A3Cube Recognized by Technology Headlines as a Top Game-Changing Startup


SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — A3Cube, the leading provider of cost-efficient, massively scalable, ultra-fast and plug and play supercomputing solutions, today announced that it was recognized as a Top Game-Changing Startup by Technology Headlines. Technology Headlines looked into more than 50,000 companies and chose ten that it deemed most promising.

“This is welcome recognition of our A3Cube platform that is maximising the value of data for our customers,” said Antonella, Chief Executive Officer of A3Cube. “Critical data-driven applications and the amount of information these applications have to manage require a new approach to super-computing. A3Cube super computers enable greater precision, higher revenue, less costs, and faster results.”

“A3Cube has built the best computing tools that are simple to use, powerful, efficient and effective to store, manage and exchange and analyze huge amounts of data, and perform large computations,” said Mr. Carlos Chavez, Editor in Chief of The Technology Headlines.

The analysis of A3Cube by TechnologyHeadlines is at

About A3Cube

A3Cube’s integrated and purpose-built ultra-computing architecture is targeted at data and compute-intensive applications, maximizing performance while optimizing resource efficiency. The A3Cube product portfolio includes the Kira and F700 families of supercomputing solutions, powered by the Fortissimo Foundation OS and A3Cube’s exclusive architectural design. A3Cubesolutionstarget Supercomputing, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning use cases. For more information, visit www.a3cube.com.

About The Technology Headlines

The Technology Headlines is a knowledge platform for industry leaders and professionals to share their experiences, ideas, and advice within the enterprise IT community. Their readership base consists of CIOs, CXOs, and CMOs of some of the fastest growing companies. Their focus is to help organizations keep track of future technology needs. They accomplish this by researching and reporting on trends in retail, telecom, IT and healthcare sectors.For more information about The Technology Headlines, visit www.thetechnologyheadlines.com/.


Antonella Rubicco, CEO

Jim Miller, Director of Marketing

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