China’s LKKER Creating the New Ecosystem via "Sharing Designs"

BEIJING, June 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — LKKER Conference 2017 & Global Innovation Design Conference took place in Ningbo, China on June 30. It was initiated and organized by LKKER, China’s first internet-based platform for “Sharing Designs”. Technology experts and chief executives from IT titans including Tencent, Microsoft, and Airbnb, as well as top designer Masayuki Kurokawa gathered in Ningbo, discussing the new business model of “sharing designs” in the new era of the sharing economy. The Conference connected the enterprises, designers and end users. It gathered global innovation resources, broke the barriers between innovative design and traditional manufacturing, maximizing the value driven by the power of imagination.

In light of the rise of the sharing economy, LKKER initiated the concept of “Sharing Designs” in the design industry. At its core, sharing design is driven by design, which unlimitedly connects needs, people and objects. By sharing the power of imagination, it extends to all fields from the fundamental framework of “Customer to Business to Designer”(CBD). Ultimately, a new design ecosystem generated by customized needs comes into being.

When technology and management become the standard-configured skills of smart robots, it marks the start of the Imagination Era. Yet, despite how superior it is, artificial intelligence will never overwhelm human’s taste, and will never surpass human’s imagination or their proactive creativity. People are engaged so much in the innovation activities that every single user is outputting his own creativity and value, which generates the so-called “Economy of Imagination”. Through innovative designs,  economy of imagination offers new values and possibilities to our lives.  Consumption upgrade is the upgrade of individual imagination, and IoE (Internet of Everything) gives imagination to products, enabling all products connect with each other without limits, all of which will lead to the revolution of channels, and eventually, the channels of imagination. According to LKKER, the future Era of Industry Internet will be an era when imagination prevails.

The mission of LKKER is to enable everyone enjoy the value of Sharing Designs. As a platform for product creativity, the new model gathers outstanding designers and massive users, opens as a makerspace, where enterprises and makers can benefit from the product design and new ecosystem in which products are designed and created more excellently, more efficiently, and more openly.  

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