ICS Solutions: Artificial Intelligence Set to Replace Traditional Software Interfaces

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Game changing Artificial Intelligence solutions launched at Microsoft Inspire 

Digital Transformation will not succeed if users become bewildered by ever more software. Office 365 has over 500 user features and large organisations will typically have hundreds of business applications. Now for the first time, this user adoption roadblock can be addressed, through a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation.

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ICS Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Partner, announced a world first at the Microsoft Inspire event today, the launch of two Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services solutions – FLEX Intelligent Digital Workplace and FLEX Cognitive Automation. The two new additions to the FLEX product portfolio recognises the importance that AI will soon play within UK workplaces.

Martin Neale, CEO at ICS Solutions explains; “Digital transformation has evolved in recent years, but what is ahead is likely to revolutionise industries, drive productivity and change lives forever – all in record time. However, little of this can happen if no one can use the digital tools.”

Martin continues, “FLEX’s Office 365 Intelligent Digital Workplace combines ground breaking Microsoft AI technology to provide organisations with a meaningful level of digital transformation. Through the simplicity of a conversation, employees are able to leverage the power of their own personal AI driven digital assistants, who have been trained in what is available to them and then embedded automation is able to execute it on the users’ behalf. This fundamentally overrides the previous status quo where users have to know what to look for and then how to do it. This ability to make technology human will ultimately enable organisations to transform user adoption and drive significant productivity improvements.”

ICS’ second product release, FLEX Cognitive Automation, is powered by Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services, arguably the most powerful AI tool on the market and according to Satya Nadella, set to be the first AI supercomputer.

FLEX Cognitive Automation is an AI starter kit to help businesses build, deploy, manage and control Enterprise class AI assistants. These expert digital assistants ensure that an organisation’s users no longer need to learn or understand new systems, processes or software – all they need to do is have a conversation, and FLEX will do the rest.

Martin Neale explains, “At the heart of FLEX Cognitive Automation is the FLEX Concierge Bot and five pre-built foundation Assistants. The Concierge Bot controls and manages all the other AI Assistants. It understands what each of the AI Assistants can do and directs users’ questions to the relevant Assistant. It can even work with third party bots. This is significant, because if an organisation has already begun implementing bots, they will soon have a sprawling estate of bots unable to connect with one another. This raises the age old user adoption problem of having too many systems and user interfaces to learn. With the Concierge Bot and automation framework this is no longer an issue, organisations will have one consistent user experience across their entire bot estate.”

Martin concludes, “We’ve been working with a number of leading organisations on a pilot basis and the response received so far has been phenomenal. The week ahead at Microsoft Inspire is focused on connecting with UK and overseas partners regarding reselling both FLEX Intelligent Digital Workplace and FLEX Cognitive Automation.”

Martin is available for press interviews, direct from Inspire. To arrange a call please contact Joy Brown, Marketing Manager, joy.brown@ics.net

Anyone interested in learning more about either of FLEX Intelligent Digital Workplace or FLEX Cognitive Automation can find out by visiting http://www.flexautomation.net or contacting 01256 403800.


About ICS Solutions 

Founded in 1994, ICS has been a UK Microsoft Gold Partner for over 20 years and is recognised as one of Microsoft’s most highly regarded Gold Partners.

In September 2014, ICS launched the first edition of the FLEX product range and have currently sold over 70,000 licences.

For more information, visit: http://www.flexautomation.net

Contact: Joy Brown
44 01256 403800

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