How to Donate to Charity Using Alexa

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Amazon launched a new feature for the smart assistant today that allows you to donate anywhere between $5 and $5,000 using your voice. To donate, you just have to say, “Alexa, donate [X amount of dollars] to the American Heart Association.” You don’t have to enable any special skills to make it happen.

The skill currently supports 50 different charities ranging from well-known groups like the American Cancer Society and St. Jude’s to lesser-known charities such as the West Seattle Baseball League and Moments with the Book, CNET reports.

You can check out the full list of supported charities here.

We gave it a try and found the process simple, but not so simple that you’re going to accidentally give away all your money without realizing it.

To start, you simply ask Alexa to donate whatever amount of money you’d like to the charity of your choice.

When you do, she’ll send information about that charity to your Alexa app so you can learn more about it. She’ll also confirm the amount of your donation and ask if you’d like to send it along now.

Screenshot: Alexa App / E.Price

Funds are sent using Amazon Pay and the credit card you have on file. You’ll get a receipt in the Alexa app and via email.

Amazon also shares your name and address as well as your email with the charity (a detail Alexa also tells you before completing the transaction), so the charity can stay in touch afterward.

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