GE and Partners HealthCare Launch AI Initiative

New England Council members General Electric (GE) and Partners HealthCare recently partnered to launch an initiative to improve medical care through artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

GE engineers and developers will work with clinical and technology experts from Partners HealthCare hospitals to build software and create applications to help doctors in a variety of tasks. The two organizations hope to create software to help doctors interpret medical images and develop applications on genomics, population health, and additional areas of medicine. GE and Partners aim to build an open platform that can use hundreds of applications, but the team will start by developing software for radiology. Machine learning technology can sift through thousands of images using algorithms to identify patterns to help better diagnose and treat patients with conditions like cancers or strokes.

GE Healthcare CEO John Flannery, said, “What we see as the future of health care [is] applying data and analytics and machine learning to create a rapidly different outcome for patients. The possibilities are vast and significant.” Flannery added, “This is a concrete manifestation of exactly the reason we moved to Boston. This is exactly the idea we had in mind, which is to be in the middle of the action, in the flow of ideas, with the world’s best clinical partners [and] universities.”

The New England Council congratulates GE and Partners on the partnership which is sure to benefit both doctors and patients in Partners hospitals and across New England with these new technologies. Read more in The Boston Globe and Boston Business Journal.


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