. “Many of our users have felt that their accounts have been data mined and followers manipulated. Our ideology is the exact opposite, are are committed to restoring integrity in social media. One user started to use the #Twexit hashtag. We are embracing it. If Twitter is going to allow users to delete dissenting opinions, then the debate is over. Free speech on that platform is no more. CloutHub will never silence people based on their political views. ”

“Our world is becoming more divided. We are providing a way to make sure positive civil discourse and free speech are enabled and embraced. We see CloutHub’s free speech app as a sea-change. We use the power of the internet to bring people together and empower them with tools and resources to exchange ideas and views on the important political, social, community, national and international issues. Unlike other platforms, we encourage debate, discussion, collaboration and people to find solutions. CloutHub utilizes the latest artificial intelligence to keep interaction positive and prevent disruptive obscenities to be part of the public dialogue.”

Brain added, “In the midst of this, we also took note of the demand for a way to correct typos on posts without having to delete them entirely and start over, something Twitter has refused to do. We instituted the ability recently with our users praising the development.”

CloutHub was released in February and is growing exponentially daily. As more people abandon those first generation social media sites, others are discovering a dialogue with civility without rancor and hate. Our goal is to encourage thoughtful exchanges and movements that can make a difference.

CloutHub is incorporated and based in Irvine, California.



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