RobotShop Releases All New Lynxmotion Smart Servo Motors

MIRABEL, Quebec, April 17, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — RobotShop, the leading source of robotics technology which owns the Lynxmotion brand announces today the release of their all new smart servo motors.

Lynxmotion is one of the oldest brands of robot kits, including robot arms, biped walking robots, quadrupeds, hexapods, rovers and more. The robots were based on RC servo motors and evolved into a modular robotic building system known as the “Servo Erector Set” (S.E.S.). Lynxmotion platforms are well known in the robotics industry and are used by hobbyists, in education, by small and large businesses as well as having been showcased in some hollywood movies and on television.

“These smart servo motors were designed to form the foundation of the next generation SES modular robotic construction system and allow for an evolution of the many robotic kits in the portfolio.” Indicated Coleman Benson, R&D Project Manager at RobotShop. “The Lynxmotion Smart Servos (LSS) incorporate the top of the line technology in their category and we plan to build on this platform and extend to other segments of the robotics market.”

RobotShop’s intention was to not only create a smart servo, but to make smart servo technology accessible and easy to use by all robot builders. Features include 360 degree absolute positioning, multi-turn virtual positioning, RC and serial control, a variety of sensors, many mechanical connection points and more. Unlike existing smart servos, the custom communication protocol is “human readable”, making it easy to use and understand.

With new technology like 5G, powerful processors and artificial intelligence, the robotics market is destined to boom and become a predominant industry. Smart motors are the “muscles” of robots and RobotShop intends to position Lynxmotion as a leading brand.

About RobotShop inc.

RobotShop is the world’s leading source of robotics technology. It provides personal, domestic and professional robots, development platforms, kits, and specialized robotic parts. RobotShop is also an important source for robotics education and research.

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